Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Oh well, there we are again. As I write this we are at 128 dead [edit: 127 in latest news] in five locations [edit: six in latest news], and 99 gravely wounded. The death toll is going to rise. 

This is the price we pay for our stupidity.

So let us enjoy another day or two of painful attempts from the press to avoid calling the problem with its proper name:


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  1. Mundy, this situation is relatively simple to resolve.

    Don’t let any Muzzies into your country to begin with.

    Round up and export back to the Middle East any existing resident Muzzie you have any doubts about. That might just include about 90+% of them. Those who remain mustn’t receive automatic social welfare.

    The problem in the West is with a handful of evil arses who desire to destroy our entire civilization.

    Soros & Merkel. Obama. And Pope Bergie. These are the ass clowns, each with their own special agendas, who so hate Western Civilization in its entirety that they plot its self destruction.

    They need to be gotten rid of as well.

    Off to Elba.

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