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Keeping The Faith: The Pitfalls Of False Logic.

The Truth

I read around of people saying they might, or will, lose the faith if Francis releases some heretical document, let alone tries to proclaim some heretical wannabe “dogma”.

The logic is absurd. Let me explain why.

The Truth of God and His Church does not rest on the Pope's authority (or infallibility). On the contrary, the authority and infallibility of the Pope derive from, and depend upon, the Truth that sustains them. Truth is an unchangeable, unassailable fact. It is nothing to do with human error, or heresy, or whatever other abomination a Pope may sully himself with.

You don't say that you don't believe in the exactness of mathematics because your teacher of math is an idiot. Rather, you know your teacher is an idiot exactly because he is at odds with an unchangeable fact, the rules of mathematics.

The Pope is not, nor was he ever supposed to be, the Truth. Christ is. And note the expression, that God does not have the Truth, but He is the Truth. As a result, Truth is as unassailable, unchangeable and eternal as God is.

Your Pope may be an illiterate in all matters of Catholicism, but then you'll know you have an astonishingly illiterate Pope. Or he may be in conflict with Truth, and then you'll know you have to deal with a heretical Pope.

Truth cannot contradict itself. The rules of mathematics cannot change to please your stupid teacher. They must remain identical, unchangeably true to themselves exactly as the God who made them. If the teacher tries to teach you different rules, he has no authority on you even if he has been invested with the role of teacher. The same applies, mutatis mutandis, to the Pope.

Is your belief in the exactness of the rules of mathematics strong? Quite, I would say. If the stupid teacher tried to persuade you of what you know can only be wrong you would immediately recognise the teacher as an idiot, because you would not doubt for a second the rules in which you believe.

How, then, would you doubt God's Truth, which belongs to an order infinitely superior to even the rules of mathematics? Why would you doubt God's Truth, whilst you unquestioningly believe in rules that are merely a derivative product, a pale reflection of God's immutable Truth?

Let Francis and his minions go to hell in any way God allows them to.

But you, you will keep the faith.



Better Late…

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