The Ungrateful Thanksgiving

Christian times, now largely gone.

The United States prepare to celebrate the first Thanksgiving since the Supreme Court – aided and abetted by satanical politicians and stupid common citizen – spat in the face of the same God the Country is supposed to give thanks to.

An external observer cannot but notice the process now in place: Christianity is gradually erased from the collective consciousness of the majority of the Country as traditional rites and festivities are kept in place as hollow containers of something vaguely felt as “good”, but largely used for holidays, booze, or worse.

Thanksgiving is very clearly, for more and more Americans, something not even remotely related to giving thanks to God for a good harvest allowing the survival of the Pilgrims in the new Continent. To whom these people give “thanks” must be an exercise in stupidity: the Cosmic Lesbian, the Great Universe, the Goddess of Niceness and Mahatma Ghandi are certainly thinkable candidates. The same happens with Christmas, now largely a season of exaggerated spending and boozing which people largely remember for the stress it causes them; or Easter, the season for overseas travel and house cleanups.

Those who know history know that this is the way it always happens: the Romans kept the sacred office of the Pontifex Maximus when they had pretty much forgotten what the man was there for in the first place. Rituals stay a while, because of pure attrition, after religions have largely or completely gone. We are living that transition all over the West, with the exception of Russia and some Eastern European Countries.

As we assist to the not-so-slow disappearance of Christianity from the West, we keep all the exterior rites. The so-called Church of England has just been told they are not allowed to air an adv in cinemas guilty of containing the Lord's Prayer, but you can be sure Christmas will be a huge business in the UK this year.

Christianity is being erased from the West. In the meantime, Pope Francis complains about global warming, and wants more Muslims in.

Still, there is a silver line. The battle is already won, and our behaviour and allegiance will only decide whether and how much we partake of this victory.

With God's grace, we will stay faithful to the end; and enjoy, one day, our reward as many of those who today give thanks to “Gaia, the Big Lesbian Bitch In The Sky” discover there is a price to pay for their heathenish insolence.



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  1. You give American’s too much credit Mundy…

    They are not giving thanks to anyone not even gaia. They do not know why they celebrate certain holiday’s nor do they care to find out.

    We are such narcissists in this country all that matters is whether or not we have fun!

    We do not give a thought to those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms to celebrate our “quaint” holidays let alone the God who gives all good things.

    We are so screwed…it’s only a matter of time that we have left…

  2. Mundabor, indeed Christianity is being wiped out in the west in many ways. In Spain, where an ‘artist’ deliberately desecrated 242 consecrated hosts, ( pilfered by attending Mass where he received in the hand), the bishops response to this profanation is woefully inadequate.

    After the recent Synod, I keep asking myself, how many bishops and even Cardinals believe in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the consecrated hosts.

  3. hey munday! heppy thanksgivin!g why don’t you get joff that high horse fo yoiurs and lighten uap a a it, ok? there’s nothnig wrong with a little snort among friends on a holiday, and si’m thankful fonr hthanksgiving that i can thmankfully offer you a belt nof my best whiskey.

    come on out to the pleripheries and join us sin ha bit o’tango dancing ajnd cerveza wit grappas. i know za club wwe gcan get into cuz the bouncer there is a friend of mine. and we ecan leaarn sozme kewl dance moves from thwe gays cuz they aren’t innhibited jby your rignid stereotypets. b

    Murray Thankelsiving!

  4. Well said, Mundabor. Let’s give thanks to God for the Springtime occurring in Russia and other previously oppressed Eastern European countries, slowly re-awakening from atheistic Communism to the Eternal Truth of Christianity. I guess we in the United States have not had a taste of what real suffering is, so we are indolent and complacent, without realizing that we are slowly “slouching towards Gomorrah”. In fact, we are already in it! Let’s pray for our own awakening before it is too late!

    God bless!

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