“You Can Run For A Long Time…” Jihadi John “Atomised”


It’s not 100% confirmed, but apparently this is mainly because the man has been reduced to such little pieces it is difficult to even find something to examine: Jihadi John, the very symbol of the IS bastard, is now very probably in the company of his so-called prophet, and I don’t think either will be very pleased. No more beheading videos from this one, methinks.

The man has “enjoyed” around 15 months of popularity before being – and I quote US sources – “atomised”. The 72 sodomites now very probably already after his backside must be very happy to see him. I doubt the feeling will be reciprocated.

Now: we Catholics wish salvation to everyone. Even a big, big bastard like this one has an immortal soul. However, we aren’t the effeminate Pollyannas, either. We know that there are reprobates around, and we know that the probability of this one having escaped hell is as small as the tiniest fragment of his body after the missile said “surprise!” to him.

Therefore, I would suggest the following course of action: say a prayer for the bastard for the very, very small probability that he managed to escape hell. Rejoice that he will not harm anyone anymore. Rejoice that God (the True One, of course) will now give him his, cough, reward.

You can run for a long time.

Sooner or later God will cut you down.



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