However The Synod’s Outcome, This Pontificate Has Gone Down In Flames.

This is the day the world wakes up to a simple reality: however bad the outcome for Catholicism, this Pontificate has gone down in flames.

If Francis renounces to the Great Heretical Push, no amount of senseless grappa waffle will manage to hide his complete failure as the Great Revolutionary Pope. Everything he has done and said in these two years, beginning from the name arrogantly chosen to show how different he was from all the others, will scream one thing and one thing only: buffoon.

Mind, not in the eyes of the sound Catholics (to them, he is a heretical buffoon: big difference), but in the eyes of his very own fan base: the perverts, the adulterers, the dissenters of all types. They will be enraged, and will call him a hypocrite, and a complete failure. I prefer “Jesuit” as more descriptive, but yeah, hypocrite and complete failure is very fitting, too.

Alternatively, we could see some last minute attempt to push his own agenda, just as the “failed pontificate” headlines start to appear everywhere. In this case, the failure would be disastrous. Even the secular press understands that if you plunge the Church in a crisis not seen in centuries you have failed miserably. The narrative of the Pope who risks splitting the Church in order to promote his own agenda has echoed several times, and the funniest of this all is that the secular journalists writing it seem to have no idea of what brutal indictment of the Pope in the eyes of a (true) Catholic this is.

Francis is now cornered, and has no way out. It is at this point entirely unrealistic to think that the bishops who crushed his homoerotic, adulterous push last year and this year will allow him to get away with the third attempt, however masked or presented. No, it is not realistic to think this will happen. Francis will be damaged goods if he caves in to his bishops, and destroyed goods if he goes nuclear against them. He cannot win this anymore, he can only choose in which way he goes down.

A Pope is not a politician. A politician can seem abandoned today, and very strong in one year's time. A Pope's standing is directly linked to his prestige as a beacon of truth. Francis has compromised his (supposed) orthodox credentials irretrievably, and this is a virginity which, once lost, can never be recovered.

The old nincompoop will, if he is good advised, attempt an orderly retreat by accepting in toto the rejection of the heresy of Kasper, renounce to every idea of Church breakup, and limit himself to his stupid, senseless waffle no one even listens to anymore. There some environ-mental gathering or other in the next weeks, he can go make an ass of himself there, and look for easy applause where his job is not in danger. Next year, he could then resign and fly off to Argentina. A halfway graceful exit would spare him the last humiliations, and he would have at least the hope of a Christian burial, provided he is interested in one.

Mind, I write this as everything could still happen. I write this as the man still has his finger on the nuclear button. He is clearly an incompetent, arrogant idiot, so there's no saying what stupid things he might attempt. But there is no doubt in my mind that something very bad to his papacy has happened today, and this disgraceful pontificate is now damaged beyond repair.

I can see the day even Michael Voris starts to criticise him.

That day, you'll know this obscene pontificate is well and truly finished.



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  1. You sound very optimistic – last count in the 13 small groups is 3 against and 10 for/split/undecided. I think Francis will take this as a sign that this would fly.

    • If you read around the internet, everyone seems as optimistic as I am. “Undecided” is a spurious category, as you need a strong majority to even try to present an issue or statement as Catholic (see one of my previous post). But no, no group has endorsed Kasper.

    • Here is Father Z’s breakdown:

      4 groups in favor of Kasperitism (of which, 2 groups want the matter decided in the internal forum, i.e., by the penitent, but in conversation with a priest in Confession).
      1 group sort of in favor of Kaspertism
      3 groups opposed to Kaspertism
      1 group divided on Kasperism
      1 group with no recommendation on Kaspertism
      1 group asking Pope to establish a commission to study the Kasper Proposal
      2 groups asking the Pope himself to decide about the Kasper Proposal.

      My analysis:
      That makes 5 groups in favor of Kasperism plus three more groups in favor of the Pope or a papal commission deciding the matter. We know that the Pope is a Kasperist, so these groups have to be counted as pro-Kasper, giving us the following end result:
      Kasper 8 – Catholicism 3 – Abstentions 2
      That means 61% of the groups are pro-Kasper, 23% are pro-Catholicism and 16% are either divided or silent. This accords well with last year’s result, which had around 60% in favor of Kasperism (I posted the exact vote counts yesterday.)
      Assuming the undecideds split 50-50, that would make 69-31 for Kasperism. If they follow – as undecideds tend to do – the pressure of the strongest group and vote for Kasper, we get 77-23. These results are both good enough for a two-thirds majority.

      From the language group reports, it seems my previous prediction of 60-40 for Kasperism is the floor, not the ceiling for the heretics and might have been too optimistic. 70-30 seems more realistic now.

    • I have just posted a blog post.

      The number cannot be evinced from the texts. If 2 bishops out of 22 want to adopt the Kasperite position, the text will have to say “some inside the group have etc etc.”.

      These being awfully “nice” people, you can expect heresy being mentioned lest bishops go out to the press and say that they “have been ignored” in the group reports.

    • “If 2 bishops out of 22 want to adopt the Kasperite position, the text will have to say “some inside the group have etc etc.”
      Works both ways, however.

