The Good Nazi And The Good Muslim

Brought countless good Nazis on the silver screen: Heinz Ruehmann

No reasonable person can have any doubt that most people in Nazi Germany were, actually, very nice. They greeted their neighbours, helped old women to cross the road, loved their dear ones, and were all round regular guys and gals. You can also be sure that in many of them the ideology wasn’t the primary aspect of their lives, which actually revolved – as everywhere – around family, friends, personal interests and a more or less pronounced amount of religion.

However, they also had something in common: to a littler or greater extent, they all subscribed to an extremely dangerous, racist, destructive, anti-Christian ideology; an ideology whose less savoury aspects they just set aside in the same way as the garden variety Pollyanna looks the other side when Pope Francis goes in full Evil Clown mode once again.

We know how it ended. The Holocaust, kept away from the eyes of the German Nation, was nothing more than the consequent application to its logical end of those very principles the good guys and gals approved. We also know that the most fanatical Nazis weren’t those of the first hour, but those of the last: the boys (and girls!) of the Hitlerjugend, raised without knowing anything else than bling loyalty to Hitler and accustomed since they could remember to set their life at naught against the Fuehrer and his ideals.

We can make a solid parallelism with the Nazism of our time: Islam.

Granted: most Muslims are certainly sincerely peaceful and, due to their imperfect attachment to their religion, prefer to look only at its savoury aspects and conveniently disregard the bad ones. But the fact remains that they are still objectively supporting, with their religious allegiance, the bloodiest, most cruel killing machine on the planet. Their childish desire to ignore the immense potential for violence inbuilt in their religion – so much so, that strong orthodoxy must, in fact, be a call to violence – changes nothing in the fact that they are still, objectively, helping this potential to explode.

Yes, they are nice guys and gals. Many of us know some of them. Still, they are, like the Good Nazis, part of an abominable system of violence and oppression; like the Good Nazis, they wilfully ignore the obvious, huge problems caused by their own religion; and as in the case of the Hitlerjugend, they are breeding a new generation of people who only know fanaticism, and put it before their own lives without thinking twice.

It is time to understand – and to say out loud – that to say that Islam is a huge problem, and a religion fomenting violence and hatred of all sort, does not mean to criminalise millions of decent people. It means to look at the facts without the rosa coloured spectacles of political correctness.

Yeah, I know. There are a lot of sincerely Good Muslims.

There were a lot of sincerely Good Nazis, too.



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  1. Sorry old man ” the bloodiest, most cruel killing machine on the planet” are the western nations and their war on the unborn via abortion. I venture to say that even if I sum all the deaths due to Mohammedans – it pales in comparison to that of abortion.

    • Fair point.
      But no, I still make a difference between an abortion and a jihad, at least in all those cases in which the abortion is the fruit of a mistake made out of (perceived) desperation and great (if very culpable) weakness. The jihad has a completely different quality in it.

  2. Maybe irrelevant: in my youth my favorite singer, hands down, was Cat Stevens. He became a rather radical Muslim and, I believe, was kicked out of the US. He later modified his original stance (death to infidels), but it remained, ‘The Koran states death to infidels, and I understand that. But I should have made a modified explanation—that we need to learn to get along, and present Islam in a more gentle fashion’. This is a paraphrase but I don’t think he would object. So, if ‘Yusef Islam’ (his new name) is admitting the ‘death to infidels’ tenet, and he a Western man of wealth, I think we should think about the attitude of the poor native Islamists who are really ready for their ‘paradise’ by killing the infidel. And that means all of us. It’s been simmering a long time. (Since Lepanto?)

  3. The only good Muslim is one who isn’t a Muslim.

  4. “most Muslims are certainly sincerely peaceful”.
    How can one be sure about that? The only way to achieve paradise with certainty is to die in war against the infidels. So how many “nice” believers would like to secure paradise when they get the chance to do it from a place where they have the advantage?

    It is those “friendly neighbors” who kill and drive Christians out of their homes when they become a majority. How many of the Muslims you picture when you write that are really orthodox but “sleepers” practicing taqiyya?

    • Oh, if it’s about that I can assure you that, at least from my anecdotal evidence, most European Muslims do not give a dried prophet’s excrement for dying in any war against the infidel.
      Unfortunately, as the religion is bad in itself, you can never know what they sons will think, and you can be sure a minority of people will always be motivated by this wrong religion to commit atrocities.
      They are good people exactly because they are very bad Muslims.

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