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Heretical Numbers


Not clear what he has to be so happy about..

I have very much liked this article, that has in my eyes a rather intelligent analysis of what is happening at the Synod. 

The article seems instructive to me because of two interesting considerations: 

  1. Kasper has 10% if you are very optimistic. If you water down Kasperism to make it appear less heretical, or save face to the bishops in their own dioceses, you might arrive to 20%. We are, I add, talking of degenerate Westerners for the most part. Basically, heresy is spread, but not rampant, and can’t be shifted to the people irrespective of how much you try to make it palatable. 
  2. The “gay” gambit was a way to “go extreme” and then, if necessary, ditch the pervs against approval for the adulterers. A fag pawn, so to speak. 

As to 1, I reflect on this:

A) Jesus Himself had 8.33% Very Bad Apples. 

B) The “numbers” at the Synod are skewed in favour of heresy (both in number and in “weight”: Marx, Cupich, Kasper, 7 of the ten relators) because of the personal invitations made by Francis. I doubt the percentage is the same in the world at large. The world at large has more Burkes and less Cupichs than Francis would want you to believe. 

C) The Church is not a democracy. You can’t “change” Her with a majority vote. There are barriers to heresy that cannot be measured in noses. The Kasperites are far weaker in their position than a 10% vote share would make them in every “democratic” organisation. 

As to 2, this has always seemed a reasonable position to me, then at least in Germany the huge problem of flight from the Kirchensteuer must dwarf – perverted cassocks aside – any “concern” about 0.5% or so of the Catholic population. The German bishops and clergy are a bunch of simoniacal unbelievers. Some of them are certainly perverts. But the kar-ching is, if you ask me, most certainly the first care of all the others. You have much more to gain from pleasing the huge numbers of “c”atholic adulterers, than the much smaller number of perverts and their close relatives.

In the Anglo-Saxon world, however, it might well be different. There is no Kirchensteuer, but there are certainly an awful lot of perverted cassocks! This is where it made sense for Kasper & Co. to try to co-opt the Rosica and Cupich of the world for their own interest.

The latter had nothing to lose.

They don’t believe in God anyway.



The Synod, The Steamroller, And The Rubber Wall.

Quick! Ready by tomorrow 2 pm!

I write this on Friday afternoon, when the draft of the final documents should be already in the hands of the bishops. Apparently, it will be a 100 page work. In 100 pages – however thickly or thinly written – there is plenty of opportunity for the smuggling of heresy. Therefore, the Synod Father had better read very attentively, talk to each other, and remain in contact with their colleagues in the motherland.

We – and they – are now facing the last battle of this Synod. If this one goes badly wrong, a lot of damage can be sill caused. Not because of the prescriptive, much less juridical value of the document in itself – which will not amount to much -, but because the Kasperites will try to exploit every possibility buried in the text for the future battles. Battles which, as I am sure you realise, did not finish yesterday morning.

What would have been the best way to go into these battles? Of course, you know my answer: the kicking of the Synod in its nether regions through a massive, open, very vocal walkout.

With the benefit of hindsight we can now say that most Synod Fathers felt confident enough that the Kasperites would be clearly defeated, and therefore decided that the walkout – as a clearly extreme measure – was not warranted. However, as the Synod goes into its last days one effect of the failure to walk out is apparent: heresy was openly discussed, and presented to the world by prelates still in possession of their cassock at the end of it.

The likes of Marx, Kasper and Cupich got a stage to present their heresies. They were defeated, but they should not have been allowed to occupy the stage in the first place. They will now look for another stage, and then another one. In time, the idea of not even allowing debates about heresy will become more and more difficult to present.

Whatever the Synod votes, the document will not have any juridical effect. It will be, whether heretical or not, another statement in a world drowning in information. Bar enormous heretical novelties, it will be forgotten in 10 days. Is the sake of such a document worth the heretical scandal? No. The walkout, on the contrary, would have given this Synod a historical significance vastly superior than even the best outcome we can hope now.

