Synod Walkout: Please Sign The Petition!

For what it’s worth, I support the Synod Walkout. 

I invite you to sign the petition


I have no time to elaborate now but wanted to have this out. 

I will write a blog post hopefully today with more details, for those who are interested. 


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  1. Signed earlier today… Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Already signed. Glad to hear you endorse. Was a bit surprised that Fathet Ray Blake thinks the Cardinals should stay and fight for the Truth. But how can Truth be told in that labyrinth of absurdity? Truth needs crawl out of there and shine in the bright light of day.

  3. I signed yesterday! Unfortunately, I don´t have much hope on its success…

  4. I have signed as I feel this charade cannot be allowed to progress any further. I feel the Traditionalists among them have the upper hand and if they leave before Pope Francis can rubber-stamp the proceedings we may avoid a schism. They are, after all, upholders of the Truth as taught by the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church for nigh 2,000 years before Vatican II, which cannot be changed/relativised in any shape or form whatsoever.

  5. I also signed but let’s be realistic. The Church doesn’t give a rip about Canon Law.

    • If you ask me, it’s very good that you signed.
      Could you do more in the present situation? I would say: no. You have given the most powerful contribution you could give.
      Will the bishops walk? I was never optimistic about that. However, stranger things happen at sea.
      It’s not about how many sign. A bishop does not decide anything according to popular opinion. it’s about letting the bishops know that there are devout Catholics out there thinking this is what they should do. Which, in itself, is a sign of the times.

  6. I signed because I am not a person of power in the church, however, as a member of the laity this is the only way that I can have my voice heard. Where is The Filial Fear of The LORD of these Bishops and Cardinal Princes of the Church. Do they really believe in the Real Presence? If they did, how would they dare. Pray the Rosary for their conversion and St. Joseph to protect us from the as he protected the Baby Jesus at peril of his life.

    Sorry to be so long.

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