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There Can be No “Majority Decisions”. It Is Time To Walk Out.

“But Mary, I am obviously matter of legitimate discussion… AAARRGGHHHH!!!”

One of the absurd ideas floated around – and possibly destined to cause lasting damage in the minds of many badly instructed Catholics –  is this idea that doctrine may be disposed of with a “majority vote”. 


Truth cannot be changed. When Synods discuss about doctrinal matters, the adherence to truth is the prerequisite of every such discussion. When they take a vote the same, of course, applies.

In the past, a 75% majority was required by Synodal votes. Why? Because a 75% majority was considered a sufficient enough evidence that what was voted was in adherence to Truth. Mind, though, that no one ever said a 75% percent majority – or a 80%, 85%, or the like – can change truth. Every decision is, and can only be seen, according to its conformity to Truth. It is this conformity that makes the decision a legitimate one. Not the majority with which it has been reached.

It is, therefore, entirely absurd to think that Francis could have a motion or decision or document voted asking for a simple majority. If he did so he would admit, with his own words, that this decision is not adherent to truth. Now, I know that this Pope is an arrogant ass with a low IQ; but I do not think his IQ is as low as that. He would, basically, say to the entire Catholic world: “I am obviously a heretic: please shoot at me”.

What is far more probable is, if you ask me, that he will choose to ignore the very clear message that will come out of the Synod. Deciding, if he is smart, to even avoid a last vote that would either force him to renounce to all controversial points, or indict him as a heretic. I doubt he will want to do either. Last year he certainly did not have to balls to do it.

It is clear enough by now that the Instrumentum Laboris has gone under the bus, or rather under the steamroller. There is no way a mess criticised in almost all the group reports – more or less brutally, but most certainly criticised – will unquestioningly and uncritically receive the green light from the same people who have criticised him as inadequate, or worse, just two weeks before. Francis is pretty much in a cul-de-sac, and sees a wall rapidly approaching. If he has a brain, he will have to get into damage control mode pretty soon.

Does he have a brain? Honestly: beats me.


Which leads me, with elegant inevitability, to the main point. Why do the bishops keep giving their names and their faces to this absurd South American theatre? Why is this Bananas dictator allowed to confuse the Catholics in the first place? To save Francis’ face? To save the Papacy? To avoid a “schism”?

Francis does not deserve to have his face saved. He deserved to have his papacy dragged in the mud, ad maiorem Dei gloriam. Heresy must not be contained. It must be eradicated. The papacy as an Institution would not suffer if Francis’ one were to be destroyed. On the contrary, it would be reinstated to its authentic role and prestige. Lastly, you can’t tolerate heresy in order to avoid a schism. Such a reasoning is self-defeating as it shows that the heresy is already there, and the schism is already a fact that one simply refuses to acknowledge.

The best way forward is a decisive blow to this Papacy before worse happens, and even if a bishop thinks it will not happen.

If Obama had his thumb on the nuclear button and were just sitting there, day in and day out, humming Muslim songs and murmuring “should the infidel die”?, it would not be reassurance enough to think that “he will clearly not push the button”. Action would have to (and would most certainly) be taken before he pushes the button, because he has put himself in that situation in the first place.

Francis has had his thumb on the nuclear button for too long now, and whilst he will probably not push it I do not think the situation should be tolerated any longer. The spectacle he is giving is more than obscene. It is beyond insult. It is beyond parody. It is purely satanical, and every good bishop will realise this. 

Mary does not dialogue with the serpent. The serpent is not considered a legitimate counterpart in any discussion. The serpent gets his head crushed. This is the “dialogue” with heresy, heaven’s way. 

Time to walk out. 

Time to walk out. 

Time to walk out. 



Synod Walkout: As We Enter The Decisive Week, Please Keep Signing The Petition!

The Walkout Petition has gathered north of 2,500 signatures. 

Few, you will say. 

Might be. What do you make, then, of the fact that Cardinal Pell himself has commented on the fact, and explained the  reasons (weak, if you ask me; but this is not the point) why he will not walk out?

We live in horrible but, in other aspects, fascinating times. The petition has been obviously detected by more than one Synod father. It might well have been discussed. Bishops and Cardinals are clearly aware of it.

If two thousand signatures cause a Cardinal to take a stan dconcernign it, what would 20,000 signatures have done? 

Mind, the Church is not a democracy, and does not decide according to “numbers”. You may say that it has abundantly reached its scope by putting the bishops in front of a concrete issue. But certainly, 20,000 signatures would have gotten more visibility than 2,000. Which tells you something if you consider what visibility the 2,000 (2,600 at the times of writing this) did.

The Church is not about numbers. Intelligent prelates know that a small minority of highly motivated Catholics express the fears of a vastly bigger number of faithful, and rightfully represent orthodox Catholicism in the middle of the present mess. Those two thousand certainly – they correctly reason – represent a vastly bigger number of sane, sensible, orthodox Catholics with a sane, sensible, orthodox fear of the Lord. For one who signs, very many think in the same way even if they either do not know about the petition, or are afraid of asking the bishops to take such a big step. 

Imagine if the signatures had been 20,000. It would have made the mainstream media. It would have been impossible to ignore even for “Newsweek”. It would have been a massive kick in the Evil Clown’s nether regions even if no walkout happens.

I ask those who have not signed yet to consider signing. It’s not about being in the majority. It’s not even about being in the middle of an army. It’s about being among those happy few who, when they day, will be able to say that they have not looked the other way as their world imploded.

And as about being ignored, you see it was just not the case. 







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