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O Holy Night


Did They Have A Good Death?

Thanks be to God, he died with the Sacraments...

You often hear on the radio of a certain chap having died in the year so and so, or other references to his departure from this vale of tears. I can never avoid wondering whether the chap in question managed Purgatory, or not. Of some people we know they were solidly Catholic, and can be more than reasonably optimistic for them; particularly when we know that they saw their death coming, and it is improbable that they met it unprepared. For many others – and I mean here the baptised Catholics but the become agnostics, or atheists, or very tepid believers, or very public sinners – we might know that they died with the Sacraments, if this is a matter of public record (Beethoven and Schubert certainly come to mind). But for many others, particularly if they died recently, it is more difficult to know whether they died with the Sacraments, showing that a merciful God did not (very probably) deny them the grace of final repentance. The fact is, that nowadays receiving the Sacrament does not even seem much worthy of public records, whilst in the past it was something of the greatest importance.

We know that the Sun King died with the Sacraments, and Oscar Wilde too. But what about many others, some of them perhaps heroes of yours since early childhood? What about all those less than exemplary Catholics, but still clearly believers, who gave so much beauty to humanity? If they were Catholics, however bad ones, they had access to the Last Rites. Many of them saw their death coming, and would therefore have the possibility to ask for a priest. Did they? Did they die at peace with the Lord? Perhaps they did. Perhaps not.

It would be very good if there were a site collecting original sources concerning the departure of Catholic personalities in the realm of literature, music, or philosophy. Particularly in the case of recent deaths, as the old ones – see the above: W.A. Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven – are more easily recorded, even in the case of unexpected cases. Not a few would be surprised to know that, for example, Voltaire is reported to have died with the Sacraments (oh, the irony!) as it certainly was the case for another Catholic public sinner, Chopin.

You will say to me that there is no total security in that, either, and I would agree with you. But as the degree of security must be quite high for most people – you may think, if you are extremely cynical, that Voltaire might have wanted to mock the Church to the end; but you would not think this of, say, Chopin – it would be good to have sources focusing on the circumstances of the death of the thousands of notable Catholics – particularly those of questionable orthodoxy – all in the same place. For some bitter disappointment – one can read disturbing things about Elgar, for example; albeit Catholic propaganda might have its ugly beak in that – one could have many more joys and consolations.

If anyone knows of such a source, I would be grateful for a link. With a strong preference for sites reporting credible and verified sources rather than just saying what people seem to think.

And as you are there, please consider, in your charity, saying a prayer or three for Schubert and Beethoven; who, whatever their shortcomings, gave us such wonderful music, and wonderful sacred music to boot; and whose purgatory will, I am afraid, not be among the shortest.



The “P Word” Reblog

The “P Word” Reblog

Black … What?



This year the Christmas season clearly began before Halloween. I use the word “Halloween” on purpose, because if you were to ask the average Englishman what is the day that comes after Halloween and which possibly gave it the name very few would tell you: “All Saints”.

Christmas is now the biggest marketing season in this Country. For many shops, an entire year is made or broken according to how the Christmas “season” goes.

Still, there seem to be enough people stupid enough to believe that they are getting bargains in the weeks leading to Christmas, at least more than they would in any other part of the year. It’s like thinking that the seaside resort will give you “sales” in July and August. Again, I do not doubt an army of people is stupid enough to believe that, too.

This year, though, I noticed a phenomenon that last year I had not noticed: the “Black Friday” talk.

Look, we have no Thanksgiving here in Elton Land; how can we have a Black Friday? The idea of Black Friday is that many expenses are made – and a massive stock accumulated – in the days leading to Thanksgiving, and after that day there is a surplus in certain kinds of economic goods. A Black Friday without a Thanksgiving and the associated shop run is an illogical thought, like Boxing Day without Christmas. in this Country, people haven’t run to buy anything for Thanksgiving. They do not even noticed it was Thanksgiving over the Pond. There is no way retail in the UK could have been influenced by Thanksgiving in the USA. But then again on Friday and over the weekend very many were motivated to shop and open the purse for, very possibly, some other thing they do not need or even knew they wanted because of the “bargain” they think it’s offered to them. Hey, it’s Black Friday!

