Synod Walkout: As We Enter The Decisive Week, Please Keep Signing The Petition!

The Walkout Petition has gathered north of 2,500 signatures. 

Few, you will say. 

Might be. What do you make, then, of the fact that Cardinal Pell himself has commented on the fact, and explained the  reasons (weak, if you ask me; but this is not the point) why he will not walk out?

We live in horrible but, in other aspects, fascinating times. The petition has been obviously detected by more than one Synod father. It might well have been discussed. Bishops and Cardinals are clearly aware of it.

If two thousand signatures cause a Cardinal to take a stan dconcernign it, what would 20,000 signatures have done? 

Mind, the Church is not a democracy, and does not decide according to “numbers”. You may say that it has abundantly reached its scope by putting the bishops in front of a concrete issue. But certainly, 20,000 signatures would have gotten more visibility than 2,000. Which tells you something if you consider what visibility the 2,000 (2,600 at the times of writing this) did.

The Church is not about numbers. Intelligent prelates know that a small minority of highly motivated Catholics express the fears of a vastly bigger number of faithful, and rightfully represent orthodox Catholicism in the middle of the present mess. Those two thousand certainly – they correctly reason – represent a vastly bigger number of sane, sensible, orthodox Catholics with a sane, sensible, orthodox fear of the Lord. For one who signs, very many think in the same way even if they either do not know about the petition, or are afraid of asking the bishops to take such a big step. 

Imagine if the signatures had been 20,000. It would have made the mainstream media. It would have been impossible to ignore even for “Newsweek”. It would have been a massive kick in the Evil Clown’s nether regions even if no walkout happens.

I ask those who have not signed yet to consider signing. It’s not about being in the majority. It’s not even about being in the middle of an army. It’s about being among those happy few who, when they day, will be able to say that they have not looked the other way as their world imploded.

And as about being ignored, you see it was just not the case. 







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  1. From Toronto Catholic Witness:

    The opposition of the Polish bishops has gone public. Wonder what their reaction will be to what the pope is indicating he will do:

    After all, will we be able to recite the Nicene Creed’s statement “I believe in the ONE, holy and apostolic Church”, after Pope Francis has finished with it?

    • It is time to walk out.
      The Polish bishops should give the example. Others will follow.

    • Not sure about the translation currently in use, but the Latin reads “Et [credo] unam sanctam Catholicam….” (note the absence of ‘in’ which is present in the othr clauses).
      I.e. we don’t believe in The Church, we believe The Church. It’s an important distinction. Of course we do believe in it, it exists and we see that it does through eyes of faith even if we were unable to perceive its physical existence at a given moment, say. But our profession of faith is that we believe The Church, which is one, holy, universal (e.g. Militant and Victorious, its earthly and heavenly ‘voice’), and apostolic. Thus we don’t profess faith in false teachers, or believe in the structure as such in which they occupy their positions and from which teach their poisonous heresy. We believe Christ’s Church.

  2. I fail to see why the orthodox cardinals & bishops feel obliged to sit there day after day taking this sludge being continuously thrown at them. When are they going to show respect for the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church which Jesus founded on the First Apostles (which these perverts have been called to emulate but only show contempt of) and make for the door. Is it really so hard to distinguish sanctity from sodomy? Can Cardinal Pell please give us a clear reason for staying and has he any Plan B, as currently the ten commandments, sacraments and liturgy are being viciously torn apart. Shrugging their shoulders and tut-tutting is not the answer we want to hear.

    • Yeah.
      It’s like saying “the Commandments are being torn apart, but we have been given guarantees by the Holy Father that we believers are going to be heard, too”.

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