Synod: The Rigging Of The… Electronic Vote?

We are now coming to the decisive days of this disgraceful, chaotic, catastrophic Synod.

The last information I gather is that:

1) The document of the 10-men commission (7 of whom heretics) will be distributed on Thursday.

2) The vote will be by paragraph, not “all or nothing”.

3) The Bishops will vote electronically.

Call me a mistrustful b@stard if you want, but I fear for the rigging of the electronic vote. These are people who do not hesitate to steal books from bishops. Why would they have scruples in rigging an electronic vote?

I thought this should be out there.

Together, if I may, with taking notice of the miraculous speed of the 10 (7 of whom heretics) who are going to prepare a document is such a record time.

A smell a rat here.

Actually several.

All of them of the “Francis” species.


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  1. Mundy, you’re paranoid. Next you’ll be saying something along the lines that 98.6% of voters in Cuba really didn’t vote for Fidel during all those elections.

    Shame on you!

    Otherwise, from the “Well That Explains Everything” department:

    I think it’s a medical miracle that they even found a brain under that thick skull.

  2. Mundabor,
    if they think it helps them, they might well rig the vote. The only problem would be if all those who voted “no” to some heretical passage went public afterwards and their head count turned out to be bigger than the supposed total of “no”-votes. That would be a great embarassment for the heretics that might well do more harm than good. I do not think vote rigging would be a fruitful exercise for the heretics. At least as long as the faithful Synod fathers take the necessary precautions, such as an internal test vote or roll call before or after the actual electronic vote, or being very open about how one voted.

    Anyway, I have looked up the exact vote count for the heretical passages that did not get the required supermajority last year:
    52: yes 104 – no 74 (in percent: 58,4-41,6)
    53: yes 112 – no 64 (in percent: 63,6-36,4)
    55: yes 118 – no 62 (in percent: 65,6-34,4)
    Solid majorities all, and quite close to the required two-thirds majority in two cases. 52 and 53 talk about communion for unrepentant adulterers and 55 is about homosexuality.

    Quite the turnaround if any vote rigging were to prove necessary….

    • Yes, at some point the lie would be unmasked.
      But it happens also when they steal books. Did they not think it only come out?
      The most dangerous heretic is the stupid one. This is why I am so afraid of what Francis could do, universal opposition notwithstanding.

  3. That’s scary. If they rig the votation, bishops voting for Truth will believe all the rest are against the truth….will they raise their voices if everything goes wrong?

    • At some point they will count themselves. But it will take some time. In the meantime, you would have the headlines worldwide.
      When the rigging is discovered, Francis chooses the vote thieves to run the next Synod on the Sodomy.

  4. To say that I am dejected by this synod and by Pope Francis and his minions is an understatement. In this pontificate of Pope Francis, the chaos and confusion will continue as there is now a proposal to set up a commission to study the proposal of Kasper which has been soundly rejected…see here:

    This will never be over.

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