Stupidity is everywhere. More and more companies seem to (almost) never sell at full price anymore, because the average moron in this country seems unable to buy anything unless he believes it is on “sale”. Try to buy a formal shirt, or a piece of furniture, and you’ll know what I mean. I have seen banks advertising “sales” of – get ready for this – financial products!

But then again this is the Country that gave us popular heroes like Steven Fry and Elton John, and introduced so-called “gay marriage” by act of Parliament, and dared to call it “conservative” because “it protects the family”.

If some Exterminating Angel were to descend over London and give it the biblical treatment, it wouldn’t be a great loss of grey matter. 






The First Noel

The Smart Way To Run A Blog

As a special Thanksgiving gift, Yours Truly has decided to share his not inconsiderable experience in blogging matters. So there we are.

When I started writing this blog I decided that the smart way of doing it was to limit interactive battles to the mere minimum, and devote the time to my little space on the Internet instead; at least as much as my fiery nature can manage.

Since then, I have been insulted many times, by many people, very publicly: from homosexual journalists to frustrated bloggers, and from failed seminarians to outright nutcases. Add to that a lot of atheists and perverts, but those I do not even count as worthy of notice.

Whenever I detected something of the sort, what I did is to look for the commenters who supported the attacker and ban them from my blog (yes: there are people out there who will praise you on your blog and insult you elsewhere; that's how much they love to see their nickname on the Internet). Then I make a knot on my handkerchief, and remember the episode at the appropriate juncture. Then… well, that's it, really. But trust me, I have a long memory, and the knots on my handkerchief are rather strong ones.

This way of running the blog has several advantages: it avoids the never-to-bed-and-you-know-you-have-to-work-tomorrow internet evenings; it avoids giving more ammo to atheists who then mock us for attacking each other; it saves vast amounts of adrenalines; it avoids making of the blog something self-referential, and it allows to dedicate the time to the blog topics instead, ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

Let me stress this particular point again: the savings in adrenalines are vast.

From blogger to blogger, I must say this to you: it's the smart way to go. I know it out of quinquennial blogging experience. Mind, it does not mean that I will leave an attack unpunished. I tend to leave very little unpunished. It means that, as smart people used to say, est modus in rebus.

We Catholic bloggers should learn from the Church. The smart one, I mean. The one before John. Those churchmen did not leave much unpunished, either. But they knew how to do it in the proper way. This was, of course, before the advent of the Age of Stupidity, but you get my drift.

The temptation to get into that Twitter brawl or that Facebook row can be big in the moment. But if you pray and write a blog post instead, whilst on the Internet others are attacking you from several places you will be the winner, big time.

In addition, with advancing age I have become less confident in my ability to teach idiots to think, or to induce reprobates to save their souls. Idiots will not think, because they're idiots. Reprobates will not save their souls, because they're reprobates. All others (those who are neither idiots nor reprobates) do not profit from inter-Catholic Internet quarrels. They profit from a blog passionately written about issues different from the blog author having been offended.

If you are a blogger, my suggestion to you would be to never link to the wrong sites – you bring traffic to them – but to deal with the matter at hand – or with the person at hand – in a general way: this and this is wrong, or: if Grima or Pollyanna tell you this and that you do not believe them, and the like. No traffic to them, and education of the reader. When the reader then meets the condemned attitude, he will know why it is wrong. If the reader never meets it, so much the better. You never bring traffic to the wrong sites in order to show that they are wrong.

I have followed these rules fairly strictly these five years. It has helped me a lot. It has also avoided to make of this blog – written ad maiorem Dei gloriam – a platform for my personal grievances. If anyone insults you on the net, let it stay on the net, for the permanent shaming of those who so insult you; and answer in due course, and without any haste, in the matter itself.

Of course, it is very human to want to react and respond to those who insult us. It is human and it can be even right, as we know how nasty liberals and fake Catholics can be. But it might bring little advantage in the end. The reader will remember the blogger who has not reacted long after he has forgotten the thirty who did, no matter how right they were to react.

I am not suggesting to take the high road. I am suggesting to take the smart one.

You will look, and live, so much better.



