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The “Slum” Reblog

The “Slum” Reblog

O Come All Ye Faithful/Adeste Fideles

(Please stop video after the song).


Natum Videte Regem Angelorum

Lorenzo Lotto, "Nativity of Christ"

Lorenzo Lotto, “Nativity of Christ”

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Again! Arr. Willcocks)

Faith of Our Fathers


O Holy Night

Ding! Dong!Merrily On High

On The Tenth Anniversary Of Rorate Caeli



Rorate Caeli started publication on the Rorate Sunday of ten years ago.  

As I started to follow Catholic blogs – towards the end of 2008 – Rorate was among my first choices, and it always remained. Together with the other pages I discovered around that time (Father Z, The Hermeneutic of Continuity and Messa in Latino), they slowly but certainly formed my Catholic conscience and helped me to discover (with great relief, and with a kind of rediscovered enthusiasm) that the Church was so much more than the effeminate V II fluff I so despised (and, in case you doubt, still despise).

Rorate had comments at the time, and the comments were another endless source of instruction and information. The two together made of the site the authority giant of English-speaking Catholic blogdom. 

The comments were closed at some point – I did not complain; I know how difficult it is, even for a small-ish blog like mine, to keep things in check and even find the time to care for a proper comment section- but the site continued to go from strength to strength. More contributors joined the initial team, and Rorate slowly but certainly became one of those outlets chosen by orthodox influential clergy to have their opinion known, anonymously or otherwise. There can be, in fact, no better endorsement than this one, and no better compliment.

Rorate is now ten years old, and New Catholic’s effort continues to be the dominant force of the (sound) Catholic scene. I cannot avoid a feeling of sadness thinking of how much has changed in these ten years (not all for the worse, though; ten years ago, in the Indult regime, we were still waiting for Summorum Pontificum), and how worse the situation might be in ten years’ time. But it is a great consolation to know that the Lord, in His Goodness, allows us the grace to get in contact with efforts like Rorate, through which many other warriors for Christ can be helped to properly form and train themselves.

Happy birthday, Rorate Caeli, and many happy returns. 

God knows we need people like New Catholic, and all the others who made and make this beautiful site thrive. 







Away In A Manger

We Three Kings

From Their “Consultants” You Will Recognise Them

Not enough "equality", apparently...

Not enough “equality”, apparently…


I cannot – no one can – follow on my own the breathtaking pace of Francis stupid statements and acts. I have stumbled – why, you will discover if you read to the end – upon an oldish post from the Eponymous Flower. In it, a joker answering to the name Enzo Bianchi went on record with the following, barely believable statement: 

“In the Church there are good intentions, but about there are unreal expectations about women:  The model Maria, Virgin and Mother, can not be the reference point for the advancement of women in the church. The fashionable, subliminally alleged idea that Mary was more important than St. Peter, is a stupid idea, just as the wheels of a car would be more important than the steering wheel.”

First, let us counter the insult to the Blessed Virgin with the Litany of Loreto

After we have recited it, and have calmed ourselves, let us try to reason about what this joker is trying to achieve; possibly, without damaging our coronaries. 

The “advancement of women in the Church” is here the main point. Our understanding of, well, everything must be subordinated to it. Even (Lord, give me strength!) the way we see the Blessed Virgin as the model for every woman. 

The revolutionary premise is not even hidden. It is the same as if I would say “the model Christ cannot be the reference point for the advancement of social justice in South America”. It is a complete denial of any Christian understanding before one even starts reasoning about Christianity. 

Religion must shape our lives, not – as this man thinks – the contrary. Mary is the model for every woman exactly because the Church has always said so. in this, the “advancement of women” is neither here nor there, which is not at all casual considering how little “emancipated” (and therefore, in Mr Bianchi’s a-Christian view, “non-advanced”) Mary was. 

This madman reflects the madness of our times: our stupid new idols become the new religion; after which, we start revisiting and criticising the Real Thing according to our new fashion. 

