Daily Archives: November 2, 2015


Less sexy by the hour: Chaouqui.

And it came to pass the woman symbolising Francis' desire to “modernise” the Church and make her more, well, sluttish was arrested yesterday by the Vatican Gendarmeria.

The accusation is a heavy one: to have leaked – together with a tit-less Monsignore – enough classified information about the Vatican finances to give material for not one, but two books of imminent publication.

If Chaouqui is found guilty – we don't know, of course; how could we? We do not judge… – this will be a kind of first: the shameless woman so shameless put by Francis in a public, influential position was so ungrateful, so scheming, so atrociously Jesuitical that she was heavily contributing to the demolition of the man who did, or should say made, her in the public eye.

It seems to me that the Lord is having His own fun at demolishing the papacy of this extraordinarily incompetent man. But thinking of this, a Divine intervention is certainly not necessary.

The man manages to self-demolish himself well enough.



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