How To Make A Career in The Vatican

Father Lombardi is going to retire (no link, because it is an evil site).

The candidates to the job appear to be: 

  1. Father Antonio Spadaro, directly or indirectly involved in many of the Pope’s heresies. Editor of Civilta’ Cattolica, a clear hotbed of heresy. One of the devil throughout. 
  2. Father Thomas Rosica, a well-known promoter of sexual perversion, and very possibly a pervert himself. One of the main actors in the shameless manipulation of both the 2014 and the 2015 Synod. A bully (see Vox Cantoris-gate) and outright faccia di tolla. Clearly, another one of Lucifer’s team. 

In the Year of the Lord 2015, this is the way to make a career in the Vatican: heresy and confusion throughout, and it probably helps a lot to be a sodomite. 

Pray for this Pontificate to end soon. 




The Satanic Mercies

There was a time when no one in his right Christian mind would have dreamed to “shack up” and not fear the consequences of an unprovided death. Then the “pastoral” mentality came about, and suddenly more and more people were “provisionally” living together. But you see, thought their parents, they do intend to marry, “if all goes well”! So it's not really a scandal, is it now? Come on, God would forgive their son or daughter who die in mortal sin because they lurv, surely?

Give it a bit more time, and it is full of people who shack up and do not even plan to marry, because they “don't believe in marriage”. But you see, will those around them say (including an awful lot of parents, uncles and aunts), they have “their heart in the right place!”. If the Obama hits the fan God would, in His mercy, certainly not punish them! They are even members of the WWF. It would be as cruel as killing a kitten! God is merciful. They will be fine.

There was a time when Baptism was the first thought upon the birth of a child. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born at midnight, and was baptised by ten in the morning the following day. Then came the time of “pastoral care”. Baptisms were postponed more and more, because you see, God being so merciful Baptism is not a priority. And then one is supposed to throw such expensive parties! Let's make it in three months' time instead. Or six. Or next year.

Give it a couple of decades, and Baptism is very low in the list of priorities. God would certainly not deny Paradise to a child just because he is unbaptised, would he? How could God be so unmerciful? Well then… Baptism can wait. And hey, is it not the child who should decide what he wants to do when he grows up? Why impose a Baptism on him?

I could make many other examples, but I think these two are obvious enough. They are example of a satanical mercy that helps people to go to hell by willingly and constantly substituting the fear of the Lord for the fluffy feelings so many nowadays call religion.

This is not our religion. This is satanical deception. This is the contrary of what Christianity has always believed. To betray Christianity in the name of Christianity is the most evil deception possible.

We must fight against this satanical deception wherever we find it. Which, make no mistake, will likely cost a couple of friends; but then again perhaps they weren't so worthy of having them as friends.

The satanical mercies are the most dangerous, because they are the most subtle. The Year of False Mercy about to begin will be another major Satan's offensive. Let us try to counter it as much as we can.




The Ungrateful Thanksgiving

Christian times, now largely gone.

The United States prepare to celebrate the first Thanksgiving since the Supreme Court – aided and abetted by satanical politicians and stupid common citizen – spat in the face of the same God the Country is supposed to give thanks to.

An external observer cannot but notice the process now in place: Christianity is gradually erased from the collective consciousness of the majority of the Country as traditional rites and festivities are kept in place as hollow containers of something vaguely felt as “good”, but largely used for holidays, booze, or worse.

Thanksgiving is very clearly, for more and more Americans, something not even remotely related to giving thanks to God for a good harvest allowing the survival of the Pilgrims in the new Continent. To whom these people give “thanks” must be an exercise in stupidity: the Cosmic Lesbian, the Great Universe, the Goddess of Niceness and Mahatma Ghandi are certainly thinkable candidates. The same happens with Christmas, now largely a season of exaggerated spending and boozing which people largely remember for the stress it causes them; or Easter, the season for overseas travel and house cleanups.

Those who know history know that this is the way it always happens: the Romans kept the sacred office of the Pontifex Maximus when they had pretty much forgotten what the man was there for in the first place. Rituals stay a while, because of pure attrition, after religions have largely or completely gone. We are living that transition all over the West, with the exception of Russia and some Eastern European Countries.

