The Day After: Back To Normal

The wall stands still. The moat is still there. Now let's start the dredging.

The wall stands still. The moat is still there. Now let’s start the reinforcements and the dredging!

I have removed this blog post from the top position in which I had “pinned” it. I have done so with a much lighter heart than when I had pinned it, and I think today should be a day of thanksgiving for every Catholic, reflecting what kind of nuclear explosion was feared until only weeks ago.

I invite all sincere Catholic to focus, for one day, on the good news that the Heretics have not made any breach in the wall; and every discussion about how much the walls are damaged, the moat thin and the soldiers on the ramparts demotivated, weak or traitors should not detract us from the fundamental fact, that this dawn sees Satan and Francis defeated.  

No, it’s not the victory I was dreaming of. But those were dreams.

In real life, boy, this has been the best outcome I would have dared to hope for. Only yesterday morning I was fearing the presence of phrases which, whilst factually mentioning heresy as part of the discussion, legitimise it as a Catholic position. In the paragraphs I have read yesterday there is nothing of the sort, and they were the most controversial. The final Relatio is even far more conservative than what I was fearing yesterday morning, when the danger of nuclear explosion seemed already largely (if not definitely) gone. 

It’s a weak wall. It’s a thin moat. But they leave no entrance.    

Deo Gratias. 


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  1. Mundabor, I will not remove your joy at our perceived victory at the Synod. Yet I caution you that this Pope will not stop until he has accomplished what his patrons gave him as his mission…the decentralization (destruction) of the Catholic Church. You’re on ‘stand down’, not on ‘leave’! Enjoy this Sunday, Mary C.

  2. It seems to me promoting heresy in the name of the “spirit” of a synod is not nearly as easy as promoting it in the name of the “spirit” of a Vatican Council which has been the fashion lo these many years of wrack and ruin. Maybe this debacle will give the diminishing forces of modernist heresy pause before they think of calling another Council.

    • I think the same. It’s a marketing campaign based on a weak product. The V II hype, backed by five encyclicals backed by the vast majority of Cardinals, is not there.
      They are clutching at straws. But again, whatever lie they say becomes reality if it is believed (the “new springtime”, the “age of mercy”, and all that crap).

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