The Bishops found themselves with a heretical beast in their room. Instead of going out and gas the place, they chose to stay and tame the beast. The beast is now apparently tamed, but it is still alive, and still dangerous. This is not the way you deal with dangerous beasts. This heresy should have been put to sleep, and this papacy with it.

Alas, this was too brave and too Catholic for cautious V II bishops. They preferred the typical Italian solution of the muro di gomma, the “rubber wall”, instead. The rubber wall is soft when you collide with it. It goes very gently with you. It wants you to know it is very concerned that you don't get hurt. But in the end, it does not let you pass.

Up to now, the rubber wall has served rather well.

But the steamroller would have been best.




Kasperism Soundly Defeated. V II Still In Place

Still very far away

Alarmed from a post on Father Z's blog, I have re-read the 4 English language reports, and added to them the 3 Italian language report and (being of excellent humour) the German one.

I repeat once again: the Heresy of Kasper has been soundly defeated. It has been defeated beyond the expectation of any concerned Catholic before the Synod. You can't tell me you did not sleep at night fearing what would happen, and are not very happy with the results up to now. (Of course, it ain't over yet; but this is a different pair of black shoes).

Still, I sense in some quarters a disappointment that suddenly the Church of V II has not died; as if the wonderful outcome of yesterday would authorise them to believe in the Rise of The Don Camillos, and the Death of The Kasperites. Unfortunately (cough), not one single Kasperite Synod Father has died. They are all still there. This is why the war still rages on.

Please read the reports attentively, and repeatedly. Only the German report dares to clearly, if subtly, support Kasperism. All the other reports are very sound in their rejection of Kasperism, but they are written by V II prelates. This explain the waffle, and the many references to pastoral care that sound weak and effeminate, and the way to look at the situation of adulterers and homos and try to bring them back to the fold.

It is true that Italicus B has a solid reaffirming of doctrine concerning reception of communion, followed by a reference to the internal forum that, whilst in the context of the just affirmed fidelity to doctrine, sounds stupid to say the least. It is obvious thar there is sensitive waffle aplenty, as in the suggestion of Anglicus D that “excluded” from communion be discarded in favour of “abstain” from communion. All of this waffle is in line with the reports of the first week. It is also to be expected by V II priests. It is, of course, a shame. But it is no endorsement of Kasperism in any way, shape or form. There is no revolution. There is no call for the “Spirit” to inspire Francis to adopt novelties. There is nothing of what kept you awake at night.

Heavens: only days ago many feared the Bishops would openly embrace heresy, and now even its sound rejection should not be enough? If you expected a charging Don Camillo, and everything else to you is a disappointment, I am afraid you had not the faintest idea of the precipice that stood in front of us.

I have had a blog post pinned at the top of this blog since the day the Instrumentum Laboris was published. Not out fear of V II ambiguous waffle (about which I never had any doubt), but out of fear of formal heresy proclaimed by a Pope and supported by his Bishops in one way or other. Praised be God, the second part has not happened and it is improbable that it will happen now. As to the first part, we shall see, but I am serenely confident.

It's amazing how easily dangers are forgotten once they are gone. This is like one who has run the risk of food poisoning and complains that the food does not taste as he wished. Yes, man. Yes, ma'am. It's V II food, it has always been crap. But it's not the poison you were fearing.

Pray many prayers of Thanksgiving instead, that we did not wake up one morning discovering that the Church Hierarchy has officially embraced heresy.

Pray, also, that the last days of the Synod may lead to the rejection of any new trick that the Evil Clown may be trying. But I see his space of manoeuvre as rather limited now. It will be, I hope, more like trying to push the waffle in an inclusive direction, than letting nuclear bombs explode.

We must stay vigilant, pray, and do penance. But we have no right to expect that the rejection of Kasperism will give us Vatican I overnight. As long as Francis is Pope, the emergency will be there and the war will be raging.

The battle of Kursk was won; but you still have 3.5 million Kasperite soldiers in front of you and Berlin is very, very far away.



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