The Incompetent Pope

The ongoing show of Circus Bergoglio gave us another pearl of wisdom. During one and the same homily, Francis gave not one, but several examples of what kind of person he is. CNS reported.

Francis is, we are told, afraid of rigid priest, because “they bite”. I have never been bitten by a rigid priest, but I am fairly sure Francis has. The fact is, rigid priests tend to be rigidly Catholic – this is what Francis means by the word – and if you are rigidly Catholic Jorge Bergoglio must horrify you. Therefore, Francis’ statement is akin of the one of the criminal saying “I am afraid of policemen, they arrest you!”.

Also funny – in the tragic way of this Pontificate – is the one with the young Jesuit who wants to leave the priesthood (hence we see how good the priestly formation imparted by the Jesuits is). Francis is no one to judge, so he does not say a word about rigid things as “vows” or “duties”. Instead, he suggests to the man that he speaks to his mother, who then did the job Francis should have done and dissuaded him from the step. We have a Pope here saying in public that he can’t do his job, doesn’t know jack of anything Catholic, and is brutally outdone in matters of basic Catholicism by your average mother. And the worst is that the man seems blissfully oblivious of the fact; so much so, that he makes of his incompetence a matter of jokes.

Not surprisingly, the man closes with the last bovine bowel movement of the day: it’s “interesting”, he says, that when a priest is “too fundamentalist”, Francis “does not trust him”.

Besides the casual offensive remark to orthodox priests – which in the mind of such a man as Francis can only be “rigid” or “fundamentalists” – I notice one thing that I deem important: good priests do not trust Francis, either.

The incompetent, inept, frankly stupid boor of a Pope laughs about his own incompetence as he insults right and left those good priests who do the work of Christ. Priests do not sprout like mushrooms (you don’t say?), but this Pope here seems fallen from Mars.

I am curious to see whether some good Cardinal or Bishop will rebuke the Pope and praise good Catholuc priests. It is time that the almost daily rants of this man are made to stop.

The circus has gone on for long enough.




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  1. What Pope Francis is suggesting is that he prefers loose morals. The man is outrageous with the same influence as Satan. Someone needs to start calling for his resignation.

    Michael Dowd

  2. I agree that this pontificate should be over as soon as possible – like yesterday, Mundabor. My concern is that if Cardinals and Bishops put pressure on the Pope to resign, it will set a precedent, and in the future there will always be factions who exert pressure on the Pope to resign. This will weaken the Papacy considerably.

    As we saw from the recent Synod, there are a lot of heterodox bishops and cardinals. Should an orthodox pope be elected ( which is my heartfelt hope), there will be also a lot of pressure from the heterodox clergy for him to resign . I understand that there was pressure on Benedict to resign, but he made sure – being the extremely intelligent man that he is, that it was clear that he was resigning freely.

    I don’t know what the solution is. Perhaps to restore the oath against Modernism?

    One thing I do know, is that I was amiss as a Catholic prior to this pontificate – I rarely prayed for the Pope- which is a duty of every Catholic. Now, I pray daily for him even though I think Pope Francis is a disaster as a pope. In fact, I now say a rosary daily just for priests, bishops and Cardinals, and ofcourse, the Pope.

  3. Not only did he demean pious priests, but the military and police who protect his condescending arse.

    “There are often young men who are psychologically unstable without knowing it and who look for strong structures to support them. For some it is the police or the army but for others it is the clergy,” the pope added, warning that such disorders inevitably resurface at a later date.

  4. The young Jesuit wouldn’t be too far removed from our own dear Holy Father, would it?

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