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The Buck Stops By Francis



It has been very validly suggested that Pope Francis now “owns” this Synod. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement for the following reasons:

1) The Synod has been called by him. If things go wrong, the buck stops by him.

2) The 2014 Extraordinary Synod has rejected the heretical statements of the Relatio post disceptationem. Francis insisted in having them attached to the final document. Then he insisted in having them included in the Instrumentum Laboris. There can be no doubt he wanted to have heretical statements included in this year’s works, and open for discussion. Therefore, the buck stops by him.

3) There have been obvious manipulations of the commonly used procedures aimed at avoiding that the Bishops have their voice heard. Clearly, the buck must stop by the Pope, who authorised them.

4) The invitation of bishops of extremely questionable orthodoxy (well, let’s say it as it is: effing heretics) like Archbishop Cupich clearly shows where he wants this Synod to go. It is clear that the buck for Cupich’s perverted rants must stop by him.

5) The open support of the Evil Clown to the Heresy of Kasper (the “theology on one’s knees” stunt) makes him directly responsible. Kasper is most certainly a minion of Satan. But it is very clear that the buck stops by Francis.

6) The choice of, on average, liberal-heretical bishops to write the final documents shows once again an open will to manipulate this Synod. The fact that seven of the ten were his own invitations tells you everything you need to know about “Synodality”. Once again, you know where the buck stops.

7) Last (for now; one is terrified at even looking for Catholic News outlets nowadays), the vague but ominous talking of “decentralisation” – which might be only administrative – coupled with heretical thoughts about redefining the role of the papacy – which can only be heretical – add a further element of nuclear threat. You know by now where the buck stops for this.

So yeah:

The buck stops by Francis

The best way to put an end to this is to nuke this papacy and all the heretics and/or perverts surrounding it.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.


Great News: Vast Majority Of Bishops Is Catholic!

It is with great joy that I link to this excellent news from Rorate.

It appears there is a huge majority against heresy. It would mean that the Kasperites are even more isolated than last year. And if this is so – and it clearly is so; the signals were multiplying; I have just posted about the matter – it means that the Evil Clown is about to lose, big time. 

Why, you will say, do I write this? Is it news that the Bishops are Catholic?

Yes, it is! Great news, in fact!

This is the point we have come to. Such are the times we live. We live in times of heretical Popes and cowardly clergy, at all levels. It is such a joy to see that things aren’t, as least, as bad as the Evil Clown hoped they were.


Surrender In Sight?

Please, please Lord...

There is an article at MondayVatican – signed by Andrea Gagliarducci – which, if true, would anticipate the best outcome of this Synod short of a walkout.

Gagliarducci mentions the reports of the small circles, which are public; but he implies clearly enough that he has information concerning the second week, which isn't much. What the man says is that the Instrumentum Laboris has been, in a word, demolished.

Gagliarducci goes further in his thinking process, and arrives to the conclusion that the Evil Clown might, possibly, just give up, adopt the conclusion of the Synod Fathers, and learn the lesson. Putting himself three or four centimetres on the left of Cardinal Erdo would allow him, or so Gagliarducci reasons, to look good with both sides, and avoid the worst.

I wish I could be as sanguine as the man; but honestly, I do not think such a scenario is in the cards.

The speech the Evil Clown gave at the end of last week, not openly suggesting but ventilating a possible breakup of the Church Herself, shows to me that the man is willing to lean out of the heretical window to a rather extreme extent. As it stands, he has his huge belly on the window sill, and is dangerously near to falling down. I can't see the man deciding to get completely inside the room and disappear from the heretical window any time soon.

In addition, I note that this Pope has made so much lío with his open pushing of Kasper's “theology on one's knees” that a complete retreat and de facto renunciation of his heretical agenda would cause immense uproar among his fellow heretics. They would feel betrayed, and would let the world know their feelings. This does not square with a Pope so keen to be popular among adulterers, perverts, atheists, and assorted dissenters like him.

I cannot imagine Francis doing anything of the sort. If he ends up caving in to his Catholic adversaries – which I still consider the most probable scenario – he will do so obtorto collo, and not without throwing around all sorts of hints and innuendos that he would so like to sell the entire Church to Satan, but even after constant effort and massive leaning out of the window this could not be done.

Even if Francis decides not to go for the nuclear option, the heresy of Kasper will remain alive and kicking, and he will make sure to support it in any way he can, without going nuclear, for as long as he is pope. This is just what the man is, and there is no reason whatsoever, bar some miracle, to believe he will change his tune.

This is exactly why the best outcome of this Synod would be not a discussion between orthodoxy and heresy, in which heresy happens to (hopefully) lose, but a walkout.

A walkout would mean the nuking of the heresy together with the Pope who promoted it. It beggars belief that the entire world is led to believe that the Church might change doctrine, and that 270 bishops are now gathered to discuss in which way this might be done. It beggars belief that a Bishop would call “fighting for truth” the act of remaining in the same room in which Francis and his present their heretical platform. If you remain in the same room in which heretics present their ideas you are giving legitimacy to heresy, not fighting for the truth. Would you, as a bishop, go to a Synod, to any gathering, where the likes of Cupich discuss how to be more “inclusive” of the incestuous?

I am pretty persuaded that most Synod Fathers get this very well. They do not allow heretical debates in their dioceses, either. They do not go on saying “let's have a three-week discussion with dog rapists fighting against their prohibition to receive communion”. No, they don't. They deny to them both the platform and the communion. That's it.

The sad truth seems to me that the Bishops know very well what would be the best thing to do to destroy heresy, but are also aware that by doing so they would destroy Francis' papacy, and put themselvesin an uncomfortable position – with very possible implication for their own job security – when the man starts throwing toys out of the pram and removing bishops and Cardinals (not too many of them, of course; but some of them, pour encourager les autres).

To leave the Synod would mean going straight for Francis' throat, and they know it very well. It would be a decision from which there is no coming back. It would be the all out fall out.

It seems to me that the Synod Fathers prefer to live with the “containment” of heresy, rather than with its destruction. And that the prospective of stopping Francis in his tracks will be enough for many of them.

This isn't exactly a reassuring thought, then if the Bishops are not ready to eradicate heresy now because of the obvious conflict with Francis this entails, we cannot be sure that they will be ready to go for a much harsher conflict if Francis really decides to push the nuclear button.

I hope in the days which have remained many orthodox bishops will give a dispassionate look at what promotion of heresy and blasphemy this synod has allowed and will, like true successors of the Apostles, draw the consequences and deprive this Synod and the Pope who promoted it of every credibility, in a wonderful gesture of brave Catholicism that will be remembered in centuries to come.

Will they do it? I do not put limit to Providence. To me, one thing is sure.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.



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