There has never been any need for “emancipation”, which is exactly why Mary never felt any need or desire for it. Go one centimetre into thinking that Mary’s life, social standing, and general place within the family was wrong and you can’t call yourself a Christian, because what you are saying is that Christianity has, for two thousand years, promoted a wrong social model, striking hard at the very core of human existence, by way of the very life of the Blessed Virgin. 

Our joker and wannabe “fake monk” says it even more openly, declaring his enmity with Christianity with explicit words: 

“We are not yet able to take unequivocal equality between men and women seriously. The path of the Church is still very far, because even all the men are at the decision-levers, while women are restricted to low services”

If the Church is “still very far” for Mr Bianchi’s new religion (“unequivocal equality”, meaning “treating women as if they had a prick”; and you must be blind in order not to see what this has done to them), the Church and Christianity have been a fraud these two thousand years. This is a frontal attack on Christianity, and an open insult to the evidently, in this perspective, weak and wrongly submissive Blessed Virgin.  

I rest my case.

You may ask: “Mundabor dear, why do you care for jokers like this wannabe monk, when you could be drinking tea whilst listening to beautiful Christmas carols?” My answer would be : 1) because this joker not only writes in several secular newspaper; 2) because the same clown is very officially a “consultor” of the Pope, via the Pontifical Council for the Sabotage of Catholicism in any Way we can (official name could be slightly different); 3) because the man now even openly vilifies the apparitions of Fatima.  

Francis The Evil Clown is evidently looking for new ways to insult the Blessed Virgin, the Church, and Christianity as a whole, and finds that all the rubbish continuously coming out of his mouth is not near enough.  Therefore, he surrounds himself with “consultants” helping him to demolish the Church as much as he, and they, can. These people then proceed to tell you that the Blessed Virgin isn’t a model of their new religion, and that Fatima must have been a swindle because hey, the Blessed Virgin did not collect the necessary number of PC points by not mentioning the Holocaust; which, you understand, it’s the new litmus test for saintliness.

So much for the Evil Clown, of whom some not exceedingly intelligent woman once commented on this blog that he must be fine, “because he is devoted to the Blessed Virgin”. Go figure.  

Denial of Christianity. As a consequence, insult to the Blessed Virgin. As a consequence, attack to Fatima.

From their “consultants” you will recognise them.









Please Pray For Father Finigan

Well, this was a surprise

Father takes it with a very English humour. I do not even know what a “cardiac episode” is, and assume it is what in Italy is commonly called toccatina, a heart-attack light that, well, makes you think. 

However, five days in hospital – hostage of the most monstrous machine a mad proto-commie post-war mind was able to create in the entire Western Europe – is not a light matter. 

My best wishes to the good Father. This does remind us that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night, though in this case there are no thieves around. 

Prayers are, I think, in order. 





Sussex Carol

No Happy Returns, Unholy Father



The Evil Clown has become 79 and is now, as they say, in his 80th year. 

Some people still seem to hope that the man may (willingly) resign. I allow myself to disagree.

This man has an ego the size of Siberia. The papacy has given him the opportunity of an uninterrupted exercise in self-aggrandizing. He works tirelessly at the edification of his own monument.   

There are, in my eyes, only two scenarios which would make the resignation a realistic outcome: 

  1. A voluntary resignation that manages to increase Francis egomania. He could, one day, decide that the monument to himself will be taller if he resigns and goes to preach Communism among the Trannies of some Argentinian slum. This scenario is highly improbable. 
  2. A forced resignation due to the threat of a heresy trial, or caused by the desire to save face and have a dignified, “look at how unambitious I am”-exit after his papacy has been destroyed by his own curia and Catholics all over the world. This scenario is only slightly less probable. 

In my eyes, we must pray that the Lord gives the Evil Clown his pink slip in the way more usual for a Pope, and that this happens as soon as possible. 

The Unholy Father is now 79. 

