The Story That Made Catholics Vomit

Not moved by stupid, emotional crap.


Heavens, that we would have to arrive at this point of stupidity! This makes Big Brother look like an intellectual show. Someone thinks we are retarded. 

Oh, the poor, poor little bastard, sharing half of the sacred Communion with his adulterer, cock-driven, horny genetic father! How near will they be in hell! What tears and embraces! I can see all the three of them: the tearful little bastard, the adulterous slut, and the cock-driven horny man, crying in the arms of a smiling Satan!

I am so moved!

So Moved!


Quick, give me a plastic bag!


I will be short, because there is no time. 

  1. The boy has no excuses. He has committed a mortal sin and a very grave sacrilege. The very act, if happened, is evidence he knew exactly well what he was doing. No, age is no excuse. if you are old enough to make first communion, you are old enough to go to hell. This here seems a prime candidate. Let’s hope he improves with age.
  2. We are not told if the cock-driven horny man also participated in the sacrilege, or had a shred of dignity and gave it back to the priest, apologising for the sacrilege of his son. I do not even want to know. Not one, but several slaps in the face are most certainly in order once home.
  3. We are not told what the priest did, either. I do not even want to know this here, too.  
  4. What kind of homosexual, atheist bishop would ever be “moved” at hearing of  a sacrilege committed by a boy on the very moment of his first communion, possibly accompanied by another sacrilege of his cock-driven genetic father, possibly aided and abetted by a (very possibly) cock-loving priest?

For heaven’s sake, have we become really so stupid? Are our bishops really so stupid? 

I do not believe either. 

The stupid ones are the homosexual (in deed or in complicity) speakers of the Evil Clown, who keep painting a fantasy Synod that just does not exist. 

Time to walk out!

Time to walk out!

Time to walk out! 



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  1. Morris Albert’s timeless new-age song “Feelings” comes to mind as the theme song for the Synod. It’s all about feelings, emotions, feeling merciful, showing mercy, emoting mercy, hugging the all-feeling, all-merciful Christ, tip-toeing through the tulips (Oh, wait…that was Tiny Tim’s one-hit wonder…sorry).

    Well, anyway, if you don’t shed a tear at man’s inhumanity to man (but none for the all-merciful Christ, mind) well then, you must be entombed in rigor-ism and all that pesky
    pre-concilliar neo-paleontology, dinosaur-like Catholicism that those of the un-enlightened ages were forced to live in…

    Wow…does my head hurt after writing this. Quick! Pass me a you-tube of Cardinal Burke!

  2. There is an obvious and easy solution to this sort of problem:
    1. Have only the little First Communicants, unaccompanied by adults, approach an altar rail and kneel.
    2. Have a priest or deacon, bishop or Pope place the Sacred Host on the tongue of each Little First Communicant.
    3. Allow the Little First Communicants to remain kneeling for a few moments, whilst they swallow and adore the True Presence of Jesus within them.

    • The way I see it is that the people – the child, and the others – must be taught the hard things of life without fluffing around, rather than create physical barriers to avoid sacrilege so they want to commit and some in the pew would approve.

  3. In my opinion, if this story did really happen, the son’s First Communion teachers who are mostly lay people should also be held accountable for this sacrilege, and it is the DRE (who you don’t see her attending Mass that often) who sets the guidelines of the program and not the parish priest. It is so sad that many of those boys and girls do not show a real belief on the Real Presence at all by the way they receive the consecrated host and this lack of proper belief and respect is reflected on the son of this story. In the case of adults, one time I saw a lady splitting the host in two because I guess it was too big for her to consume it but I don’t think so. Also, and this offends me a lot it is the fact that many people don’t even wash their faces or brush their teeth in the mornings when they come to receive Communion, and this is in my opinion a sacrilege, but I guess we (conservative) priests should not be that legalistic. I am sure more Communion horror stories can be cited. Have mercy on us all Lord!

  4. I wouldn’t mind betting that, if this story is true, the father put his son up to it. When I made my First Holy Communion we children were placed in the front pews completely separate from our parents. Now I see families together all chatting away as if they are at some kind of party and seemingly oblivious to this momentous occasion. The priests say nothing.

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