Four Million Pageviews (And Counting…)

4000000It happened, calculating back, sometime in August. But as I do not look at the stats much (actually, almost never now) I have missed this milestone, big time. 

However, there we are: four million pageviews, and counting.  

The blogging activity has sharply decreased months ago, but has slowly recovered since. I have now resumed almost normal service, and I do hope to be able to do so in the future. 

I wish there was no need for this blog, at all. Alas, the clergy has largely abandoned us, and when they are not accomplices of heresy they are too often weak, fluffy and, generally speaking, very bad. Which is why thousands of blogs like this one have been mushrooming all over the Internet in the last decade or so.

The Internet is doing a lot for us. Imagine Francis’ Vatican III, and none of that massive resistance from the vocal and faithful laity that the Internet made possible. This organised resistance not only calls other lay people to join the fight, but also works as encouragement, or warning, for those clergymen who would otherwise be tempted to go with the heretical flow, and who now realise they would lose face, and one day perhaps office, if they did so. 

We must continue to be the sentinels in this dark night of the Church. We are little individually, but very powerful taken all together. We say the words too many of those who should lead us do not dare to speak.

We must keep encouraging those willing to stand up to heresy, and motivate more and more to join their ranks. We must put the clergy in front of their responsibility, and equip the laity to do that work of real evangelisation and real defence of truth too many priests neglect, or even despise. We must shame the bad priests, inspire the lukewarm, and praise the good.  

In the family, in the office, in the pub, we must continue spreading the counter cultural, completely politically incorrect, so difficult and so beautiful message of Catholicism.

I am under no illusion that worse times are coming. But then again these and no others are the times Providence gave us. Let’s make the most of them.

Many thanks to all those who with their clicks, their comments, their encouragements and their prayers keep supporting this little effort.

Please keep them coming.  

Particularly the prayers. 


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  1. Christus vincit, regnat, imperat: ab omni malo plebem suam defendat.

  2. Congratulations…for you an extract of a poem…relevant, as your writings also help crack open many a heart…

    “And thus we rust Life’s iron chain
    Degraded and alone:
    And some men curse, and some men weep,
    And some men make no moan:
    But God’s eternal Laws are kind
    And break the heart of stone.

    And every human heart that breaks,
    In prison-cell or yard,
    Is as that broken box that gave
    Its treasure to the Lord,
    And filled the unclean leper’s house
    With the scent of costliest nard.

    Ah! happy they whose hearts can break
    And peace of pardon win!
    How else may man make straight his plan
    And cleanse his soul from Sin?
    How else but through a broken heart
    May Lord Christ enter in?”

    The Ballad of Reading Gaol
    Oscar Wilde

  3. Congratulations. And keep on going. Christianity is difficult: and only those who accept all of it remain, at least where I am. That is some pretty crunchy Catholics and Calvinists. They are the remnant: the others have fallen away.

    • Thanks, Pukeko.
      Prayer for you and your readers, that you may come to see that there is one place and one place only where you belong: the Barque.

  4. congratulations. But 1 million entrance are mine. At least. 😉

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