The Heretical Pope, The Synod And The Apostolic Exhortation.


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Rorate Caeli informs us, through the well-informed anonymous priest writing under the pen name Pio Pace, that the Apostolic Exhortation which is supposed to follow the Synod is not only written, but was written before the 2015 Synod even started.

This prompts your humble correspondent to the following considerations:

1) The disregard and utter despise for the Bishops is obvious. It is so obvious I do not even waste time to explain it.

2) The Evil Clown now has a problem: an Apostolic Exhortation written under the assumption of a victorious Synod cannot simply be published as planned after the Synod did not go as planned. It would cause a nuclear explosion. Francis does not want the nuclear explosion, because he would die of it. Therefore, he appears now to have a heretical and sacrilegious document ready, that he has no courage to publish. I smell the next Scalfari interview, out of sheer frustration. Possibly with a praise of Satan.

3) If Pio Pace knew, be assured many others did. And after Friday’s revelation on Rorate everyone does, too. Count on a massive pressure on the Pope not to be a child, or suffer the consequences.

4) Will the pressure be enough? Who knows? We have to do with a total Maverick here! A de.ran.ged man! If one has the unspeakable arrogance to meddle with the Trinity, what is that he could not do?

5) You already know this one: how can we go on with a Pope of whom everyone with a brain knows he makes the work of the Devil, and not ask that the appropriate steps be taken to force the man to shut up or remove him? What else must he do to justify them in asking that such steps be taken? Shall we really wait until he publishes an utterly bonkers, sacrilegious, certainly blasphemous Apostolic Exhortation? How does it serve the Church to allow this man to go on without opposing more than polite disagreement? When Pope Marcellinus sacrificed to idols during the Diocletian persecution, did the Bishop think “oh well, this is just a parenthesis, the next Pope will be a better one”? No, they didn’t! They understood that a Pope now squarely opposed to what the Church stands for has to recant or be removed, without waiting for his death. They did not think “this is a time for patience”, and they were heavily persecuted and at great risk themselves!

Please, please, you who read these lines, understand this: the bishops of Marcellinus’ time did not think that God would deal with the problem in His own time. They realised that God wants us to actively do His will rather than wait passively for Him to act! And act they did! In th same way, we have the same obligation – each one according to his station in life – to do what little is in our power to actively remove such a menace to Christianity.

Prayer is good. Penance is good. But those bishops did not limit themselves to penance and prayer. They reacted to the menace with an open challenge to a wayward Pope. Wayward Popes must be challenged. Waiting is not enough.

Nor is it acceptable that the entire Catholic world is in a state of continuous terror, waiting for or fearing for the next madness – up to a nuclear conflict – that this evil man may do next!

It is time for Catholics to stop defending, and start attacking. The man is a threat to everything that is sacred, and he must made to recant or go.

We cannot go on this way without immense damage being done.



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  1. The Pope cannot do much without the bishops. Look at BXVI’s pontificate at the little he managed to achieve. From the very beginning to the end, all he did was by his own efforts and teaching. There was constant criticism, resistance, and disobedience from the episcopate. The present pope was prominent among the saboteurs undermining Pope Benedict.
    There is no great enthusiasm, light, or conspicuous courage among the bishops. Their involvement with faithful Catholics is practically very small. Why should they stick their necks out? Their predecessors had no courage to defend the Catholic way of life when it was physically dismantled in the 1970’s, and abandoned their flocks spiritually to the New Order.
    Their successors generally will do nothing. Be patient and wait on the Lord. The time of the Lord is surely close, but we have to suffer a lot more to burn out the dross and leave the gold. God bless you for your work and every effort you make for His Glory and the good of His Church.

    • Thanks, B flat, but again if we think that we must be patient an dwait for the Lord we should also hope and pray that the present situation awakens some fear of the Lord in our Bishops and Cardinals.
      Sometimes, we are surprised. I would have never expected the reaction of the bishops after scandal at the 2014 Synod. Francis most certainly did not, either.
      I have written about it here.

  2. Google Korsakoff syndrome, symptoms. Then get a traditional MD to slap on the label and recommend retirement.

  3. I rather doubt he has Korsakoff’s dementia. Rather, I think he has borderline personality disorder, subtype narcissistic. Borderline means on the border between neurosis and psychosis. He’s a bizarre man, self-absorbed and seems to lack true empathy. Anne Barnhardt promises to educate her audience on this condition soon.

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