A More Christian, Less Inclusive Language

Excellent post of Vox Cantoris about the homosexual cancer now afflicting the Church.

Two (at least) of my favourite issues are there:

  1. If a priest is so inclusive of homos, he might well be one. Cupich is a prime suspect.
  2. Christianity is not concerned of sensitivity when it is about warning people of hell. 

It is nothing less than astonishing that these disgusting sin, even in my younger years not even mentioned in polite society, but chosen for expletive language in every society because of the obvious disgust it provokes, has become something we must find attention in even describing,lest any fag should feel “hurt”.

Oh, they are “hurt” all right. Only, they are hurt in some other place.

It is time to slowly start going back to sanity, call abomination for what it is, and confine every hint to sodomitical behaviour where it belongs: expressions of insult, mockery and disgust.


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  1. I agree Mundabor and have thought this for many years. There is so much talk about homosexuality that the only explanation is that it is rampant among the clergy. Heterosexual people barely think of it much less talk about it. It is disgusting. Plus, the Catechism already deals with the pastoral practice for people beset with this disorder. There is simply no explanation for talking about it endlessly as they do except they are acting out deep seated guilty consciences, trying to assuage them in some pathetic way.

  2. Heresy: A corruption of Dogma while retaining faith in Christ.
    Apostasy: Abandonment of the Faith in favor of another.
    Admitting unrepentant perverts to Eucharist, appears apostate more than heretical.

    Dry definitions, but they clearly explain something important. What helps me give these definitions life and meaning is to consider them in terms of violence. Heresy as spiritual violence and murder explains why heresy was a Capital Crime in the healthier days of Holy Mother Church.

    Consider a group of Bishops sitting gravely in their chairs, stroking their beards, while viewing on stage a murder, a rape, maybe just a bloody “Fight Club” episode. Then discussing in small groups, while janitors clean up the messy aftermath, their opinion on what just occurred.

    Heresy/Apostasy is an act of violence against the soul, but worse since the soul is eternal and is the locus of future judgement. It is abject negligence to witness spiritual violence, especially when committed in High Places, without acting with courage and immediate vigor against it. Gravely discussing active sodomites receiving our Blessed Lord in the the Eucharist should inspire revulsion, outrage and immediate action against the perpetrator. A lesser response than violent retribution against evil is a form of acceptance. St. Nicholas punched Arius in the face, after which we were blessed by the Holy Spirit with the Nicene Creed.

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