Meet Francis, The Mainstream Heretic



When even a New York Times journalist trashes you in front of his readership, you know your situation is rather precarious.

The simple fact is, Francis’ heresy has gone mainstream. People from all walks of life simply acknowledge the fact, and write about the possible outcomes. It’s beyond parody. It’s the Evil Clown’s papacy. 

You may say Douthat is conservative for NYT standards, but he certainly isn’t based on Catholic ones. More crucially, his own boss or bosses decide he should present the situation to his readers as a Catholic and, as a Catholic, candidly telling you what is wrong with the man.

For all the atheist readers of the NYT, it must be a strange sensation. They might be inclined to, but can they really side with Judas? And if they do, with what reasoning? “I hope Francis succeeds because he is trying to destroy the Church”? How can, then, one like that blame those who resist the Evil Clown?

Francis has lost face. Even the most retarded among the Pollyannas know by now on which side he is. It is what it is. The Pope is a heretic, and proves it every day. He might not have the balls for formal heresy, but it certainly will not be for his lack of trying.

Hey, even the readers of the NYT know it by now.

Now imagine you are a bishop, and you are incensed at this obscene spectacle. What do you do, give the heresy a legitimate platform, and “discuss” about it? Or you simply put an end to such a mess?

The answer is clear. The best way to do this is to not only destroy the legitimacy of this Synod, but the legitimacy of this papacy, too. 

Dear God-fearing bishops, please kick this papacy in the head

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.







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  1. The Synod on the Family, because of the strange ideologies of some of those involved, brings to my mind the image of a big bank board meeting, where the CEO does not believe in mathematics, or a hospital where the chief of medicine thinks the germ theory of disease needs to be scrapped. Now should the other bankers leave open the discussion about the value of mathematics, and should the physicians try to investigate alternative theories and forget about microorganisms? In these cases one would expect the kindly and competent leadership of these institutions to say that the “free will thinkers” are free to explore their ideas on their own time, but not on our time and not with our lives and not with our money in these respective institutions. One would expect competent Leadership of the Synod and of the Catholic Church to apply the same logic to “free will thinkers” about settled matters of Catholic Doctrine.

  2. “What do you do, give the heresy a legitimate platform, and “discuss” about it?”
    Yes, this is exactly what they are doing.

    No wonder their so-called “strategy” is reliably failing at least since 1962. We should never forget that the current opponents of Kasperism are no traditional Catholics, but moderate followers of the VII revolution. Using a fitting political analogy (given the origin of the categories of “left” and “right” in the aftermath of 1789), they are the moderate left, while the heretics are the hard left. Girondists, not Montagnards.

    But, as Archbishop Lefebvre famously said, they have uncrowned Him still. Even the moderate ones.

  3. I’ve sent this on to my Facebook page, FWIW. I found it a great article.

  4. I made this comment on Ross Douthat’s article yesterday.

    Michael Dowd New York Times
    Venice, Florida

    What we are seeing at the Synod with Pope Francis and the progressive Bishops and Cardinals is the advocacy of man over God that began with the heresy of Modernism in the late 19th century, went dormant for a while and re-emerged in Vatican II with the conniving of leftist theologians. Now in full flower since the advent of Pope Francis the “spirit of Vatican II” is attempting to eliminate the very idea of sexual sin. This can only be the work of the devil.

    And while the devil is hard at work at the Vatican most Catholics effectively live very Protestant lives free of historic orthodox Catholic sexual moral beliefs as they practice contraception, abort babies, divorce, cohabit and carry on just like everyone else. Now since the practice of Catholic sexual morality is mostly observed in the breach the progressive Synod participants are just trying to bring the official doctrine in line with actual practice. Such is the result of the failure to proclaim and support Church teaching for the last 50 years.

    In this regard let us hope the Synod is a dismal failure. And more importantly let us hope Pope Francis and the participants have an awakening of the damage caused to the Church and the world by the tragic outcomes of Vatican II.

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