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The Collapse Of Sound Thinking And The Rise Of The Functional Retard.

Until not long ago most people were, in a way, simply educated. As a result, in what concerns big matters they would allow their betters, and their forefathers, to decide for them. The farmer of 1910 trusted what his forefathers had believed in matters of religion with the same natural, sound attitude with which he trusted them in matters concerning the way to run his farm. Likewise, he knew that he was simply educated, and that wiser or better learned people than him should be entrusted with the running of things above his pay grade.

All this collapsed in the Sixties. For the first time in history, the young generation could feel, and was universally recognised as, better educated than their parents. They compared their undoubtedly higher degree of conventional education with the one of their simply educated parents, and felt that the world was run by the wrong people, in the wrong way. Inebriated by a feeling of superiority – also fuelled by the many things their parents did wrong; their petty superstitions first and foremost – they started to throw away the baby together with the bathwater.

Suddenly, everything had to change. The dawn of a new age required a new thinking. Everything those old people were doing was simply old, and wrong. A vast exercise in collective hubris started to take place, and the very humility of the older generation, up to then a virtue, was now seen as a part of the problem, and the direct result of their lack of education and self-consciousness.

The older generation, made of simple people, often did not have the resources to articulate their thoughts. They saw their children where better educated, and had often undergone great financial deprivation to achieve that result. The rebellious and condescending attitude of their children was, in the end, exactly what they had worked so hard for. The rebellious son sounded rather stupid, or even evil to their ears; but hey, “they have studied”, would they say to themselves, and not without parental pride. The young began to win the war for the hearts and minds.

Here, the biggest catastrophe ensued: the Church, who should have remained a bulwark against this folly, decided to make friends with those who were – as it was abundantly clear by then – her enemies. The slogans of renewal were soon incorporated in the thinking and acting of our hierarchy. Predictably, the revolutionary process took its course even within the Church. The Aggiornamento never stops at Kerenski: at some point, you will get Lenin.

If the Church had opposed Her wall of timeless wisdom to the arrogance of those young people – who thought an accountant was vastly more qualified to decide what is right and wrong than a peasant – things could have been stemmed rather easily, and much of the revolutionary wave would have been stopped; but the attitude of the Church starting with John XXIII told the world exactly this: that the young accountants were now the leading force, and the old peasants had to change with the times; as the Church Herself was, in so many little and great things, doing.

When the time of a generational battle came, the Church hierarchy decided to side with the wrong side; possibly thinking, in the best cases, that in this way the revolutionary wave would have been domesticated, or asphyxiated in the warm embrace of a Church too strong and too dominant to be seriously damaged by them. However, it is clear by now that in many cases utter and totally willed complicity with evil was at work.

The new generation thought they knew better. Actually, they started to think they can decide (as opposed to learn) what is Right and what is Wrong. This attitude is, of course, vastly more arrogant and vastly more ignorant than anything their less educated parents ever were; but it is a vastly known phenomenon that people with a thin varnish of knowledge are those who think themselves smartest, and most educated.

As human things always go, the evil seeds of one generation became poisonous plants in the following one. The new generation started to reject everything even their “revolutionary” parents considered taboo. The first generation of destructors had still grown up with a sound foundation, the second did not have even that. What followed is a moral vacuum filled with the cheapest sentimentalism imaginable, the deification of “love” in whatever form, even perverted lust, and the astonishing confusion between goodness and allowing anyone to do anything with himself, including planned annihilation.

“Would you be happy if YOUR love was outlawed?”, said the message outside a well-know Londoner shop chain after Obergefell. This astonishing senseless piece of childish stupidity would have had the allegedly uneducated peasant of 1910 laughing out loud, but the allegedly far better educated young people of today are unable to even see what functional retards they have become, what total absence of thinking lies behind this emotional, brainless fluff unable to even recognise the possibility of anything like good and bad, provided they can sacrifice on the altar of the new god of their functionally retarded minds, Lurv.

The West has created, in only two generations, an army of stupid oxes utterly unable to think logically, without any concept of morality, without the slightest idea of right and wrong, and manipulated at will by a bunch of proto-communists who hate everything that is sacred, and in many cases certainly side with Satan. How more intelligent, and how less prone to manipulation were their peasant ancestors: who, though not educated, had firm coordinates concerning right and wrong, justice and injustice, true love and veritable abomination, the law of God and the sinfulness of man.

The modern Functional Retard has a degree in something often useless even in real life, and almos always utterly unusable to get to heaven. In this Country, he is not unlikely to be even unable to spell. But he thinks he is well educated, and able to decide what it right, or wrong, or “love”.

Retards with a useless degree, prepped for hell in huge numbers. This is what the last two generations have given us.

The Chuch hierarchy, collectively considered, has been an accomplice every step of the way.




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The “Language” Reblog

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Idiots And Heretics

Pope Francis sides with the one on the left.

Pope Francis sides with the one on the left.


Yours Truly’s little effort has been, in the past and actually at times even now, vastly criticised for using that kind of language that would be inappropriate during an afternoon tea with the vicar and the vicar’s wife. Some even got to the point of reminding me that I should not use words like “sodomite” (and colourful reminders of what a sodomite, actually, does) “because of the children”. As if this were a blog for children, or for vicar’s wives. 

It has been, also, constant preoccupation of this effort to express the view that the enemy (be it your activist sodomite, the modernist priest down the road, or a cardinal, or the Pope; than the Pope is no exception, at all) must be mocked, ridiculed, and reduced (figuratively, of course) to finely ground dust, then mockery and ridicule are extremely effective weapons; that we must be far more assertive in our language, and not be afraid of expressing ourselves the contempt and disgust our collective forefathers always had for, say, perverts; and that more in general the heresy rampant within the Church must be called with its own name, and very loudly so, if we want to have results. 

Slowly but surely, Yours Truly’s effort is being vindicated. Within the obvious boundaries set by the constraints of bigger, or even printed publications, I see this attitude getting more and more widespread.

Here, one publication states that the Pope bats with the heretics; there, another publication has on its cover the Pope riding a wrecking ball, launched on a church already vastly in ruins; elsewhere, even blogging priests are starting to pepper their blog posts with “God save us all” expressions when dealing with issuing concerning this astonishingly disgraceful papacy. 

The last commendable step comes from the American Catholic, who are on record with these word: 

We are led by fools and worse than fools.  May God forgive them, and may He, through us, stop them!

Let me translate for you what this means: we are led by idiots and heretics. We hope they manage to repent one day, and avoid the damnation they are most certainly marching towards; and we also hope that we, with God’s grace, will be the ones who stop their idiocy and heresy.

Oh, but why do I waste time explaining this.

You got it already.



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