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A theologian.

A theologian.



This blog is written by someone who is not a theologian. But then again this someone does not say that he is a theologian. Therefore, everyone can make his own decision whether the blog is worth reading or not.

This blog is also written by someone who is not entirely stupid, or actually ignorant of Catholic things. So much so, that many suspect him of being, actually, a Catholic priest. Of the Catholic sort, I mean. 

This blog also does not have any heterodox material published. What you read in this blog has hands and feet. It is solid, time-proofed, no-nonsense, Traditional Catholic fare.  

This blog is written by someone who does not earn any money from it, does not ask for donations or memberships, and is content with the readers’ prayers for him if and when they, in their charity, feel so inclined. 

This blog is also written by someone who does not ignore a huge elephant in the room just because this particular elephant is dressed in white, drinks mate, and insists on black shoes.

Perhaps it is not so bad that this blog is written by someone who is not a theologian.


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  1. Mr. Mundabor, you are the best!!!

  2. Here’s someone else who is not a theologian…telling it like it is:

    Response by Ross Douthat to the American Academics who complained about him to the New York times.

  3. Forgive the length of the quote but Fr. Ray Blake’s latest post observes:

    “… the Reformation itself was about faith being taken out of the home or the parish church and taken into the hands of the specialists, the Doctors of the Law such as Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Cranmer. It moved from the heart to the printed page, from, something gained from books rather than something past on within the culture itself.

    I wonder when the definition of a theologian moved from the patristic ‘one who prays is a theologian, a theologian is one who prays’, to a theologian is one with a degree in theology. with a certificate on his wall.”

    He also adds:

    “Jesuitism has always had poor regard for liturgy from it foundation, the first order not to celebrate the Office in choir. The great influence of the Jesuits on the liturgy was to remove choir stalls from our churches and replace them with pulpits. The focus becoming not the prayer of the brethren but the words of the specialist, the trained preacher. As necessary as this might of been it was a disenfranchisement of ordinary Catholics.”

    Interesting and perceptive comments.

  4. Why does this clown always show off his wide toothed grin? He will need a lot of work done, but I can recommend a few good dentists.

  5. BOMBSHELL from ‘ Rorate Caeli ‘ November 02 h 00:30 :
    ‘ Divorced admitted to Sacraments ‘

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