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Four Million Pageviews (And Counting…)

4000000It happened, calculating back, sometime in August. But as I do not look at the stats much (actually, almost never now) I have missed this milestone, big time. 

However, there we are: four million pageviews, and counting.  

The blogging activity has sharply decreased months ago, but has slowly recovered since. I have now resumed almost normal service, and I do hope to be able to do so in the future. 

I wish there was no need for this blog, at all. Alas, the clergy has largely abandoned us, and when they are not accomplices of heresy they are too often weak, fluffy and, generally speaking, very bad. Which is why thousands of blogs like this one have been mushrooming all over the Internet in the last decade or so.

The Internet is doing a lot for us. Imagine Francis’ Vatican III, and none of that massive resistance from the vocal and faithful laity that the Internet made possible. This organised resistance not only calls other lay people to join the fight, but also works as encouragement, or warning, for those clergymen who would otherwise be tempted to go with the heretical flow, and who now realise they would lose face, and one day perhaps office, if they did so. 

We must continue to be the sentinels in this dark night of the Church. We are little individually, but very powerful taken all together. We say the words too many of those who should lead us do not dare to speak.

We must keep encouraging those willing to stand up to heresy, and motivate more and more to join their ranks. We must put the clergy in front of their responsibility, and equip the laity to do that work of real evangelisation and real defence of truth too many priests neglect, or even despise. We must shame the bad priests, inspire the lukewarm, and praise the good.  

In the family, in the office, in the pub, we must continue spreading the counter cultural, completely politically incorrect, so difficult and so beautiful message of Catholicism.

I am under no illusion that worse times are coming. But then again these and no others are the times Providence gave us. Let’s make the most of them.

Many thanks to all those who with their clicks, their comments, their encouragements and their prayers keep supporting this little effort.

Please keep them coming.  

Particularly the prayers. 


The “Religion of Peace” Reblog

The “Religion of Peace” Reblog

ISIS: Who Is Francis To Judge?

Finds it hard to understand.

Finds it hard to understand.

The Evil Clown has said he is “moved and saddened”. He also said he “does not understand”, and “these things [are] hard to understand.” Finally, he is on record for saying: “there is no religious or human justification for it.”

Evil Clown is obviously confused, or at least he wants us to believe he is. 

Mundabor promptly comes to the rescue with some simple facts for the benefit of libtards, BBC journalists, and heretical Popes.

It is not difficult to understand why the terrorists did this. They did this because they follow Islam. They are more violent than most others simply because they follow Islam in a more orthodox way than most others. They are the coherent Muslims. You won’t find around truer Muslims than them. But obviously, if you close your eyes in front of the big elephant in the room you will have to have difficulties to understand why all the porcelain is getting broken.

As to the justification, Evil Clown contradicts himself once again. These people clearly follow their conscience. Who is Francis to judge? Does he think they are in hell in now, or in heaven? if he thinks that they are (very probably) in hell, he must also say that his senseless waffle with Scalfari is worthless, as this is retard-proof demonstration that individual conscience cannot go against Christian rules unpunished. If he thinks they are not (very probably) in hell, well, the world truly needs to know. But again, this is what the man has said he believes: that these men will be saved, because they believed in what they did.

My cat is more catholic than this Pope. Actually, my cat would feel offended by the comparison.

In the meantime, we mourn the victims of another massacre, as we try to ignore the elephant amidst the noise of crushing porcelain, and the cries of human lives about to be slaughtered, because “conscience”.

Actually, I can imagine one of the eight having some last doubt of conscience in the last hour; and telling himself that no, even an infidel like Francis says if he follows his conscience he will go to heaven, so a fortiori his Prophet must be perforce right when he says the same. 

This blood is on all those who have contributed to the narrative of the good Islam, “betrayed” by its, uh, most orthodox followers. 

And of course, this blood is on Francis, who helps them even to go to hell. 


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