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Quality, Not Quantity

Weapon of Collaboration with Grace

The recent episode of the walkout petition who made it to the Washington Post and to the very rooms of the Synod was a particularly striking demonstration that few can achieve a lot. It works, methinks, in many other ways.

Both on my blog and elsewhere I read comments that are absolutely brilliant (I do not mean long. I mean brilliant. I always scroll past the long ones). And then of course I read blogs that I found brilliant, but of which I have no idea of how many readers they have.

Blogger or commenter: what counts is what you say. How many read it is secondary. You can write soppy comments on a Patheos blog, and thousands will read you, but you will not influence anyone. You can write a pithy comment on a blog read by fifty people, and make a profound impression on the one person Providence directed to it.

Or imagine you are a Catholic journalist (in good faith. I know: rara avis), researching for a piece about the one or other issue relating to Francis. The man will click around, as everyone else does, and will stumble upon places with the most various audience. Small and big bloggers, and bloggers of whom he has no idea whether they are small or not so small, and their commenters. He will not be looking for platitudes. He will be looking for depth. The many blog posts and comments with a strong, coherent defence of Truth will give him a very useful narrative if he is honest, and will let him think twice about the rubbish he writes if he isn’t. The point strikingly made will stay with him, and form part of his own contribution. This is something everyone who follows blogs can observe: the discussion in the many small places gets picked in and amplified by the small number of big ones. Until, one day, the Washington Post publishes an article stating that Francis bats with the heretics, both the author and his editor refuse to backpedal upon the scandalised reaction of the same heretics, and actually answer them with another salvo.

Or you can put it in another way. Everyone of us would get inflamed with passion when talking about the Church in front of friends, relatives or acquaintances. In these cases, the audience is extremely limited. Still, we get all excited because we know that even to make a lasting impression on one soul would be a huge result, and that person could, say, discover the faith many years later, and remember us as one of the factors of his conversion.

Even a small blog, patiently written by a man who cares, will soon have such potential for conversion on a much bigger scale. Plus, it will reinforce the will to fight of many others, and let them know that they are not alone. When I started this little effort I hoped to create, in time, a small group of 60 or 70 “regulars” (the ones to be encouraged and reinforced in what they already know), plus the occasional heretic or atheist or rose water “catholic” stumbling on our virtual pub during the discussion, and hopefully led – with God’s grace – to think differently by what he reads. Those 60 or 70 would have been more than two school classes already. Not bad, for one who cares.

It’s not about how many people read your blog, or your comment. It’s about what impression you make on those who read it.

A big war is upon us. We need all the help we can get.


Forty-Nine Shades (And Minutes) Of Heresy


“And now I will punish you with forty-nine minutes of … me!”


Pope Francis is on a roll. Or permanently drunk. Or so pissed he cannot stop rambling for a time approaching an hour to childishly make his satanic point in front of people who, as he well knows, can’t so easily claim a sudden headache.

The 49 minute- rambling  delivered to the, in a way, fully deserving Italian bishops is, if made in a sober state, a clear declaration of war to Catholicism. I qualify it because, well, he could have been drunk. But then again if I were to get drunk I would not become heretic, either. In vino veritas. 

Francis’ “vision” for the Church is that She simply stops being the Church. He dares to go on record with this:

 “We are not living an era of change but a change of era.”

Well, I had heard of the Era Fascista already, but everyone knew that was just a rhetorical artifice meant to say fascism was there to stay. Francis New Era of Mercy is much more than that: it’s the end of Catholicism, actually it’s the end of Christianity itself. 

In case you have doubts – because you are a compulsive liar to yourself – Francis makes it clear:

“Before the problems of the church it is not useful to search for solutions in conservatism or fundamentalism, in the restoration of obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally,”

The man is astonishing. The New Era is not going to be Catholic. “Conservatism” (which is, erm, all the Church should be about, and the beginning and end of the man’s job description) is equated to “Fundamentalism”, and Fundamentalism is clearly bad for a man who does not even believe in superficial values, let alone fundamental ones. Make no mistake: the new era is the end of the Christian Era.

Why? because it’s not significant culturally. This statement is so stunningly secular, so entirely satanical it really does not leave any excuse to anyone. When religious values are not considered “significant” by a secular world, we must discard them ourselves. This man speaks like a Russian Communist Party functionary circa 1937. 

But how is the Evil Clown going to accomplish this? By calling Christ to help as his accomplice. 

“[reforming the Church] means instead grafting yourself to and rooting yourself in Christ, leaving yourself to be guided by the Spirit — so that all will be possible with genius and creativity.”

Read this breathtaking statement again: you betray Christianity in the name of a “rooting in Christ” which lets you get “creative” with Christianity, and once you have decided the “Spirit” (these idiots never say “Holy Spirit”: even the word “Holy” is too much for them) is “guiding you” all will be possible.

Boy, what a blasphemous evil clown this one is. 

I will stop here, because there is so much material only in the linked article I could go on for hours. Forty-nine minutes of heresy is too much to comment on all. 


It is high time that Cardinals and Bishops of good will start publicly rebuking the Pope on these public challenges to the Catholic faith. We have passed the stage of the off-the-cuff remarks, and have now clearly entered the phase of the long, aggressive, clearly planned, 50-minutes programmatic manifestos for the destruction of the Church. This man must be rebuked and shamed, and good Bishops and Cardinal should now seriously start to think on how to set in motion the way to have him deposed if he does not retract.

The man was not allowed to release official heretical statements. He must, consequently, be stopped and prevented from defending the same heresies in open, very official, speeches.

That, or kicking his sorry ass all the way to Buenos Aires. But kicking a Pope’s ass is a mortal sin, so no, he must be publicly rebuked and invited to retract, or threatened with deposition.

Enough! Enough! Enough!   





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