      The best educated guess remains that which is supported by all other evidence we have so far, including the language group reports, which is a 60-40 to 70-30 Kasperist majority. Everything else is wishful thinking with very little base in actual evidence.

    • No it doesn’t.
      You will find in the reports many statements upholding catholic doctrine without any “some” thrown into them.

  2. And who may I ask has the necessary body parts to do this?

  3. “I write this as everything could still happen.”
    Indeed. The only thing that can *not* happen anymore is that Catholic Marriage emerges unscathed. That ship has sailed since Catholic divorce has been introduced under a different name by unilaterial action of Pope Bergoglio the Heretic. Being drunk with premature victory, everbody seems to have forgotten that even if no further action is taken, the heretics have made huge progress already. But conservatives think the heretics are incompetent or stupid? Preposterous!

    The most likely outcome is that either the Pope or the Synod or some combination of the two (depending on how the vote goes) issue a final document that does not officially attempt to change doctrine, and provides some fig leaf for “conservatives” to hide behind. Then, they can declare “victory” (much to the amusement of the progressives) while the real change will have been achieved. Probably some mixture of “decentralization” and “pastoral” equivocations that easily allow justification of giving communion to unrepentant adulterers and homosexuals, but that could be read as orthodox, if one wanted to get creative with silly interpretations (just like the VII documents). From what I read in the language group reports, this soft-pedaled version of Kasperism would be right up the alley of most fathers. Conservative outrage would be minimal – they have “won”, after all.

    Sure, some radical progressives would criticize him, but his Pontificate would nonetheless go down in history as a great progressive achievement later ones can and will build upon. Their infiltration of the Church is a multi-century project. They understand they cannot achieve everything all at once and will take it slowly, if necessary.

    All the while, the Pope stacks the conclave with ultra-liberal Cardinals, virtually ensuring a younger and more radical version of himself as successor, names a slew of heretical Bishops, some of whom obviously do not even believe in God, and, as I read just now, continues his curial reform, now merging the curial offices for the laity, the familiy and for life, because the latter two are unnecessary in the New Church anyway, as the New Church actively supports the destruction of the family and is at best indifferent to abortion.

    Nobody really notices, because the conservatives are busy celebrating their “victory” and the “destruction” of the Pontificate of the “incompetent buffoon”. Pyrrhus would be proud of them: “If we are victorious in one more battle (…), we shall be utterly ruined”.

    • Catocon, for what you say there is no need of any Synod. When the quality of the clergy goes down, silent abandonment of the faith is what you are getting anyway. Therefore, the deterioration of Catholic thinking will go on – if it goes on – because Francis is Pope, not because of the Synod.
      Francis has not achieved anything through the Synod, which is the contrary of what he wanted to do. His ability to act as a “revolutionary Pope” is now extremely compromised. But it is obvious that as long as he remains Pope and keeps appointing bad bishops an dCardinals things are not goign to improve at all.

  4. He has been quoted as intervening in the Synod to tell the fathers that they cannot dictate who is saved and who is not as ‘all are saved’. This takes things to a whole new level that surely no Catholic can ignore. Why has this not been more widely publicised? (Harvesting the fruits… site)

    • Oh, this blog and others have written often about this. The “I can’t imagine God doing more than slapping one on the wrist” meme is well-known. I will read this as time allows.

  5. The wisest way forward would be for the Traditional Cardinals to have a quiet word in PF’s ear asking for his resignation rather than risk more damage than already done to the Bride of Christ.

  6. I would like to thank you, Mr. Mundabor, for the helpful and bracing analysis to which you have treated your readers every single day throughout this Synod. The frequency of your quality posts over a 24 hour cycle must have come at considerable cost to you time-wise.

    But they were wonderful reading and some of them even made me laugh! The handle “Pope Che”, for example, ought to have come with an advance “do not drink hot liquids while reading this post” warning! Thank you very much again 🙂

  7. M, Father Z has suggested on his blog blog following the publication of the working groups that the Kasper proposal has not been defeated.
    Any thoughts?

    • I will read it when I can. I have read some of the groups, and with the exception of the German ones I disagree with the readings. Nowhere the relations I have read suggested Kasper should be followed. In some cases, you read the invitation for ways to help the adulterers, but this is rather obvious. The priest does not refuse to talk to the adulterers, he tries to persuade them to put an end to the adultery.

      Mind that the fact that the heresy of Kasper has been soundly defeated (I can seriously not see how anyone can disagree on this) does not mean that it has disappeared. The war rages on.

      But please consider that only 48 hours ago everyone was fearing a nuclear explosion, and now everyone is looking for the smallest detail that seems to open some opportunities for the kasperites. Eh, this is the church of V II. Praise the Lord that we are not in the middle of Church disintegration of formal heresy! The repair of the church will take much more than the heretics being stopped at the Synod that had to decree their triumph.

  8. I do so agree that this Pontificate is a total disaster. I do hope that he takes to a gentile exit which you propose and admits that he has got it totally wrong and then quietly resigns and toddles off to Argentina to retire in oblivion. I read somewhere today that if a Conclave were to be held today, Gorge Bergoglio would not even get 10 votes.

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