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“Che” Without The Guts


And a good day to you, too…


“I wouldn’t ever dare to allow this, because it’s not my competence. One baptism, one Lord, one faith. Talk to the Lord and then go forward. I don’t dare to say anything more”.

Let us go back to the latest papal piddle outside of the potty. The words above are the concluding part of the long waffle triggered by Francis inability to simply say to the woman that she must convert to the Catholic Church.

Francis here is clearly talking out of his whim, as he always does. This, at the same time, guarantees that these improvised observations reflect, in a way, the way he thinks. 

The words of the man are confused, because he is confused. They sound hollow and stupid, because that’s what he is. but they reflect a fundamental fear of his: the fear to cross a line out of which there would be no way out than public humiliation or risk of deposition.

if you read again the entire rant (follow the link on the post of mine linked above) you will see Francis “reasoning” along these lines: 

  1. I would so much like to give communion to everyone, but
  2. I know that’s beyond my pay grade, and I do not dare to cross the line of self-destruction.    

This is a concentrate of this pontificate: heresy in heart and mind, sacrilege as a way of thinking, complicity with every enemy of Catholicism. But at the same time, fear of going there where personal danger begins.

Francis is a Che Guevara who would so much like to start a revolution, if it didn’t entail personal danger for himself.

As the danger for himself is very real – as he was spectacularly reminded in public on a couple of occasions and, no doubt, unofficially on many other occasions – the man prefers to air his vague revolutionary ideas, without declaring the revolución himself.

He will, methinks, continue to spread his revolutionary “thoughts” without a revolution. He will continue to chase easy popularity among the atheist, the perverts, and the wrong people of every sorts. He will probably die before becoming the butt of jokes because he has been talking of revolution for so long and never had the gut to put his office where his mouth is. He will also continue to do extremely stupid things, which sabotage and damage Catholicism without being openly heretical, for example with his attack on marriage via reform of the annulment process. He will cause a lot of damage all right. 

But I do not think that we will see an official challenge to Catholic doctrine during this pontificate.

With Francis, Satan got an extremely good hand. He will do as much damage as he can with him, but it won’t be enough.

In the end, what God allowed him to get is a “Che” without the guts.




“As We Pray For A New Pope…”

Interesting post of the great Father Carota (please keep him in your prayers) about Sedevacantism. Father’s short post does not get into details, but it makes the sound, common sense argument most people will instantly recognise as right because so eminently reasonable and sound. If you want more details as to the issue of how to deal with a heretical Pope, please direct your mouse here

Father Carota’s stance on Sedevacantism is neither new nor surprising. However, one phrase in his blog post is one of those signs of the times.

“As we pray for a new pope we need to ask God for a pope who will be clear and consistent with what the church has taught for 1980 years”.  

The idea that a sound Catholic should pray for a new Pope appears so natural to the writer, that he puts the thought en passant in the argument against Sedevacantism. Of course you pray for a new pope, so bad is this one…

Yours Truly reads, approves, and can’t avoid thinking of all the insults found in his comment box when he himself started to encourage his readers to pray for this pontificate to end one way or another (I have heard abdications are all the rage these days).

We now find the same encouragement, as a matter of course, in blogs written by unquestionably orthodox (and, very probably, saintly) priests; because you see, facts have a way to impress themselves on people even if these people would rather prefer to ignore them. At some point, you can’t avoid the facts staring at you straight in the face. At some point, you realise it is really, really so, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid the stare.

Pray for a new Pope.

This time, hopefully, a Catholic one. 



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