Let’s hope, for the sake of the Church we love, that this was his latest birthday.


When Pope Were Catholic, And Holy Years About Holiness

Courtesy of Father Z


Once In Royal David’s City



Father Ronald Victor Must Be Defrocked. After Being Exorcised.


This is what the devil looks like.


This priest, Father Ronald Victor, can only be either homosexual, or seriously deranged. (Yes, the source is CMTV). 

This homo rant is wrong in every line. A Catholic priest in good standing called a so-called “gay marriage” “sacred and sacramental” is outright sacrilegious. The very concept of “gay holiness” (here referred to sodomites; but no, a pervert could never be holy; hey, he is a pervert…) is completely satanical. Then we have all the assorted rants of him being “a little angry and a little disappointed” at not being able to “bless” his nephew’s union in a Catholic Church. But then again this is a chap who attests the “good character” of a priest found with 685 child porn videos, so one wonders who has a “bad character” for this kind of guy (a good Catholic, methinks). 

It’s unreal. It would be barely believable as an April Fool’s joke.  

I’ll go out on a limb here (perhaps not so much) and state what appears probable to me: 

  1. Father Ronald Victor is homosexual. 
  2. The pedophile priest he has defended is also homosexual. 
  3. Like many of these homos, Father Ronald Victor had to “come out” because the cognitive dissonance between his job and his perversion is too strong. 

This man needs to be defrocked. After he has been exorcised. 



Wrong Belief, Right Devotion

Murillo_immaculate_conception (1)



The Catholic Gentleman (love the line: “Be a man. Be a saint”…) has an interesting excerpt from Venerable Fulton Sheen about the Muslims’ devotion to Mary as a possible gateway to the conversion of that particular breed of infidels.

I need to point your attention to a couple of things that, I think, should be said. Contrary to what Belloc states, Islam can’t be a heresy, because by denying the divinity of Christ and of the Holy Ghost it cannot be seen as the same religion, worshiping the same God. Islam is a monstrous deformation of Christianity in a way that it denies the very concept of God, and therefore this monstrous deformation can’t be considered Christian in any way, shape or form. 

Secondly, we must also observe that, thankfully, the resilience of the Muslim world to Christian conversion is beginning to break, and there have been several reports showing that a large number of Muslims converts every year, more or less secretly, to Christianity. I remember reading the figure of half a percent a year of the entire Muslim population. Stunning developments even if, of course, destined to remain under the radar for who knows how long still. 

The main point of the article, though, is rather interesting: the devotion to Mary as the gateway to a Truth to which most Muslims are impervious when this Truth is presented to them from other directions. And in fact, it just does not make sense to believe in both the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth without believing in the reason why both make sense in the first place. Who knows, perhaps the Fatima apparition will truly be the skeleton key allowing Truth to, one day, enter that evil false religion. 

This mixture of some truths with many lies is what happens when you take a religion and start to tamper with it for your own ends. It becomes a mishmash of contradictory beliefs, a salad of imported truths and invented lies, and ultimately a container for all sorts of absurdities and monstrosities .

Which is what Islam is.




What Sweeter Music

Pope Méditerranée


His Unholiness, the Evil Clown, has today given another example of his stunning superficiality, outright mediocrity and, as in the meantime even my cat ceaselessly points out, willing surrender to secular values.

It has been a trend since the beginning of V II to downplay the value and meaning of suffering and – of course – of the sadness that goes with it. You cannot avoid noticing that all the talk of “Joy” has the main aim to make the Catholic Church palatable, sexy, attractive for outsiders and pewsitters alike.

This is, bluntly put, escape from reality, in pure Protestant MegaChurch fashion. Suffering, and the sadness that go with it, is part of this life. It is a lot we cannot escape. It is given to us so that we may unite our suffering to Christ’s and try to grow in holiness as much as we can.

