The Satanic Mercies

There was a time when no one in his right Christian mind would have dreamed to “shack up” and not fear the consequences of an unprovided death. Then the “pastoral” mentality came about, and suddenly more and more people were “provisionally” living together. But you see, thought their parents, they do intend to marry, “if all goes well”! So it's not really a scandal, is it now? Come on, God would forgive their son or daughter who die in mortal sin because they lurv, surely?

Give it a bit more time, and it is full of people who shack up and do not even plan to marry, because they “don't believe in marriage”. But you see, will those around them say (including an awful lot of parents, uncles and aunts), they have “their heart in the right place!”. If the Obama hits the fan God would, in His mercy, certainly not punish them! They are even members of the WWF. It would be as cruel as killing a kitten! God is merciful. They will be fine.

There was a time when Baptism was the first thought upon the birth of a child. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born at midnight, and was baptised by ten in the morning the following day. Then came the time of “pastoral care”. Baptisms were postponed more and more, because you see, God being so merciful Baptism is not a priority. And then one is supposed to throw such expensive parties! Let's make it in three months' time instead. Or six. Or next year.

Give it a couple of decades, and Baptism is very low in the list of priorities. God would certainly not deny Paradise to a child just because he is unbaptised, would he? How could God be so unmerciful? Well then… Baptism can wait. And hey, is it not the child who should decide what he wants to do when he grows up? Why impose a Baptism on him?

I could make many other examples, but I think these two are obvious enough. They are example of a satanical mercy that helps people to go to hell by willingly and constantly substituting the fear of the Lord for the fluffy feelings so many nowadays call religion.

This is not our religion. This is satanical deception. This is the contrary of what Christianity has always believed. To betray Christianity in the name of Christianity is the most evil deception possible.

We must fight against this satanical deception wherever we find it. Which, make no mistake, will likely cost a couple of friends; but then again perhaps they weren't so worthy of having them as friends.

The satanical mercies are the most dangerous, because they are the most subtle. The Year of False Mercy about to begin will be another major Satan's offensive. Let us try to counter it as much as we can.




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  1. I don’t see, how a man (a pope even) is justified in proclaiming a year of mercy, and sending teams of mercy dispensers into the world. I think that God’s mercy is dispensed according to His will, and those teams the pope has created are simply a rejection of this truth. What will happen after the year of mercy? No more special mercy teams, no more mercy outside of God’s law and Church teaching? How unmerciful.

    • Oh, I am pretty sure the idea is that what was “temporary” will be made “permanent” in everything possible, exactly with the excuse that you cannot “withdraw mercy”.
      The Evil Clown already speaks as if he were channelling the Holy Ghost all the time.

  2. Amen, bro.

  3. You are absolutely right and I wholeheartedly agree. The problem is the fundamental understanding of what mercy really means. Mercy is not enabling sin. Mercy is not refusing to make distinctions in moral behavior. Mercy, which comes from God, is the channel through which God offers repentance — a word that nobody talks about, anymore, because Catholics have forgotten what the Gospel really is. They have forgotten what it is because they no longer appreciate (let alone understand) divine revelation. They (especially in the leadership) have substituted intellectual fashion and a fundamentally materialist world view for loyalty to the Triune God.

  4. Thank you Mundabor for all your posts and much appreciated efforts.

    Joseph, they never mention repentance …. how can they when they no longer seem to believe in the reality of sin .

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