Oh, the Liberal Priest-slash-religious!

How good-hearted, how caring, how sensitive he is!

He will meet the sinner “where he is”, will let him feel that he is “not judged”, and will “accompany” him wherever he goes (even the “gay sauna”, perhaps?).

But then one wonders…

How comes the same sensitive priest refuses to meet Catholics, lets them feel “judged” and calls them “haters”, refuses to “accompany” them, and blocks them on Twitter? Yes, he mean that one, the screeching Jesuit. But many others, too.

Oh, wait.

I got it.

Adulterers, dissenters and perverts are the only people these priests (-slash-religious) want to “accompany”. Catholics are just avoided.

Mundabor's conclusion:



Very possibly fag.


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  1. Whoops! Sorry, I linked the wrong article:+( Sorry for all the links Mundy. You can trash them if you want. and here is another one:

    God bless~

  2. Dear Mr. M., you have to stop being so witty, exact, wise and biting in your posts, my google+, facebook and personal email file are almost exclusively bulging with your insightful and hilarious commentary. Bless you.

  3. If you are talking about Fr. James Martin I think there is no debate about it – Definitely a sodomite and definitely not Catholic even though he dresses like one.

  4. No doubt you are talking about Martin, sorry but I just can’t put the word Father in front of that name. Just saying Amen to your post.

  5. Los católcos que confesamos y comulgamos somos “habitudinarios de la gracia”, según dijo en la Homilía del final del Sínodo

  6. “How comes the same sensitive priest refuses to meet Catholics, lets them feel “judged” and calls them “haters”, refuses to “accompany” them, and blocks them on Twitter?”

    Using simple psychology, we could be witnessing a case of “psychological projection” (or blame shifting).

    The same sensitive priest refuses to meet Catholics because they make HIM feel “judged” (what is he hiding? is he not catholic enough?), he sees them as haters because that’s his image reflecting on them. And because they make him feel bad, hate is a way of getting rid of that horrible feeling (a kind of vengeance). He refuses to “accompany” them because why would he want the kind of company that expects him to act like a real priest?

  7. It’s like “finding people where they are at”
    Even if that place is a gay bar or sauna


    I send our children
    To the slaughter,
    One son of six
    And now a daughter.

    Why encourage
    Staying poor
    But pay high price?

    Giving all
    To those in need
    Suffer wounds
    For Mother’s Creed?

    All for Him
    Take the thorn
    Then ignored
    Not worth their scorn.

    Not worth the bother,
    As feminists fail,
    A wasted life
    That takes the nail.

    Where daily climb
    Upon the Cross
    Some Roman men
    Count them as loss

    But worry of
    Debased desires
    “No need forgo”
    Just stoke those fires.

    And at your legal
    Unions wink,
    “We don’t condone
    Though aid your kink.”

    Cassocks, habits,
    Vatican Two in reverse —
    Forward couples’ Civil Unions
    We’ll pretend aren’t perverse.

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