As we assist to the not-so-slow disappearance of Christianity from the West, we keep all the exterior rites. The so-called Church of England has just been told they are not allowed to air an adv in cinemas guilty of containing the Lord's Prayer, but you can be sure Christmas will be a huge business in the UK this year.

Christianity is being erased from the West. In the meantime, Pope Francis complains about global warming, and wants more Muslims in.

Still, there is a silver line. The battle is already won, and our behaviour and allegiance will only decide whether and how much we partake of this victory.

With God's grace, we will stay faithful to the end; and enjoy, one day, our reward as many of those who today give thanks to “Gaia, the Big Lesbian Bitch In The Sky” discover there is a price to pay for their heathenish insolence.



The Incompetent Pope

The ongoing show of Circus Bergoglio gave us another pearl of wisdom. During one and the same homily, Francis gave not one, but several examples of what kind of person he is. CNS reported.

Francis is, we are told, afraid of rigid priest, because “they bite”. I have never been bitten by a rigid priest, but I am fairly sure Francis has. The fact is, rigid priests tend to be rigidly Catholic – this is what Francis means by the word – and if you are rigidly Catholic Jorge Bergoglio must horrify you. Therefore, Francis’ statement is akin of the one of the criminal saying “I am afraid of policemen, they arrest you!”.

Also funny – in the tragic way of this Pontificate – is the one with the young Jesuit who wants to leave the priesthood (hence we see how good the priestly formation imparted by the Jesuits is). Francis is no one to judge, so he does not say a word about rigid things as “vows” or “duties”. Instead, he suggests to the man that he speaks to his mother, who then did the job Francis should have done and dissuaded him from the step. We have a Pope here saying in public that he can’t do his job, doesn’t know jack of anything Catholic, and is brutally outdone in matters of basic Catholicism by your average mother. And the worst is that the man seems blissfully oblivious of the fact; so much so, that he makes of his incompetence a matter of jokes.

Not surprisingly, the man closes with the last bovine bowel movement of the day: it’s “interesting”, he says, that when a priest is “too fundamentalist”, Francis “does not trust him”.

Besides the casual offensive remark to orthodox priests – which in the mind of such a man as Francis can only be “rigid” or “fundamentalists” – I notice one thing that I deem important: good priests do not trust Francis, either.

The incompetent, inept, frankly stupid boor of a Pope laughs about his own incompetence as he insults right and left those good priests who do the work of Christ. Priests do not sprout like mushrooms (you don’t say?), but this Pope here seems fallen from Mars.

I am curious to see whether some good Cardinal or Bishop will rebuke the Pope and praise good Catholuc priests. It is time that the almost daily rants of this man are made to stop.

The circus has gone on for long enough.




An Excellent Sermon

Mohammed's entry was disqualified as not drawn by himself.

Via Rorate Caeli, an excellent sermon about Mohammed and Islam.

Let us spread these words of reason.

It is not often that you hear words of truth about Islam from a priest.



Aquinas Against Stupidity: Who Will Win?

This is so good, I have to publish the link here. 

Hat tip to Barnhardt. 


The Uneducated Pope

No wet kittens in sight.

No wet kittens in sight.


Quite the Dalai Lama in white, Pope Francis keeps spouting the same tired rhetoric for kindergarten children and adults of low intellect. This time, we are given two messages: 

  1. Jesus weeps. All the time, apparently.
  2. We are in the middle of WW III

As to 1, I must repeat again that I have more than a tiny problem with everyone who: a) claims to know when Jesus weeps, and b) gives us this week image of Jesus, as if our Lord were a kitten we must protect from being all wet once again. Yes, Jesus wept for Jerusalem, and in this we see His infinite mercy and solicitude for our destiny. But two thousand years of Catholicism have given us the image of a Rex tremendae majestatis, not a wet kitten. There is war, somewhere, at any given time. Therefore, this “Jesus weeps” things means Jesus is crying all the time. Beside some homos I do not think anyone will find the image very appealing, or very useful, or even orthodox.

Think Pantokrator, not wet kitten.

