The Slippery Slope

Let's improve it!

I do not pray the “new” Rosary (the one, I mean, which JP II of Assisi memory introduced to “improve” on the Blessed Virgin), but I seem to recall that one of the new Mysteries involved Jesus' call to repentance.

JP II simply thought he knew better.

Twenty years or so later, another Pope “improves” pretty much everything. I cannot imagine the man calling to repentance concerning much more than having used the air conditioner; he would, rather, call to dialogue; this dialogue would in no way include a call to conversion, because that would be Proselytism, an attitude Francis insults as he does everything Catholic.

That's another one who thinks he knows better.

So there we are: from the still orthodox – in the content; much less so in the attitude – new set of mysteries, to a new set of unofficial innovations and heresies spread via interview.

This is what happens when you think you can “improve” on the Blessed Virgin.

V II cannot be divided in a good and a bad part.

It is a fifty years long slippery slope.



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  1. I’m amazed at how even some traditional organisations and groups use the new mysteries. I was asked to lead the rosary and they announced the luminous mysteeies. I had to term to my neighbour to ask what the actual mysterious were.

  2. I don´t know exactly why, but I also refuse myself to pray the JPII, new mysteries… maybe because I didn´t pray them in school when I was a child. I don´t know. Of course, in public rosaries in normal parishes, they also pray them. I hope my refusal don´t be a sin of arrogance (as my parish priest told me when I exposed him my concerns about Francis’ new motus proprios on annulment processes).

    • It’s called “sensus catholicus”. It’s the idea that what was traditionally done by our forefather was right because honoured by time and tradition. It’s the deeply felt, if at time non expressed, feeling that we already have everything we need to go to heaven, if we make the effort.
      Your refusal to pray novelties is far from being a sin of arrogance; on the contrary, it is sign of being healthily rooted in Catholicism.

      Actually, I question the Catholicism of people able to wake up in th emorning and say “how beautiful, we will now pray a different Rosary today than the one we used to pray until yesterday, because the Pope obviously thinks that what the Blessed Virgin told to St Benedict and Blessed Alan de la Roche isn’t good enough”.

      Your priest is very bad. If I were you, I would consider a new parish.

  3. JPII did not consider adding the (5)Five Mysteries (decades) to the rosary thinking he knows more than The Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mysteries added gives additional information not different nor changed information.. The Baptismal event shows all, as an example, to be Baptized. Not because Jesus had any sins. It showed the people that Jesus is the Son of God when the Holy Spirit appeared over his head.. Same with the Transfiguration. Showed Peter, James and John Who Jesus Is and that Moses and Elisha are Jesus’s friends and are alive. The Sacrament of Matrimony, Sacrament of the Eucharist, are also included. Clearly showing that the Kingdom of God is at hand. .

    • What you are saying, is that there is “additional information” that the Blessed Virgin omitted to include in the Mysteries.
      You are “improving” on the Blessed Virgin just like JP II did. You just call it in another way.
      And yes, we know what the “new” mysteries mean, though we chose not to meditate on them when we pray the rosary.

  4. Your Mother must be so proud of you.

  5. It reminds me of “new and improved” like from the buyers and sellers. So they could sell prayer cards, booklets and pictures, but I’m cynical. I’ve heard folks on the radio call them “illiminous”. yoi

