Great News: Vast Majority Of Bishops Is Catholic!

It is with great joy that I link to this excellent news from Rorate.

It appears there is a huge majority against heresy. It would mean that the Kasperites are even more isolated than last year. And if this is so – and it clearly is so; the signals were multiplying; I have just posted about the matter – it means that the Evil Clown is about to lose, big time. 

Why, you will say, do I write this? Is it news that the Bishops are Catholic?

Yes, it is! Great news, in fact!

This is the point we have come to. Such are the times we live. We live in times of heretical Popes and cowardly clergy, at all levels. It is such a joy to see that things aren’t, as least, as bad as the Evil Clown hoped they were.


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  1. But what about Pope Francis? It is he, after all, whose pronouncement we await. It is he who will decide whether there is schism or not. We are living on a knife edge!

    • The more compact the wall he has in front of him, the less probable that he will get “adventurous”.
      A walkout would, at this point, utterly annihilate him.
      Unfortunately, I think many Bishops will feel encouraged to “contain” heresy rather than destroy it.

  2. So the “liberal” La Croix is sounding the alarm that there is a majority against their pet heresy? Well, I would like to believe it, of course.

    However, we know a few things about the composition of the Synod. We know the Kasperists had a simple majority last year (not the necessary qualified majority, but more than 50 percent). We know conservative and/or faithful Synod fathers have been systematically purged and replaced by heretics.
    This year’s Synod is, therefore, even more liberal than last year’s. Consequently, there is at least another simple majority for Kasperism this time around. In order for that to change, quite a few known supporters of Kasperism would have to change their minds, and why would they do that, as long as a Kasperist is Pope?

    Would you expect the British parliament to approve abortion restrictions given what you know about its composition? If not, why would we expect the Synod to shoot down Kasperism with a “vast majority”?

    In addition, the source is very suspect. Why should we expect the liberals to tell the truth? The optimal outcome for them would be winning a majority for their proposal in a “stunning turnaround”, a “clear sign that the God of Surprises and the Spirit have been hard at work in the final days of the Synod” and that the “unexpected” outcome could only be ascribed directly to God’s will. That might even create a propagandistic opening for them to implement Kasperism with just a simple majority of the Synod Fathers, because of the “clear signs from above”.

    Anything less than 60-40 for Kasperism would be a huge surprise. The realistic goal is to prevent a two-thirds majority for the Kasper proposal in order to force Francis to implement it himself, if he really wants to, and face whatever backlash the conservatives are willing to provide. Even that is somewhat unlikely, in my opinion, but definitely possible. A “vast majority” against Kasperism, however, is completely unrealistic.

    I will not believe this disinformation spread by La Croix, until somebody shows me the actual vote count.

    • catocon, I wonder whether there has been one hour in your life when your outlook has not been bleak.

      We will soon know (or not, if there is no vote), but the 60-40 thing is truly undertaker humour.

      The liberals would say that things are going badly to rally their troops. When things start to go bad, there is nothing else they can do. On the contrary, if things were going well for them they would shout everywhere that a decision is now practically taken, hoping to sway the usual herd followers on their side. Self-realising prophecy, and all that.
      No, the most realistic hypothesis is that it truly is not working.
      Hitler wouldn’t cry that he is losing the war to surprise the Allied troops. It’s not a good strategy.


  3. Mundabor, do you really mean it that the vast majority of bishops is Catholic? I’d say that very few of them remain Catholic such as the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, and the rest can be considered as generic Catholic Dioceses.

  4. Catocon, you’re right about the liberal majority, but you’re not counting those “liberals” that are sick of Bergoglio and his maneuvers and simply won’t give him what he wants because they know where he’s leading the Church.

    • You are right that I did not take account of them. But I did not hear a single liberal voice against the Kasper proposal. Those who complained of Bergoglio’s maneouvers were all “conservatives” who were known opponents of Kasperism well before the Synod. I do not expect the procedural shenanigans to move any votes at all. They never do in my experience. But maybe they will, this time.

    • The shenanigans were, I think, made in order to allow Francis to create a narrative of “approval” from the side of the bishops.
      The lie is now up, and it makes it far more difficult for him to go against what everyone can see.
      We will see how it goes.
      I think in both cases the battle will go on rather brutally on both sides.

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