Sacrilegegate: Eleven Things To Know And Share

Why do you call it Sacrilegegate?

Because of this interview.

But you do not believe Scalfari, surely?

Of course I do. And so should you, too. Already in the past Scalfari has been accused of being gaga, but he most certainly isn’t, and his gaga interviews with the Pope, or articles written after talking to him, have been published by the Vatican and/or have been never corrected by Francis.

Has Father Lombardi not stated the interview is not reliable?

Not really. Lombardi has timidly meowed that Scalfari is not reliable. He has not dared to deny the Pope has said what Scalfari reports. Besides, Lombardi is the last one to know what happened, and Francis truly does not give a fig for what he says.

Do you want to say the Pope is a heretic?

Of course I do. I wonder how you cannot see it by now, unless because of a firm will to be blind to reality and impervious to reason. The man is unofficially heretical all the time. He is the prince of heretics.

But why does he not proclaim heresy officially?

Because he is afraid of losing his job. Unemployment is a tough business in Argentina, and as a defrocked ex-priest with a colossal history of failures he would be rather unemployable. The Holy Ghost could also strike him dead before he does it, though I doubt he himself has this concern.

OK, I get this. But why does he not shut up, then?

Because he is a heretic, and hates the Church and Her Sacraments. He will spread heretical slogans as much as he can. He is also getting his petty revenge against the bishops who do not allow him to do what he would like to do. He is also the Pope, so he knows he will enjoy a great degree of protection and goodwill until he crosses the line of formal heresy; which he will, rather probably, never do.

How can you be so sure?

Oh, I am not sure, at all! You can never know what a petty old man can do! He will, in fact, do whatever he thinks he will get away with! I merely trust he is afraid of this step, or the Holy Ghost will strike him dead first.

Could there not be some genial master plan behind?

No, there couldn’t. The Church isn’t such that you fool her by being cunning. Heresy will always be revealed, and you will never fool (real) Catholics. Francis is just an astonishingly incompetent old ass throwing the toys out of the pram in the only way he is still allowed to: off-the-cuff homilies and unrecorded interviews. The man does everything that a perfect idiot would do, because he is just that.

Do you think Satan has an ally in him?

Satan certainly won the jackpot with him, but I think the man is an atheist, so he does not believe in hell, at all. Or else he is sold to Satan all right. Most certainly he does not side with Christ.

But would Satan’s man not be smarter than that?

Il diavolo fa le pentole, ma non i coperchi. Even when God allows Satan to have his own pope, He does not allow him to have a very smart one. In this we see Providence at work.

What shall we do now?

We call the heresy out. We call the man a heretic and an enemy of Christ. We destroy his own standing and his papacy utterly and completely. We mock and ridicule him all the time. We call him an ass, an idiot and an evil man. We put his papacy in the tritatutto (look what it means).


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  1. Yep, you’ve pretty well framed the picture accurately, Mundy.

    No words minced, and if Bishops & Cardinals can’t/won’t toss out the Heretic Card to Four Flusher Frankie, then it’s the job for the Catholic laity.

    We’re with you, Mundy.

    Because we’re Catholics.

  2. Now you are full charged forward. I have waited for this counterattack that I knew would happen soon and it does. Wow! It’s a canon shot aimed directly and blew off right at this evil ass. Bravo. I don’t feel a bit sorry for him at all. After his agenda getting defeated by many real Catholic bishops of Gay Synod, he’s like a mad dog biting anything holy from the Church. He’s done. He’s finished.! His master (NWO boss) has many expects and demands on him to use gay sex destroying human marriage that’s instituted by Jesus Christ and bring adulterers committing sacrileges by receiving communions in order to abolish the Holy Mass respectively, his boss is so furious and disappointed to his bad failures. He (the pope) abuses power worse than comrade Stalin since dictator Stalin only killed bodies, this evil kills souls. After too many disastrous defeats Satan (his boss?) will have to put him aside very soon…Deo gratias. Thank you M.

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