The Capital Punishment Reblog

The Capital Punishment Reblog


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  1. Had a bit of a “disagreement” with my parish (councillor) priest. It was at a funeral Wake so a few people were present. In reply to what he claimed I said, Churches teaching has not been against Capital Punishment. He corrected me, I corrected him. This went on for a few minutes ( publicly remember.) I found online evidence. (fr. J Hardon) and posted it. He posted me a lay theologian Vat ll. Now, when I go to Holy Communion, he holds up the Host in front of me and asks ” do you understand what you are receiving. Do you believe what we believe”? (I’m wearing my mantilla, on my knees, and have five of my six children true practising Catholics with 10 babies from the three married ones!!) This is supposed to be a orthodox priest too. He is annoyed also, as Sundays I attend SSPX Mass. What truly strange times! They are soooo blind. God bless you Mundabor.

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