  6. What makes you so sure that The Blessed Mother of God did not speak to Saint John Paul II? It is possible that She would have had these Mysteries added so people would understand the power of the Sacraments a little better because it seemed that the people have given them no credence any longer. Example: No longer Baptizing Children, , no longer going to Confession, or Mass to receive Holy communion. Just living together no Matrimony (civil marriages), . Saint John Paul II was a Great Teacher and as you know had to travel the world to try and reach the Faithful. Because they were not getting the proper instructions from the many Cardinals, Bishops, Priests after Vatican II. The implementations were corrupted by people who were ill instructed and others that wanted to destroy The One Holy Catholic Church Apostolic Church
    (1) People that thought the church should accept birth-control pills and condoms
    (2) Divorce and remarriage (with thousands upon thousands of dubious annulments)
    (3) Homosexuality is okay and acceptable (Don’t accept the sin, but the sinner?) Love?Love?
    (4) Abortion to save the life of the mother (also other situation reasons)
    (5) In-vitro (artificial insemination)
    etc. etc. etc.
    Saint John Paul II had the entire world on his shoulders during an extraordinary difficult (27) Twenty-Seven Years. In the past he had to deal with the Nazis and then the Communists that had taken over almost the entire world. (Third longest Pope since Saint Peter)
    Saint John Paul II was very close to the Blessed Mother because he knew that she saved his life on that tragic day in Saint Peter’s Square when he was shot.. He knew Fatima well and went to Beautify Jacinta and Francisco in 2000 Jubilee Year and spoke with Lucia more that anyone knows.
    It is not inconceivable that The Blessed Mother of God asked to have these Luminous Mysteries added. She could have even told Lucia, at Fatima, that message if not to Saint John Paul II directly.
    When the bride and groom ran out of wine, Mary went and told Jesus. She told the servants to, “Do whatever he tells you” -John 2:5.

    • Your long rant is a typical example of V II disease and rampant borderline papolatry.

      JP II did not claim an apparition.

      The very first element of an apparition is that we are told there is one. Can you imagine the Blessed Virgin “improving” on herself and not wanting the world to know?

      What you are doing is taking the decision of a man and deciding that the Blessed Virgin might have sanctioned it purely because you see how wrong it would be otherwise.

      With exactly the same mentality, if Francis were to proclaim a new “dogma” there would be no scarcity of people saying “how do you know the Holy Ghost has not spoken to him? the Pope says so himself!”

      Clean yourself from this rubbish.

      An apparition is when there is an apparition. Your fantasies are neither here nor there.


    • JP II, “very close to the Blessed Mother”, allowed the abomination of Assisi I.
      ’nuff said.

    • The more I read, the more crap comes out of this comment:
      JP II contributed to the demolition of Catholicism by substituting proper bishop’s appointment for shallow media events, soon forgotten after the local hype. People aren’t taught Catholicism because the Pope is on visit. They are taught Catholicism because the Pope appoints sound bishops and cares for orthodox seminaries.
      This is exactly what JP II has neglected to do as he jetted around the world like a rock star.
      I will now avoid reading your message again, because I fear I will stay here another hour.
      Clean yourself from this rubbish.

  7. Great post and thought you may like to know that Solange Hertz RIP wrote in the Remnant an excellent critique of the Luminous Mysteries and why we shouldn’t be praying them. Love your blog and that you speak with the mind of the Church!

  8. Sorry to have had such a long rant, but Saint John Paul II doesn’t fit into sound bites.
    As far as picking Cardinals and Bishops in a Big World setting would be very difficult. After all, out of the (12) Twelve men that Jesus chose (1) One was a Betrayer and that seems to continue
    There is a big difference between a Dogma Change and the Mysteries that Saint John Paul II added to the Rosary. He did not change anything but put Jesus’s Life on earth into the Rosary That ‘Power’ he does have.there was no change of any Dogma. We all know that the Pope cannot change the Dogma of Jesus Christ. That is a Given. As far as an apparition goes, The Catholic Church is the one that ‘Sanctions’ the apparition. That would mean the Pope has the Power to sanction that apparition. What makes you so sure that in the Third Secret besides The Blessed Mother saying Penance, Penance, Penance She could have added other things that she would want the Pope to communicate to the world through Lucia. If Saint John Paul II would have said that he had an apparition, people would have accused him of dementia and demand his resignation.
    The Rosary is a beautiful prayer and you can be assured that The Blessed Mother is extremely happy with the Luminous Mysteries because it is all about how Great Her Son is.

    • The first observation is a false argument: I have never said that JP II changed a Dogma (if such a thing were possible). read my blog post again.

      The second argument doesn’t wash: with your reasoning, everyone can attribute everything and anything to an apparition which might have happened. Apparitions are there for it to be known that they are there. The Blessed Virgin appears to Blessed Alan de la Roche *after* she had appeared to St Dominic, and we know of both apparitions. You can’t just theorise an unknown apparition to make up for a known act of arrogance.

      Enough if this, though. We will have to agree to disagree.


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