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Rescuing Pollyanna (If At All Possible…)

Pity Pollyanna. She is having a horrible time. First the Synod weeks, and the obvious pressure from Francis to have the Bishops embrace heresy. Then the bitchy rant at the final address. Then the Hen-Goddess new religion and, unless I am forgetting something, another Scalfari impromptu-interview.

Pollyanna is devastated. She had told you the man Scalfari was very old, and sooo unprofessional he would not even use a recorder. Old, half-commie, atheist gaga! Who would trust him?

Turns out, Francis does! Again, and again! Actually, it seems Francis trusts the man every time something extremely heretical should be attributed to him, minus the smoking gun! The atheists who get saved following their own conscience, the reprobates who are destroyed rather than suffering in eternity, and now the ways to be paved to allow adulterers to receive: all come from the trusted pen, and the switched-off recorder, of the old gaga to whom Francis keeps coming back!

Pity, pity poor Pollyanna! She must be suffering as atrociously as the adulterer who won’t give up adultery, but want to receive communion!

Sniff!! Pass the Kleenex, fast!


As the Year Of False Mercy is approaching, I took pity myself, and have decided to help Pollyanna keep deluding herself. This, I find very charitable, and the height of mercy.

I therefore suggest to Pollyanna the adoption of the following lines:

1. Francis hates Scalfari. Francis’ is a cunning plan to expose Scalfari’ mendacious assertions. I mean, Francis a heretic? Who would believe that? (Here Pollyanna must laugh out loud, undeterred from the fact that no one else around her does).

2. Francis is meeting Scalfari again and again because he wants to convert him. This is also why he is such thick friends with every heretic in red or purple. What a cunning strategy!

3. This interview never took place. Nor did the other ones. Lombardi is an accomplice of Ms Chaouqui in trying to expose and demolish Francis’ papacy, saying the interviews really took place. They didn’t, I’m telling ya! Francis is simply too good to humiliate Lombardi! His goodness is being abused by evil people! Bad, bad wolves all around! We must protect the Pontiff from them! (A lot of emphasis on these phrases, please. Exclamations galore. It discourages thinking).

4. Francis wants to initially cause scandal, and appear a heretic. When Catholics stand up for Truth, Francis will intervene and say: “see? You got it now! This was the best way to let you understand the beauty of orthodoxy!” Oh, the ways of the Lord! The Ho,ply Ghost is working for us through Francis as I speak!

5. Francis wants Satan to believe he (Francis) is on his (Satan’s) side. This way, Satan will become complacent, and will start making a lot of mistakes. At this point, Francis will launch a huge attack against heresy. I am sure of this. No, really. My cousin’s best friend is persuaded, too. And boy, he is smart…

6. Francis is infallible. Always. Therefore, he cannot be wrong. Don’t be a bad Catholic. We follow Peter!

7. Francis makes us uncomfortable. This is good. It means that we need to reflect on where the Church is going. “Do you still not get it?”

8. The Holy Ghost must have great surprises in store for us. This is so exciting!

9. I am sure Francis has everything sorted. He is the Pope. He knows best. Who am I to judge?

10. Don’t be so angry. “Be like a little child!”


Well, I have done my best.

It required a great effort. It comes handy I love Kafka.

But no, it did not work.

Pollyanna simply cannot be rescued anymore.


Christ’s Special Forces

Catholic X Flottiglia MAS in action.

Catholic X Flottiglia MAS in action.


I could abuse Winnie now and say that, well, seldom was so much owed by one billion plus to less than three thousand. 

Of course, I do not believe that heresy at the Synod was stopped in its tracks by the petition. But I think that there are voices that weigh more than other voices, and a type of shouting that goes straight to the heart of the matter. Steve Skojec informs us of rumours that the walkout petition reached the ears of the pope. Which does not mean that the Pope cares for Catholicism, of course. It means that people smarter than him have used the petition as a useful argument to persuade Francis – or to give him a way to save face by being persuaded – that it was wise to cave in to Catholics… again. 

Now, these are rumours. They do not say, in themselves, anything new. We knew already that Francis would do whatever he can to promote heresy, if he could be sure he will get away with it. Conversely, we knew also that Francis has a strong record of backpedaling when he sees the wall approaching, and starts to realise how hard that wall will be. 

