ISIS: Who Is Francis To Judge?

Finds it hard to understand.

Finds it hard to understand.

The Evil Clown has said he is “moved and saddened”. He also said he “does not understand”, and “these things [are] hard to understand.” Finally, he is on record for saying: “there is no religious or human justification for it.”

Evil Clown is obviously confused, or at least he wants us to believe he is. 

Mundabor promptly comes to the rescue with some simple facts for the benefit of libtards, BBC journalists, and heretical Popes.

It is not difficult to understand why the terrorists did this. They did this because they follow Islam. They are more violent than most others simply because they follow Islam in a more orthodox way than most others. They are the coherent Muslims. You won’t find around truer Muslims than them. But obviously, if you close your eyes in front of the big elephant in the room you will have to have difficulties to understand why all the porcelain is getting broken.

As to the justification, Evil Clown contradicts himself once again. These people clearly follow their conscience. Who is Francis to judge? Does he think they are in hell in now, or in heaven? if he thinks that they are (very probably) in hell, he must also say that his senseless waffle with Scalfari is worthless, as this is retard-proof demonstration that individual conscience cannot go against Christian rules unpunished. If he thinks they are not (very probably) in hell, well, the world truly needs to know. But again, this is what the man has said he believes: that these men will be saved, because they believed in what they did.

My cat is more catholic than this Pope. Actually, my cat would feel offended by the comparison.

In the meantime, we mourn the victims of another massacre, as we try to ignore the elephant amidst the noise of crushing porcelain, and the cries of human lives about to be slaughtered, because “conscience”.

Actually, I can imagine one of the eight having some last doubt of conscience in the last hour; and telling himself that no, even an infidel like Francis says if he follows his conscience he will go to heaven, so a fortiori his Prophet must be perforce right when he says the same. 

This blood is on all those who have contributed to the narrative of the good Islam, “betrayed” by its, uh, most orthodox followers. 

And of course, this blood is on Francis, who helps them even to go to hell. 


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  1. Correct Mundy.The Bishop of Rome says that if you follow your conscience,in good faith,then you will be saved!Didnt these killers not follow their conscience??He is an intolerable heretic and MUST go-in Gods good time.God Bless.

  2. What’s happening in Europe is a process that is self re-enforcing. Denying the reality of the threat of Islam as a religion will lead to more acts of violence, pushing the country’s politics further to the right. That will itself lead to more violence, perhaps civil war. The Pope and his prelate comrades are a big part of the problem:

  3. I blame global warming and your cat.

  4. oh, Mundabor, it was nearly midnight when the killings ended. What are the chances the old fart was even awake by then, let alone sober? I read his meandering remarks, blubbering on the phone (of course) that he couldn’t understand what was going on. Louis XVI was more coherent when they woke him up to tell him the Bastille had been taken.

  5. The blood not only is on Francis’ hands. It’s on JPII’s. as well. He was the one who cultivated the Vatican’s attitude of appeasement toward Islam, which has spread throughout Catholicism.

    This should be mandatory reading for all Catholics, especially those who were enamored with JPII:

  6. One more point: Catholicism has degenerated into moral vapidity. It’s not just Francis with his cohort, Daneels. It’s JPII with his arbitrary, revisionist stance on capital punishment for murder — one which contradicts centuries of teaching from both Scripture and Tradition. It’s also Benedict with his refusal to discipline publicly the president of the German bishops’ conference, who said on German television that Christ did not die as the ultimate atonement for human sin but “in solidarity with the people,” whatever that means, if it means anything. And, of course, it’s the refusal to discipline those who sullied God’s Holy Name by using their vocations to sexually abuse vulnerable youth.

    This is what happens when a revered institution degenerates into a coterie run of, by and for its leadership.

    I strongly suggest that everyone read about the vision Leo XIII had, the one that motivated him to write the prayer to Michael the Archangel to defend the Church from Satan. Pay close attention to the dialogue between Christ and Satan.

    Unless it repents, this Church is destined to receive the severe judgement that has been stored up for centuries. Once that judgement breaks, even the devout will be shocked.

  7. Just spent 30 minutes driving and listening to CBC Radio. Apparently this had nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with poverty and marginalization. A woman said that all fast food places in France have white faces up front ,and brown faces in the back. A man said that violence is all they knew, so they acted out what they knew. All agreed that this is not Islam, but us. We are at fault. We must bring in more refugees.

  8. There are good consciences and bad consciences. Even muslims are born with the natural law written on their hearts but they subjugate that by reading the evil written by Mohammad in his Koran. They are not in good conscience. Hell is too good for them.

  9. Does Francis think these murderous SOBs are in hell now? Most likely, no. He has been quoted (without correction) as saying he believes the souls of the wicked simply cease to exist at death. Which of course, is also heresy.

    • The one of the “cease to exist” is also in contradiction with the other Scalfaro interview. If they follow their conscience, why would they cease to exist? The man is just a blabbering, heretical, blasphemous idiot.

  10. C. S. Lewis in “The Screwtape Letters” named this liar “gentle evil”. who manipulates all the effective ways of not letting the souls to be redeemed by Jesus by steering them away from His teachings and His Church’s doctrines (only salvation offered) which guide one’s moral conscience. How clever this evil clown is! He keeps injecting into people heads the vague, haughty, prideful and secular philosophy that makes one totally lost the recognition of the immunity of the objective truth – is always true and God is fullness of all truth. This pope has ignored and attentively buried the fundamental truth that we’ll be judged by God’s law that written in our hearts according to how we follow the leads of conscience. Please God, grant us all the courage we need to stand up and fight this disguised gentle evil. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix.

    • I agree that he is evil. I do not agree that he is clever.
      A clever man would have gone at it with much more subtlety, and would have been far more dangerous as a result. Francis is so maladroit in his effort that only those sold to his evil ideology already can adopt it.
      Thank God he is so obvious. Thank God the Lord has not allowed the Devil to get a Pope who is not only evil but smart, too.

  11. RJT has hit the nail on the head.

    My cat tries to say the Rosary – proof that she is Cat-holic. And setting a very good example.

    According to Cardinal Parolin, speaking about 12 hours ago, the forthcoming Holy Year is to be open to Muslims. The purpose of this is respond to the recent murders in Paris. I really do not think this is a good idea at all. I have read both reports.

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