For this reason, the Church has always directed the attention of the faithful on the reality and the salvific function of suffering; nor has she ever required from us that we go around like happy bunnies when our world crumbles around us. Mary’s extremely intense suffering during the Passion has always been put in front of us as an example. Yes, it is a brave man who, in the midst of his suffering, can keep a serene attitude, and rely on Christ as his rock. Yes, serenity in adversity has always been considered a mark of a strong mind. But as so often, Francis’ superficiality, ignorance and faithlessness deforms this message, and makes of it a caricature of the original. Even a strong man will be sad. Jesus wept over Jerusalem.

Francis’ statement that during this year of false mercy “sadness in any form is not allowed” immediately sounds “off” to a properly instructed Catholic. It goes against the very grain of Christian suffering. It tries to substitute the unavoidable reality of sadness with an entertainment exercise that becomes the negation of such an important part of the Christian experience and, in the end, leads him away from God, to Whom the Church asked that we unite our suffering in this “valley of tears”.

You see here a typical trait of Francis. The man does not understand anything of Catholicism. He has never lived it. Therefore, even when he tries to say something Catholic – say: a strong invitation to cheer up and face life with a serene attitude – he ends up saying something that sounds strange, that sounds UN-Catholic, to everyone else. It’s like asking Stalin to write a homily after reading a short book about Catholicism: even if he wanted to say it right, he would end up with doing it all wrong.

As always, the extreme papal message is correctly understood in the frame of the extreme dislike of this man for anything Catholic. The saint of the past encouraging you to be in good spirit and trust the Lord still had respect for your tears. The priest inviting you to trust in Providence was well aware of your plight. The very famous statement of Padre Pio to “pray, hope, and don’t worry” does not deny in the least the fundamental,unavoidable effect difficulties must have on you, you normal Catholic in the pew.

With Francis, everything sounds “off”. He takes gold and makes manure out of it. He has no sensus catholicus at all, because he has always hated the Church. Therefore, he might not even notice – out of sheer ignorance of how a Catholic thinks – how strange, or disquieting, or plain wrong his statements are.

There is no Catholicism in this man. Every peasant woman who has gone to her just reward after a life of poverty, suffering and humiliations could teach this man a lesson about sadness that would shame him forever, if he has any sense of shame left.

This is a Club Méditerranée papacy: an exercise in easy, superficial entertainment for the enjoyment of the paying public. If it sounds wrong, it’s because it is.

Yes, we should never lose serenity. Yes, it is good to be strong in the face of adversity. But I for myself consider it a supernatural feat to think of this Papacy and not feel a sense of great sadness at all the damage this man is being allowed to cause, and at the way a Pope, of all people, has become a great instrument and accomplice of worldwide Reprobation.

I think of all the souls who will choose to blindly follow this blind man, and end up in a pit from which there will be no return: and cannot avoid – much as I recognise in this the will of the Lord – a sense of great sadness for the ultimate destiny of all these people, of which I truly hope I will not partake the final destination.

Padre Pio suffered greatly, and was greatly saddened, at the thought of all the souls going to hell. He didn’t live in a Club Med world. He lived in a world in which the reality of hell was ever present.

The day Francis dies or resign I will, if the Lord allows me to live the day, experience a range of feelings.

I do not think sadness will be one of them.

That, methinks, should make him happy.




Nativity Carol



The Year Of Stupid

You might have missed it, but some days ago a non-magisterial document issued by some retarded Vatican commission for the non evangelisation and the surrender to the world stated that there is no need to evangelise the Jews. I was expecting a formal condemnation of the Apostles for their intolerance and lack of understanding of the Old Covenant, but I think the Vatican commission for the dialogue with the infidels and the pleasing of the retarded stopped short of that.

It seems to me that a vast exercise in plate licking is taking place. Not only Francis is spreading heresy everytime his one and a half lungs breathe some air, but there is a sort of internal competition within the Vatican to curry favour with him, and push his heretical agenda in any way that would be noted by the Evil Clown. Unless, of course, the very same Evil Clown is the one who has planned the launch of this ballon d'essai in order to better promote his “my Rabbi buddy is 100% fine” agenda.

