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On “Absolute Truth”

Followed by Fundamentalists.

First, let us state something banal, but necessary: Truth can only be absolute. If Truth is half, or conditioned, or contingent, or in any way limited, then it cannot be Truth.

Secondly, another banal consideration: no man can make his own truth. When people commonly say “I have the Truth”, it means “I know it, I have received it, and I am persuaded of its truthfulness”. More correctly, however, they should say “I know the Truth”.

We, the Christians, know the Truth, and this Truth is Christ. It is not only that Christ has the Truth. Much more, Christ is the Truth. And this is, as even Francis must recognise, no half truth.

It follows that he who follows, loves and defend Christ follows, loves and defend the Absolute Truth. There is no other way to put it: if you do not believe in Absolute Truth, you cannot call yourself a Christian; then Christ did not ask you for conditional loyalty to Him.

Therefore, to insult a Catholic because he thinks he knows, defends, proclaims, or in any way upholds the Absolute Truth – which, in this case, can only mean the Truth that is Christ – shows in the most blatant way that one has abandoned Christ, and has sold himself to the relativistic ideology so dear to our time.

When one thinks in that way, it comes only natural to him to call a Christian a “fundamentalist”. If you reject the very concept of (Absolute) Truth, anyone who upholds it must seem to you a deranged fanatic. But this is not because he is a fanatic. It is because you are godless.

Francis shows all the signs of the man who, if he ever believed in Christ, has stopped doing it a long time ago. His secular, godless mentality is so ingrained in him that he cannot avoid showing it in a very spontaneous and casual way every time he open his mouth and says three sentences in a row without a pre-approved text in front of him. He cannot even force himself to kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament; but then he tells us that we should kneel in front of the poor.

Francis is wordly through and through. A godless relativist.

It is no surprise he hates talk of Absolute Truth.



Francis Canonises” Illegals, Commits A Grave Sin Of Presumption.

They are with the Lord now....

As I had predicted, the week is very young and Francis has let out another bomb. It is reported that speaking of illegals trying to illegally get into Europe and dying in the attempt, he says that “they are with the Lord now”. I seriously hope it turns out the man was misquoted, because this is very, very grave.

Perhaps it is fitting to give some Catholic instruction to the Pope and the other infidels like him.

Being an illegal who dies whilst trying to illegally enter a Country does not make anyone go to heaven. It does not make of anyone a martyr, either. It does not even make of anyone a better soul in any way whatsoever.

Those people who have died trying to illegally enter Europe were either in mortal sin, or they weren't. If they weren't, and they were saved by invincible ignorance, they have escaped hell. Even in that case, it takes an astonishingly ignorant, arrogant and stupid Pope to automatically promote them to immediate canonisation.

The majority of the dead were infidels. You can reflect by yourself how likely it is that a Muslim does not die in mortal sin. Yes, there will be cases. But boy, they must be fairly rare. If they were saved for being “nice guys” (which, take it from me, most of them weren't; think desperados ready to start a criminal life in Europe instead), then Christianity is simply useless. If Christianity makes sense, and Our Lord's call to convert and baptise people is true, then it is reasonable to believe that being infidels will make a huge difference in the judgment of every single one of them, with merely a minority or elects saving their backside because on invincible ignorance. And how many Muslims Elects try to illegally enter another Country I really do not know, but they can't be very many or Christianity is a mockery. The Evil Clown does not care for all this. To him, Christianity is just an excuse to push a fully secular agenda. Which he does day in, and day out.

In one go, Francis has managed to both commit a very public and very grave sin of presumption, and to tell everyone that Christianity is not even worth the conversion.

But why are we surprised? Is this not what he goes around saying every day?

Where are the Bishops and Cardinals ready to openly rebuke this man, and threaten him with deposition if he keeps sabotaging Catholicism every single day? How long will we have to endure a Pope spitting on Catholicism at every occasion? How can anyone be so blind, that he does not see that Francis relentlessly promotes a new socialist, freemasonic, one world religion at every step?

Honestly, if this man does not cause you an adrenaline surge I seriously wonder what is wrong with you.



Make A Mess

Another week begins, and something tells me before it has finished the world will be shocked again at some new outrageous statement of the Unholy Father.

My take on the man is very simple: he has no faith, no fear of the Lord, nothing Catholic in him. He hates the Church and the good Catholics in her. Unless you stink as he does, he will hate and insult you. If you are a heretic, a pervert, or a public atheist he will like you all right. But woe you count your rosary, and believe in Absolute Truth.

Therefore, I think the man's pontificate can be safely framed within the following two statements:

1. He has not dared yet to officially proclaim heresy and sacrilege, because he is afraid of the consequences.

2. There is nothing he won't do to damage the Church you know and love – absolutely nothing excluded – if he thinks he'll get away with it.

If this is true – and I am pretty sure it is – it follows that the best way to do our job of defending the Church – in our own little sphere of influence – is to… make a mess.

Francis must be vocally criticised at every step. Each one of his idiotic or blasphemous or heretical or plain disquieting statement (next time I hear again about smelling of sheep I'll hope someone throws an entire bucket of ovine excrements on him, just in order to help him in his pious desire) must be harshly condemned. Not, mind, in that polite way that makes you feel good with yourself whilst no one else notices; rather, in that far less polite way that makes the reader realise we never had anything like this one, and he must realise this Pope is the enemy of everything that is clean, honest and pure.

Make a mess. Be vocal. Let your scandal be heard up to the sky. Ask that our bishops and cardinals shame him or threaten to depose him. Do your part in creating a climate of active and loud resistance to this FrancisRevolution. Bury this papacy in mockery and ridicule. This is all we can do. Heretics don't burn at the stake nowadays.

The more the Pope is publicly and vocally criticised, the less probable it is that the man will do something very officially heretical.

Conversely, the more the Pope can rely on nothing more than polite disagreements and cries of “I do not understand what the Pope is doing” every time he lets another bomb explode under the chair of the Church, the more probable it is that he will promote and proclaim sacrilege very publicly, thinking that after a week or two of mild excitement everyone will fall into line, and he will have his FrancisRevolution as the usual “c”atholic sites explain to us that nothing has changed, but isn't it wonderful how Francis is changing everything.

Think about it.

Make a mess.




All Bells In Paradise

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