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For The Record

A theologian.

A theologian.



This blog is written by someone who is not a theologian. But then again this someone does not say that he is a theologian. Therefore, everyone can make his own decision whether the blog is worth reading or not.

This blog is also written by someone who is not entirely stupid, or actually ignorant of Catholic things. So much so, that many suspect him of being, actually, a Catholic priest. Of the Catholic sort, I mean. 

This blog also does not have any heterodox material published. What you read in this blog has hands and feet. It is solid, time-proofed, no-nonsense, Traditional Catholic fare.  

This blog is written by someone who does not earn any money from it, does not ask for donations or memberships, and is content with the readers’ prayers for him if and when they, in their charity, feel so inclined. 

This blog is also written by someone who does not ignore a huge elephant in the room just because this particular elephant is dressed in white, drinks mate, and insists on black shoes.

Perhaps it is not so bad that this blog is written by someone who is not a theologian.


A New Religion: Meet Francis’ Impotent Hen Goddess

In the last day or two, we had another example of the extremely poisonous heresy and blasphemy of the Evil Clown. 

Like all Modernists do, the man takes elements of truth, puts them in the Great Heretical Mixer, and takes out of it a product obviously meant to mislead the faithful. In the last case, the new religion of the Impotent Hen Goddess is clearly the final product. 

Francis quotes Paul and states a well-known principle: God loves each one of His creatures. 

Then, he puts all this in the Great Heretical Mixer. What comes out of it is the following: 

Firstly, God’s omnipotence is a way of saying. God is omnipotent in all that is not uncomfortable to us. But in all that is serious, and concerns us very directly (which is: is ability to send us to hell and leave us there forever; to avert which the entire Christian religion actually exists) God’s omnipotence becomes (get ready for this) impotence. Do not be fooled. Do not believe that this is meant to be understood in a traditional Catholic frame. Nothing that Francis says is meant to be understood within a Catholic frame, so this one here isn’t, either. What Francis wants to sell you is a weak, unmanly, literally impotent god unable to harm you in any way whatsoever. 

This emasculation, banalisation and neutralisation of God is seen in the second blasphemy: the Hen-Goddess. Forget the Rex Tremendae Majestatis. Forget any fear of the Lord. Forget, obviously, any fear of hell. From now on, your image of God will be that of a hen protecting her brood. Again, the image of the hen is not new. What is new (in a Pope at least), is the intention of using the image to tell you nothing could ever send you to hell. In case some Pollyannas still do not get that this is what Francis really wants you to take home, he says it explicitly: “the most wicked and the most blasphemous person is loved by God with the tenderness of a father”. Note that the blasphemous wicked is pretty much the prototype of the one who sends himself to hell, but no mention of this from the Evil Clown. Clearly, Francis is telling you this: there is no way on earth you could send yourself to hell, because the Impotent Hen Goddess loves you and will never do this. 

I see in this blasphemous nonsense principally one of many off-the-cuff loads of bovine excrement coming to us before, during and – if God has so decreed – after the dratted Year of False Mercy. The Year of False Mercy will have the Impotent Hen Goddess as its own leitmotiv, as Francis and his minions repeat us every day that we must rejoice that Christianity is now largely superfluous, and reduced to a mere historical record of why there is no need of any religion anymore. The Impotent Hen Goddess cannot but love you unconditionally and without any consequence for you. Blaspheme as much as you like. It won’t affect you in any way.

This, my friend, is the message you are supposed to take home. This and no other. 

However, I see in this message – and in the many that will follow – another matter of significance: an impotent Pope, unable to have the Bishops dance to his tune and the Catholic Religion shaped in his own masonic image, takes refuge in petty off-the-cuff homilies in which he states – without explicitly saying it – always the same message: I am the good one, they are the bad ones; I am the merciful, they are the Pharisees; I get the “spirit” of the Law, they are stuck with its “letter”.

Let me say it once again: I could read a sermon of, say, St John Bosco using the same images and not have a problem with it whatsoever.  You see, St John Bosco was a saint, not a heretic. His contemporaries knew he was not a heretic because the man was extremely serious in warning you of exactly the contrary of what Francis keeps telling you: that God can well punish you forever, and there will be no way back if he does.   

But this one, who is a heretic, never does the Catholic thing. I have written a maximum of four posts – if at all – about sound Catholicism coming out of the mouth of the man. If he says anything Catholic it is because of an official occasion, in a prepared statement, when he really cannot avoid it. All the rest is socialism, incoherent blabber, spite, pettiness, heresy, blasphemy, or all of this together.

Like the God that can “slap you on the wrist at the most”, or this new Hen Goddess which, I have no doubt, will lay a great many heretical eggs during the Year of False Mercy.  

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Which is why Francis is, besides being a heretic, such a fool. 



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