As to 2., the man shows a great ignorance of basic history. Historically seen, the world is actually extremely peaceful at least as proper war is concerned. It is merely the TV and twitter that brings every conflict to our homes, thus amplifying them. If there is something that is worrying for us, however, is the widespread persecution of Christians within and without the (rare) theatres of war. Of this, Francis talks very little, and certainly much less than about perceived inequality, environment issues, and non-existing wars. I also notice that the man who says that there is “war everywhere” is the one actively helping Muslims to export their war to Europe. We are here squarely in the region of mental retardation or outright evil intent. 

The man has no solid education, no historical background, no idea of what he is talking about. He likes hearing his voice a lot, though.

When he dies, he will see whether Christ is the wet kitten he loves to imagine.



“Che” Without The Guts


And a good day to you, too…


“I wouldn’t ever dare to allow this, because it’s not my competence. One baptism, one Lord, one faith. Talk to the Lord and then go forward. I don’t dare to say anything more”.

Let us go back to the latest papal piddle outside of the potty. The words above are the concluding part of the long waffle triggered by Francis inability to simply say to the woman that she must convert to the Catholic Church.

Francis here is clearly talking out of his whim, as he always does. This, at the same time, guarantees that these improvised observations reflect, in a way, the way he thinks. 

The words of the man are confused, because he is confused. They sound hollow and stupid, because that’s what he is. but they reflect a fundamental fear of his: the fear to cross a line out of which there would be no way out than public humiliation or risk of deposition.

if you read again the entire rant (follow the link on the post of mine linked above) you will see Francis “reasoning” along these lines: 

  1. I would so much like to give communion to everyone, but
  2. I know that’s beyond my pay grade, and I do not dare to cross the line of self-destruction.    

This is a concentrate of this pontificate: heresy in heart and mind, sacrilege as a way of thinking, complicity with every enemy of Catholicism. But at the same time, fear of going there where personal danger begins.

Francis is a Che Guevara who would so much like to start a revolution, if it didn’t entail personal danger for himself.

As the danger for himself is very real – as he was spectacularly reminded in public on a couple of occasions and, no doubt, unofficially on many other occasions – the man prefers to air his vague revolutionary ideas, without declaring the revolución himself.

He will, methinks, continue to spread his revolutionary “thoughts” without a revolution. He will continue to chase easy popularity among the atheist, the perverts, and the wrong people of every sorts. He will probably die before becoming the butt of jokes because he has been talking of revolution for so long and never had the gut to put his office where his mouth is. He will also continue to do extremely stupid things, which sabotage and damage Catholicism without being openly heretical, for example with his attack on marriage via reform of the annulment process. He will cause a lot of damage all right. 

But I do not think that we will see an official challenge to Catholic doctrine during this pontificate.

With Francis, Satan got an extremely good hand. He will do as much damage as he can with him, but it won’t be enough.

In the end, what God allowed him to get is a “Che” without the guts.




“As We Pray For A New Pope…”

Interesting post of the great Father Carota (please keep him in your prayers) about Sedevacantism. Father’s short post does not get into details, but it makes the sound, common sense argument most people will instantly recognise as right because so eminently reasonable and sound. If you want more details as to the issue of how to deal with a heretical Pope, please direct your mouse here

Father Carota’s stance on Sedevacantism is neither new nor surprising. However, one phrase in his blog post is one of those signs of the times.

“As we pray for a new pope we need to ask God for a pope who will be clear and consistent with what the church has taught for 1980 years”.  

The idea that a sound Catholic should pray for a new Pope appears so natural to the writer, that he puts the thought en passant in the argument against Sedevacantism. Of course you pray for a new pope, so bad is this one…

Yours Truly reads, approves, and can’t avoid thinking of all the insults found in his comment box when he himself started to encourage his readers to pray for this pontificate to end one way or another (I have heard abdications are all the rage these days).

We now find the same encouragement, as a matter of course, in blogs written by unquestionably orthodox (and, very probably, saintly) priests; because you see, facts have a way to impress themselves on people even if these people would rather prefer to ignore them. At some point, you can’t avoid the facts staring at you straight in the face. At some point, you realise it is really, really so, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid the stare.

Pray for a new Pope.

This time, hopefully, a Catholic one. 



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