I am now eagerly awaiting for the angry reactions of Bishops and Cardinals to this affront to Christ and His Church, for their strong reaffirmation of the mission of the Church, and for their warning to Francis to either start running the shop like he is the Pope or consider asking the Castros for the concession of a humble abode, where he might spend his last days preaching social envy to the stinking socialists.

I wonder how long I will have to wait.



Once In Royal David’s City



The SSPX, The Confessional And The New Mass




You really should (I mean, I cannot force you to; but I encourage you to see this as a must) head to father Z and read the beautiful exchange he had with a SSPX priest about not only the Mass, but the V II Sacraments in general.

(Now I will patiently wait a couple of minutes until you have read all of it…)

I allow myself to notice the following:

  1. The SSPX speaks, very boldly, for the entire Society. And says, very boldly, that strange “attending the new Mass is a sin” talk is not the SSPX line, and would have caused a frightful shampoo even in the “old bad days”, when certain elements were still around. 

Yours truly remarks that this has always been his position, too, and the way he has always understood the SSPX’s position; and that the occasional unfortunate, or very unfortunate, remarks coming from some corners of the SSPX must be read cum grano salis, and put in the context of an organisation that feels, not without reason, under siege by those who should defend the common faith. Besides, there is no denying until some years ago there were elements within the SSPX that were pushing a Rome=evil agenda, which is also not the SSPX position and sounds very Protestant to me. Whilst there is a lot of evil in Rome, it’s not Satan’s HQ, nor will it ever be.    

2. The Novus Ordo mass is certainly valid, and it is certainly not a sin to attend it; but the entire “Spirit of V II” that goes with it – and which influences both the way the Mass is celebrated, and the way the priest steers his congregation – is such that it puts souls in danger, as (this is mine), they get exposed to a Kindergarten Mass together with Worse Than Kindergarten Theology, and the results are in front of all of us. Yours truly feels, in a word, vindicated from the accusation of “not caring enough for truth” raining on him every time he says to his readers that whilst it is much preferable to attend a TLM if they can, the NO Mass is certainly valid and they are not exempted from mass obligation merely because the priest is an idiot of dubious virility. 

3. The SSPX recognises all of the other Sacraments, too. This means – shocking! – that they even recognise absolutions given by Jesuits!    

All of the above must, as always, be read with a brain. It does not mean that the SSPX recognises the validity of a NO mass in which such abuses take place, that it is legitimate to doubt that the mass is valid. But your garden variety NO Mass is valid.

You will, however, notice this: that a conservative V II priest and a SSPX priest are, undoubtedly, both united on the same side; and whilst they might differ on a couple of issues, they recognise this reality in the same way as they recognise the distance separating both of them from heterodox or utterly heretical priests, bishops and cardinals. 

The NO is not invalid, nor is it evil. But when the Church goes back to sanity, the NO will most certainly go.  




Nativity Carol



Homo Parodies: You Pick The Winner!

Eddy Murphy has an excellent parody of homos, already published often on these pages.

I always found it very good, and can’t watch the video without laughing out loud.




However, I have now found another parody of homos that I find extremely hilarious. It would, in my eyes, possibly surpass Eddy Murphy’s. However, it is ruined by the blasphemy and stupidity of the joke. The artist impersonating a homo Jesuit (very funny!) obviously does not understand anything of Salvation in general or Catholicism in particular; but this one is clearly not a real religious, so we can let it aside for the moment.   

The first video is more overtly satirical, stand up comedian-style. The second video is more subtle, but its parody effect is, through it, the more devastating. 

Enjoy the parody gold.

Don’t forget to write below who, in your opinion, has the best homo parody. 

The Holly And The Ivy

Fourteen Hundred Years Of Violence

Courtesy of One Peter Five.



