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Final Report Out. Ambiguity Galore And V II Waffle Aplenty. No Nuclear Explosion. Kasperites Lose Battle. War Rages On.

We see here the bishops in their farewell photo before coming back to their dioceses...

We see here the bishops in their farewell photo before coming back to their dioceses…

I have just read (several times) on Rorate the translation of paragraphs 84-86 of the final relation of this disgraceful Synod.

My first reflections:

  1. It is an ambiguous document. However, pretty much all V II is made of ambiguous documents. par for the course. Crucially, no revolution or atomic explosion.
  2. Kasperism is defeated, at least for now. If I were a Kasperite and were to try to state that my position has been vindicated by this document I would look pretty stupid. However, if I were a Kasperite I would at least notice that my position has not been crushed to the ground. The emotional, fluffy V II language allows me to fight another day and try to score more points in the future.
  3. This is what the Italians call muro di gomma, a “rubber wall”.  Actually, it could serve as a very good definition of the word. It is an orthodox text, but a very weak one. It is a text that tries to contain only so little orthodoxy as necessary, in order not to humiliate the Pope or, said otherwise, in order not to start a major conflict with him. At the same time, it is a text that clearly stops Francis in his tracks again. I do not think this is a sound strategy. I think it a very dangerous one. But I notice that Francis gets stopped again and again. May the Lord free us of him soon.
  4. It has become apparent in the last hours (I have posted on the matter) that the battle in the coming months and years will not be based on texts, but emotions and perceptions. It will be the typical, retarded media battle of the XXI Century. You see already that ass Schoenborn trying to let the text say what it clearly does not say. I have read the ass this afternoon with terror, and then I realised the idiot was probably only trying to spin a defeat again. Check. Prepare for a lot of this in the years to come.
  5. I am not justifying the bishops. I think every Bishop who votes such a document should feel ashamed, and be shamed. Not, mind, because he has voted a heretical document; but because he keeps accommodating heretics (including the Pope) out of desire to avoid a major conflict that is possibly coming anyway.
  6. I can, however, understand (not approve; understand) the thinking. The thinking goes like this: “The man will be six feet under in just a few years; we will waffle him to death as many times as he likes, and put the nails in his coffin; then we will pick a Pope with a brain”. Very comfortable, admittedly rather clever, but very risky strategy. The man will appoint more bishop and cardinals. He has caved in several times already. At some point, he might decide to go nuclear. The man is stupid. Never underestimate the stupidity of the stupid. It could make them do very stupid things.
  7. Francis has lost again. If everything he can get is ambiguous waffle of the kind V II document have always had and will always have he is well and truly screwed, and I mean screwed as in screwed. At least for now. But again, he is still the Pope. The level of confrontation will depend on the level of exposure and personal risk he chooses to take on himself. Up to now, there is no indication he has the guts to defy the Church and risk losing everything, including job and pension. Up to now. You can never tell what an idiot will do if he feels assured of victory.

Just in case you are wondering…

I will sleep well tonight.

Make no mistake: the war rages on. A sizeable minority of prelates are openly heretics, and eretico numero uno has just given them a platform. They will keep spinning, whining and, I think, losing, but they must not be underestimated. The most dangerous thing that can happen now is complacency. We must not only stay vigilant, but be very much on the offensive in the coming battle: the “Mercy Orgy” that Francis wants to ram down your throat.

Before I close, a last but, I think, necessary observation.

Some of you may say that this phrase, or that phrase; when looked at in a certain light; or read from certain angles; or with the magnifying glass (yes, there…); or from a heretic; could allow the heretic to say that his position was approved. 

This is a logical non-starter. By definition, the heretic says that he is right based on fragments taken out of context. That’s what heretics always did, always do, always will. The adulterer who wanted to persuade himself that he can receive communion has already found in his degraded mind a thousand arguments and, in Germany at least, a priest ready to justify him (400 last time I looked; might be more in the meantime). The new document is of no help to him. He knows that the bishop, or even the Pope, who were to be his accomplices are as much heretics as he is. No one can read the document and say that it endorses Kasperism. But most of the readers would say that it is ambiguous and extremely delicate in its formulations; ambiguous to the point of shame; as if it was very aware that Kasperism has a lot of calluses, which should not be touched lest the Kasperites (and Francis first) start to scream. Alas, if you don’t trample the calluses of heresy you can’t say you have done a halfway acceptable job in defending the faith. 

This morning, I was very afraid that Francis has decided for the massive confrontation, for which he would have had many occasions and many angles (say: abolish at the last moment the single paragraph vote; or the 75% majority; or any other kind of trick). There were horrible noises coming out. When I calmed down, I realised that the noises where coming from the usual den of iniquity: the Vatican press office, and the liberal b@st@rds a la Schoenborn. I think I was right. 

