The Shameless Deception Continues: Time To Walk Out!




It is astonishing what these heretics are able to. The video below explains what has been happening in the last few days (yours truly isn’t there and can’t read everything, so he gets some information a tad late). 

Whilst the situation seems to be different every time you look at it, some things are clear: 

  1. The shameless deception about what is happening in the Synod continues.
  2. The Synod Fathers have had insufficient time to read the document. Many of them will not understand it properly.
  3. now the commission of ten it’s not going to work on it. “Experts” will do it. One is reminded of the V II “periti”, at the same time the accomplices of heresy and the convenient excuse for everything that should go massively wrong for the heretics. 
  4. The voting is absurd, if it allows a final vote of a text thatincludes the paragraphs that have been refused. I am assuming here the final vote will only be on the paragraph that have been approved, but with these scoundrels you never know what they might be capable of. Any vote that does not have a vast majority would make of any document an absurd piece of toilet paper, as explained here.  Note that Mr Ferrara does not trust the electronic vote, and neither do I.   
  5. However the outcome, a “mercy offensive” in big style is going to be launched. Francis will accompany all the way. The Year Of False Mercy will offer more excuses for a sustained, long-term offensive. 

And now, to the really important part. Ferrara himself states that the Instrumentum Laboris was “ripped off to pieces”. There was, obviously, strong opposition. At this point Francis had a choice: cave in, or try to force the hand of the Bishops again. it seems very much to me that he has chosen the second way. 

At some point, the bishops will have to realise that a massive confrontation cannot be avoided anymore. That all calls of “unity” and “harmony” must be thrown out of the window when satan calls you to “harmony” with heresy.

The moment to stand up for Christ is now. This farce must be stopped.

The Synod Father must reflect that, realistically, the Poles and others will, ahem, raise hell if a poisoned document is voted. Those who are accomplices now will be called to give account later. Those who do not have the gut to stand up for Christ when it gets really tough are unworthy of their cassocks.

There is only one thing to do now:    

Time to walk out! 

Time to walk out! 

Time to walk out! 




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  1. First reading of Final Doc and Francis chickened out. Know too little about Internal Forum, but w/r/t HomoLobby and reproduction, looks good. The Synod Fathers evern directed Francis to “rediscover” Humanae Vitae.

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