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The cure for heresy. Even when dressed in white.

Since the end of the Synod (actually, even before the Synod was ended) we have seen what Francis’ plan would be: when he saw that he could not get his way with the Final Relatio at the Synod, he decided to let the door be and try to let heresy enter the Church from the window.

Since Saturday last (the day of the vote on the Final Relatio) we had, if memory serves:

a) The bitchy address at the end of the Synod, accusing Christians of Phariseeism, whilst the new Pharisees are the merciful… well, Jews, following the law of Moses.

b) The Hen-Goddess religion

c) Sacrilegegate.

Yours truly has reported about all of these. There might have been more. It is difficult to keep pace.

The aim is clear: make a mess. Create a climate of confusion and shouted “mercy”. Proclaim the advent of a new “Spirit” and of a new “church”. Say that all that was believed is old, and we now believe something new. Little by little, the dumb masses will follow.

I foresee a massive amount of such interventions.

We react to them by calling heresy with its name, and by calling heretics those (starting with the pope) who defend it.

On no account can we go around saying that the heretics have won (which they haven’t), or will soon win (which they hopefully won’t, particularly if you don’t help them), or that the Final Relatio allows them to behave like heretics (which it doesn’t).

If we do so, we attract and truly call those very ghosts we want to exorcise.

Rather, we stick to the facts:

The Final Relatio does not leave any door open to sacrilege. It’s a weak document, not a stupid, much less a heretical one.

No one has, before, during, or after the Synod, any right to behave as if this were not the case.

The heretical will behave like a heretic because he is a heretic, not because he now has a justification in some document that he did not have before. Heretics have given sacrilegious communion for many years now, and it is absurd to think that a Synod that does not allow them to do so will now allow them to do so. They behave like heretics because they are such, and this is all you need to know.

We must call heresy “heresy” without any undue, and frankly now slowly satanical, regard for any kind of clerical habit. We must say to the world that heresy dresses in red, in purple and in white.

We are going to be subject to a massive bombardment of False Mercy rhetoric. We must take out Big Bertha and react in kind. But please no defeatism, and no absurd cries of Hannibal ante portas. if we do so, we will open to Hannibal the very way to the gates of Rome that he is seeking.


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  1. I think that this particular heresy must have a name. Kasperism, i think is a good name. Kasperites, its followers. Its good to put a label on it, and on them. So anybody can say, “ah ok, so you are a Kasperite, it´s ok, I am a Catholic, I can respect your point of view, but I don´t recognize you as a Catholic. We can have an ecumenic dialog about agriculture or mathematics, but our religion is not the same so we better don´t talk about it unless you want to convert yourself”
    Heresies have a name.

    • I do not even respect their point of view.
      How uncharitaaaable of me! 😉

    • I think you have something a little backwards: “i respect you as a person, but I have no respect for your point of view” is the way I would put it. Of course I’m not Voltaire, I don’t mean to imply “I hate what you’re saying but would fight to the death for your right to say it.” Indeed, they have no such right; error has no rights, nobody has the right to be wrong though they have the permission, and we have no right to force them to recant (only to reject their error and – after a first and second admonition – to reject them).

  2. I think the most important ‘take-home’ point here is one we don’t automatically notice, but which we need to realize: the heretics did not need this synod to(sinfully) give the Blessed Sacrament to other heretics. I imagine this has happened throughout history, at varying levels. And you’re right—they’ll continue to do so. We must not acquiesce. Your very important point is that we must not acknowledge a game point to the heretics! They must never believe that we agree in any way, or are cowed by their claims of victory. We must let them know as you, and as Ross Douthut have said, that this is war. And we all know Who wins. Thank you, again, for making this crystal clear!

    • Exactly.
      It’s like one taking drugs.
      Then goign to a congress of doctors.
      Then reading what he wants to read in the final relation.
      Then saying “I take drugs because you said I can!”
      Er, no. You take drugs because you’re a friggin’ addict, and this is what you did before and wanted to do in any way.
      I wish those who cry “the doctor’s relation now allows drug addicts to take drugs” realised how much damage they are doing.

  3. Well said and thank you for the reminder…

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