(ok, Italians are not a race, either; but I get the gist…)


The Satanical Show And The Loss Of Sacredness

With a sense of disgust, but of course not of surprise, Yours Truly reads all those paid bloggers, and paid journalists, who are now trying to minimise the gravity of what has happened two days ago. They all perfectly well know that their grand-grandmothers, and all their ancestors before them, would have been utterly horrified at such an exercise; but they consider themselves smarter than their grand-grandmothers, and are therefore not bothered (or else they are prostitutes; one of the two). I do not know whether the grand-grandmothers were smarter, though they very probably were; what I know is that their elementary piety puts to shame the faithlessness of our time.

Firstly, the secular element: the probably most beloved and certainly best known sacred building of Catholicism has been gravely abused to push an entirely secular agenda. If one has no sense of scandal and horror at this, clearly he has lost every notion of the sacredness. The fact itself that St Peter was used as a canvas for such a show must horrify you whatever the motive of the show. Now, in this case the motive of the show was rubbish itself. But the scandal would have been there even if the motive would have been smart – say, the fight against excessive taxation – because the issue would have remained: you do not abuse sacred buildings to promote political issues.

Secondly, the (ir)religious element. The show clearly sent a signal of “it’s so awesome there are many religions”, in that he promoted the cultural multiplicity of a world that rejects Christ. A woman in burka cannot be approved in any way, nor is even a neutral stance appropriate to it. A woman in Burka is not normal. It is not even something to be tolerated. It is something to be eradicated. Similarly, the demonic goddess Kali cannot be shown in any way as a casual “acknowledgement” of other cultures. The Grand-grandmother, who was smarter than you think, would have immediately recognised this for what it is: “it’s fine that you are an infidel” rubbish. All this “one world” crap has been pushed by Francis day in and day out, and this is exactly what was wanted with the Satanical Show. Again, you must have lost the very notion of what Christianity stands for to simply renounce to the idea that all the world is called to be Christian, and all the other religions are wrong.

Thirdly, the clericalist element. Francis & Co. are clearly sending the signal: what I say must be Gospel to you. It must become integral part of your religion. Because I, the jefe of your religion, say so.

Last, but not least, the day. One of the most important days known to a Catholic has been chosen for this kind of exercise. I thank the Lord that He, in this way, gives us another way to understand what rubbish the Year of False Mercy, beginning on the same day, is. From the way they threat the Blessed Virgin you will recognise them.

Now back to the general issue. All that I have written above will not cause any scandal in you if you have lost every sense of the sacred; if you think it normal that women wear Burkas; if you think you should encourage a culture in which the demon goddess Kali has any place; if, in a word, to you nothing is sacred, and Christianity is only an option.

I can’t wait for the next ping-pong tournament in St Peter, with the paid bloggers and paid journalists explaining to us that there’s nothing wrong, because ping-pong expresses the joy of Catholicism. Or the next slide-show next to the Tabernacle, with the same paid people explaining to us that near the woman in Burka there was a lamb, clearly showing that the slide show was Catholic.

How sad that there should be people swallowing all this whole. But again, they swallow it whole because they want to and, having lost the fear of the Lord, do not think of the consequences of embracing this, at the same time, sacrilegious and heretical exercise.

Reprobation is all around us. The Evil Clown will lead countless to damnation. But those whom he will lead to damnation will be, with no exception, Reprobates. You see this ocean of Reprobates around us exactly in episodes like this one: a massive desecration, and the cries of the (few) faithful Catholics met with mockery, or with the desperate attempt of paid journalists and bloggers to bend over backwards and explain to us how this desecration and sacrilege was, in some strange way, Catholic.

Sheesh! It reminds one of David Cameron assuring us that do-called “gay marriage” is “conservative” because it “protects the family”!

This disgraceful man has to discover Catholicism or be made to go. And we laymen must drum on this until our very tepid bishops and Cardinals feel they must act.




Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

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