But notice this: less than three thousand have punched so much above their weight, that I have still not recovered from the shock.

Masses do not make history. Individuals do. At times, a spark will go out that ignites a great fire; this happens because everything was ready, and only the spark failed. But you still need that spark, without which nothing would happen. And you, dear readers, should be willing to be part of it. 

The petition had less than three thousand signatures. But even those less than three thousand were good enough to become matter of serious conversation, and a valid proxy for the nuclear explosion that would have very probably followed any proclamation of heresy at the Synod. 

Traditionalist Catholics aren’t a mass. The Catholic masses did not even notice, or barely registered, that the Synod took place. Traditionalist Catholics are elite troops. They are Christ’s Special Forces. The S.W.A.T. The GSG9. The Spetsnaz. The NOCS, or Decima Flottiglia MAS. A bunch of them have managed to cause great disturbance within the very room where the Evil Clown incessantly brays. Of course they weren’t the decisive factor in heresy being stopped. Only in movies a bunch of people win wars. But they certainly were a factor, and a factor of astonishing proportions compared to their tiny number.

The Church does not work in numbers. Catholic Truths are so solid, and the thirst of men of good will for them is so strong, that deception will never work as long as there are strong men and women ready to stand up in defence of Christ, wherever the danger may come from.

My rosary today is for those 2,800 who have accomplished such a successful mission. I will try  not to think of what would have happened if the signatures had been 30,000, or 100,000, because it would utterly ruin my day. But I am so thankful for the 2,800, and the way the Lord helped those who help themselves. 

Masses do not make history. Individuals do. In blogs, fora, and more private occasions, they stand up for Christ without “ifs” or “buts”. They influence many, because this is what strong people always do. Look at how much could so few achieve. You are not called to be a silent spectator. You are called to act, and to – with God’s grace – punch above your weight.

Many other battles are in front of us. There will be other petitions like this one. The heretical asymmetrical warfare and subversion tactics have only just begun.  

Be one of those individuals. Join Christ’s Special Forces. 






Battleplan 2015-2016

Dicke_Bertha.Big_Bertha (1)

The cure for heresy. Even when dressed in white.

Since the end of the Synod (actually, even before the Synod was ended) we have seen what Francis’ plan would be: when he saw that he could not get his way with the Final Relatio at the Synod, he decided to let the door be and try to let heresy enter the Church from the window.

Since Saturday last (the day of the vote on the Final Relatio) we had, if memory serves:

a) The bitchy address at the end of the Synod, accusing Christians of Phariseeism, whilst the new Pharisees are the merciful… well, Jews, following the law of Moses.

b) The Hen-Goddess religion

c) Sacrilegegate.

Yours truly has reported about all of these. There might have been more. It is difficult to keep pace.

The aim is clear: make a mess. Create a climate of confusion and shouted “mercy”. Proclaim the advent of a new “Spirit” and of a new “church”. Say that all that was believed is old, and we now believe something new. Little by little, the dumb masses will follow.

I foresee a massive amount of such interventions.

We react to them by calling heresy with its name, and by calling heretics those (starting with the pope) who defend it.

On no account can we go around saying that the heretics have won (which they haven’t), or will soon win (which they hopefully won’t, particularly if you don’t help them), or that the Final Relatio allows them to behave like heretics (which it doesn’t).

If we do so, we attract and truly call those very ghosts we want to exorcise.

Rather, we stick to the facts:

The Final Relatio does not leave any door open to sacrilege. It’s a weak document, not a stupid, much less a heretical one.

No one has, before, during, or after the Synod, any right to behave as if this were not the case.

The heretical will behave like a heretic because he is a heretic, not because he now has a justification in some document that he did not have before. Heretics have given sacrilegious communion for many years now, and it is absurd to think that a Synod that does not allow them to do so will now allow them to do so. They behave like heretics because they are such, and this is all you need to know.

We must call heresy “heresy” without any undue, and frankly now slowly satanical, regard for any kind of clerical habit. We must say to the world that heresy dresses in red, in purple and in white.

We are going to be subject to a massive bombardment of False Mercy rhetoric. We must take out Big Bertha and react in kind. But please no defeatism, and no absurd cries of Hannibal ante portas. if we do so, we will open to Hannibal the very way to the gates of Rome that he is seeking.


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