Heresy And Us

Did not walk to the first heretical

Did not walk to the first heretical “c”hurch down the road: St Athanasius.

When a huge mess happens in his own community, a Protestant thinks: “where do I go?”. At that point, he begins to research the local “c”hurches, hoping to find one within reasonable distance where he, his wife and/or his children will find what he thinks sound Christianity.

In a way, it’ s like divorcing your own “c”hurch; but then again I think most Proddies do not have much against divorce, so this is par for the course.

We are, by God’s grace, different. We do not think about divorce even when things get difficult. Not from the spouse, not from the Church. We know there is only one Church, and that is exactly where we belong. 

This Church (note the capitalisation) can have big, big problems; but the Church (note the capitalisation) it still is. We do not start looking for an alternative in sensible driving distance. Rather, we start to pray that the only Church  – to which we are linked by an indissoluble bond; a bond whose breaking would, if done with a sufficient degree of culpability, send us to hell – will soon come back to sanity.

I would compare it to the faithful wife whose husband has become a violent drunkard. The faithful wife will do all she can to help the husband reform himself. At some (extreme) point it may become necessary for the faithful wife to even physically separate herself from the husband. But, being a faithful wife, she will still be faithful to her husband; a husband who, bad as he is, is still the spouse she has chosen.

By God’s grace, we have been led – by birth; by marriage; or by the events of life – to link our destiny to the one of the Only Church. We hold this bond as sacred, and this allegiance as unbreakable. We are linked to the Catholic Church, forever.

We know that the Heavenly Jerusalem – the Church in Her supernatural dimension – is the place where we belong. We also know that the Earthly Jerusalem – the way the heavenly Church operates here on earth – is all but human, and might at times shows awful signs of fallen humanity. We know – because we have educated ourselves – that this Only Church has gone on many occasions through difficult times, but she has always emerged victorious in the end. We know that these victories were not due to causality, but were rather due to the efforts of the people whom God inspired to fight the good fight. We also know that these “recoveries” were seldom fast, and rather caused a climate of “uncertainty” to go on for several years of decades.

But you see, in the end this is only a matter for historians. For a properly educated Catholic there can be, in fact, no uncertainty, no matter what Francis does. Conversely, if Francis makes you uncertain the only thing to do is to become a properly educated Catholic.  

By God’s grace, I have been baptised a Catholic. 

The deal I got was Catholicism, not a strange Papolatry bordering on Satanism. 

By God’s grace, I hope to die a Catholic, no matter what Francis does. 

I will endeavour to die in the religion of my forefathers. Francis and his can, with all due respect, stuff themselves. 




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  1. I would compare it to the faithful wife whose husband is trying to kill her and their children. The faithful wife will do all she can to help the husband reform himself but also has a duty to protect the lives of her children and herself. At some (extreme) point it may become necessary for the faithful wife to shoot the husband. But, being a faithful wife, she will still be faithful to her husband; a husband who, bad as he is, is still the spouse she has chosen. If during the course of his crimes against her, the wound she inflicts in self-defence ends up being fatal, the husband will have only himself to blame for making his wife a widow. A widow free to marry another man. One hopes it doesn’t come to that point but should it be unavoidable, God provides.

    • I struggle to follow the reasoning, as neither the church nor the papacy can be killed. Actually, it is forbidden to Catholics to even physically harm the Pope.
      Conversely, the wife whose man got lawfully killed would be, to all intents and purposes, free from matrimonial bond to the husband. Which is not – and never could be – the case in the relationship between a Catholic and the Only Church.

  2. Yeah, sort of right. But what if the spouse is now worshipping Satan? Schism should not occur if there is any hope of life in the old instution.

    Otherwise it is a bit of de gustibus. Brother Smith likes a high church service in Latin, Sister Jones likes it plain and in the vernacular. Both could be… Anglican.

  3. I don’t know if this will help you, or at least make your typing easier … my uncle, who was a very good, very orthodox priest, used to refer to Protestant groups as “sects.” 😉

  4. Agreed, M. It may come to St. Athanasius’ line- ‘they have the buildings but we have the Faith.’ We who adhere to the true Catholic Faith will always be in the Church.

    I think, although I’ve never yet assisted at any of their Masses, that the SSPX seems like a safe harbor, should some heretical teaching become universal.

  5. There is a lot of speculation about what Francis is doing and what his motivations are. I don’t know WHY but I do know he IS the would-be destroyer of the Church. Since he became Pope, there’s been one attempt after another to undermine and weaken Church teachings and traditions. He is trying to demolish the sacraments one by one. His annulment reform is really Divorce Catholic Style to attack the Sacrament of Marriage. His Year of Mercy is designed to subvert the Sacrament of Reconciliation by taking the focus off of repentance and penance, and diminishing the concept of sin. He wants to desecrate Our Lord Jesus in the Sacrament of Holy Communion by having people receive in mortal sin knowingly with no plan to change.

    But as bad as that is, they are just side shows in the evil clown’s circus. It’s becoming more clear that what he really wants to do is break the Church into a million little pieces by eliminating the papacy altogether. He wants to decentralize the Church’s authority by having each region come up with their own rules, thus taking away the Unity of the Church and over time making it as irrelevant as any one of the 30,000 Protestant sects. This is too organized and planned for one old man to have done. I think there’s a group behind him who will get his successor elected. These events have been foretold by various prophecies, I just hoped they wouldn’t happen in my lifetime or my family’s. I am secure in my Faith but many souls are in danger and going to be lost. Yes, this may be the most difficult time for the Church yet. She will emerge victorious in the end, but it may take a long time. Lord have mercy on us. All of the above is only my opinion and I hope I am wrong. Sorry, Mundabor, for the long comment and the pessimism.

    • I will tell you why.
      He does not believe in God, but he certainly hates the Church. The Church which, to him, incarnates the perpetuation of the privilege of the rich and the oppression of the poor.
      He became a Jesuit to scrounge an existence.

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