The Atomic Mushroom was not to be today. Francis has obviously caved in again. He had his nose smashed against the rubber wall, again; and has decided that he will live with it, again. But it is clear that he wants to go on, and senses that to stop now would make of him the Greatest Failure Ever, and Clown Of The Millennium. Hence, the next Mercy Offensive now clearly upon us.

Go to sleep (if you live in Europe) and prepare yourself for the battles to come.

Many of those, I am afraid, before we get to our judgment; and may our battles be counted in our favour.


Final text Out. No Atomic Bomb. Deo Gratias!

The Shameless Deception Continues: Time To Walk Out!




It is astonishing what these heretics are able to. The video below explains what has been happening in the last few days (yours truly isn’t there and can’t read everything, so he gets some information a tad late). 

Whilst the situation seems to be different every time you look at it, some things are clear: 

  1. The shameless deception about what is happening in the Synod continues.
  2. The Synod Fathers have had insufficient time to read the document. Many of them will not understand it properly.
  3. now the commission of ten it’s not going to work on it. “Experts” will do it. One is reminded of the V II “periti”, at the same time the accomplices of heresy and the convenient excuse for everything that should go massively wrong for the heretics. 
  4. The voting is absurd, if it allows a final vote of a text thatincludes the paragraphs that have been refused. I am assuming here the final vote will only be on the paragraph that have been approved, but with these scoundrels you never know what they might be capable of. Any vote that does not have a vast majority would make of any document an absurd piece of toilet paper, as explained here.  Note that Mr Ferrara does not trust the electronic vote, and neither do I.   
  5. However the outcome, a “mercy offensive” in big style is going to be launched. Francis will accompany all the way. The Year Of False Mercy will offer more excuses for a sustained, long-term offensive. 

And now, to the really important part. Ferrara himself states that the Instrumentum Laboris was “ripped off to pieces”. There was, obviously, strong opposition. At this point Francis had a choice: cave in, or try to force the hand of the Bishops again. it seems very much to me that he has chosen the second way. 

At some point, the bishops will have to realise that a massive confrontation cannot be avoided anymore. That all calls of “unity” and “harmony” must be thrown out of the window when satan calls you to “harmony” with heresy.

The moment to stand up for Christ is now. This farce must be stopped.

The Synod Father must reflect that, realistically, the Poles and others will, ahem, raise hell if a poisoned document is voted. Those who are accomplices now will be called to give account later. Those who do not have the gut to stand up for Christ when it gets really tough are unworthy of their cassocks.

There is only one thing to do now:    

Time to walk out! 

Time to walk out! 

Time to walk out! 




Run To Buy This Book!


Breaking News: Massive Attack Going On

This is not even about the final report.

This is about the massive heretical spin now being put on the event, and the announcement of a kind of “listening church”. A “process” by which the Church will be now “listening”, and many other absurd things you will watch in the video.

Many thanks to and prayers for those who, like Michael Matt, remain on the side of Christ.

The Pitfalls Of Talking To Heretics

Massively distributed among bishops as I speak.

Massively distributed among bishops as I write.


As I write this, the final document is circulating and the Synod Father are digesting it.

It says here that father Lombardi has stated that the Synod father are satisfied with the text. Which probably means they aren’t.

What I find notable in the article is the “inclusive” cut that will probably be given to the text.

Let us imagine a paragraph states: “A minority of Fathers is of the opinion that we should give communion to adulterers, but the majority rejected the proposal”. Rinse and repeat concerning homos, decentralisation of the Church, or whatever you like.  Do you vote the paragraph down? These are the crude facts, not a matter of opinions.

Of course, such a document would be stating that heretical discussions are taking place within the Church; discussion in which heresy is not called by name, and is treated like a legitimate “minority opinion”. But again, this is the simple truth. This is what happens when you debate with heretics and accept them as interlocutors.

It would have been better to walk out of the Synod when it was clear that it was being used to even propose a heretical platform – no matter how clearly in the minority – than to have the media the world over repeat that the Church is discussing whether to change doctrine.

Prepare yourself for a long V II waffle full of double-edged swords – say: “the Synod Fathers are persuaded of the necessity for the priest to do all he can to allow adulterers to become able to receive communion”, which can be read in both a perfectly orthodox and a perfectly heretical sense – and pray that it does not get worse than that. 

If Sunday Evening arrives and there is no atomic mushroom in the Catholic skies, I for myself will go to sleep more relaxed, and dream of Pope Pius XIII in better serenity that I had in the last months.

But I still think it was a big mistake not to walk out of a Synod of Heresy. 





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