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Official: Francis Remakes The Trinity In His Image

We are now informed, quite officially, that Francis believes – if he does – in God, the Father and Mother Almighty. That he prays the “Our Father and Mother”. That he believes in the Trinity, Father and Mother, Son, and Holy Ghost. You can continue this as long as you like.

The man is now quite officially out of control. Not “mad”, mind. Evil.

What the Evil Clown has done is not to use a figure of speech. It is to redefine God in a way contrary to Christian teaching. One thing is to make a simile, and say “God cares for us with the solicitous care of a mother”, a completely different one is to say that God is Mother besides Father.

Why does the Evil Clown do that? For the following reasons:

1) The feminised God he wants to promote helps him to distance FrancisChurch from the Catholic Church.

2) Deflecting the attention from God's severity helps to push the homo agenda and the communion for adulterers

3) The redefinition of even God creates a climate in which absolutely everything can be rethought and reinvented.

Bishops and Cardinals must now openly challenge the blasphemies of this man. He now spouts heresy and blasphemy with weekly frequency. He is clearly out of control.

Francis must be forced to at least pretend he is a Christian or face public condemnation and, hopefully, deposition at the hand of his own clergy. It would be the greatest shame, and an unspeakable offence to God, if the Bishops and Cardinals were to simply allow the man to go on until he dies. The scandal has gone far too far to simply think this unspeakable disgrace of a Pontificate can be waited without action. The man is confusing millions.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,

please, please, in your Mercy, rid us of this evil man!




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