Francis Canonises” Illegals, Commits A Grave Sin Of Presumption.

They are with the Lord now....

As I had predicted, the week is very young and Francis has let out another bomb. It is reported that speaking of illegals trying to illegally get into Europe and dying in the attempt, he says that “they are with the Lord now”. I seriously hope it turns out the man was misquoted, because this is very, very grave.

Perhaps it is fitting to give some Catholic instruction to the Pope and the other infidels like him.

Being an illegal who dies whilst trying to illegally enter a Country does not make anyone go to heaven. It does not make of anyone a martyr, either. It does not even make of anyone a better soul in any way whatsoever.

Those people who have died trying to illegally enter Europe were either in mortal sin, or they weren't. If they weren't, and they were saved by invincible ignorance, they have escaped hell. Even in that case, it takes an astonishingly ignorant, arrogant and stupid Pope to automatically promote them to immediate canonisation.

The majority of the dead were infidels. You can reflect by yourself how likely it is that a Muslim does not die in mortal sin. Yes, there will be cases. But boy, they must be fairly rare. If they were saved for being “nice guys” (which, take it from me, most of them weren't; think desperados ready to start a criminal life in Europe instead), then Christianity is simply useless. If Christianity makes sense, and Our Lord's call to convert and baptise people is true, then it is reasonable to believe that being infidels will make a huge difference in the judgment of every single one of them, with merely a minority or elects saving their backside because on invincible ignorance. And how many Muslims Elects try to illegally enter another Country I really do not know, but they can't be very many or Christianity is a mockery. The Evil Clown does not care for all this. To him, Christianity is just an excuse to push a fully secular agenda. Which he does day in, and day out.

In one go, Francis has managed to both commit a very public and very grave sin of presumption, and to tell everyone that Christianity is not even worth the conversion.

But why are we surprised? Is this not what he goes around saying every day?

Where are the Bishops and Cardinals ready to openly rebuke this man, and threaten him with deposition if he keeps sabotaging Catholicism every single day? How long will we have to endure a Pope spitting on Catholicism at every occasion? How can anyone be so blind, that he does not see that Francis relentlessly promotes a new socialist, freemasonic, one world religion at every step?

Honestly, if this man does not cause you an adrenaline surge I seriously wonder what is wrong with you.



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  1. That is exactly what I thought too. Funny Jorge can tell us who is in Heaven and we cannot say the world is going to hell in a hand basket, nor can we tell people they are going to hell unless they get out of the dinghy and into the Ark. Evil, wicked, detestable evil.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    As Francis gets crazier and crazier in his statements, it seems the first disconcerting comment he made as Pope–“Who am I to judge?”–is proven to be truer and truer.

    Francis’s standards are worldly, politically correct, and not Catholic. What matters to him is the environment and social justice, not saving souls. He becomes ever more obvious about this as he undermines and refuses to state the truths of the Faith. As you observe, Mundabor, he is in La-La Land in regard to the Muslim attack on Europe and the US.

    Cardinal Burke is one of the cardinals who provides a counterweight to this disastrous Bishop of Rome..

  3. I’m not a fan of the invincibly ignorant concept. Scripture tells us that God’s law is written on our hearts so that we have no excuse. It is also a watering down if not outright denial of the necessity of Baptism/desire to be Baptized. If someone dies without baptism and has not committed a mortal sin, wouldn’t that send them to Limbo with the unborn? Just wondering:+) God bless~

    • It’s doctrine, Margaret. What you like or don’t like is neither here nor there.

      If someone dies without baptism, he is in the state of original sin, and this will make it very probable that he is damned. If he is one of the elect – because, evidently, God gave him the grace to not die in mortal sin – it is not for me or for you to decide that he should be parked with the unborn.

      You will note, here, that the words “invincible ignorance” have not created a new doctrine, nor have they “evolved” it. They are merely a brilliant, very concise way of saying what the Church has always believed.


  4. What happened to the “who am I to judge,” quo vadis Bergoglii Pontifex Sodomiticus? Judging plays both ways.

    Now he can judge, absolve and send to Heaven a bunch of unknown people from Africa risking their lives on a precarious boat to fulfill some dreams of material well being?

    Turbo canonizations have reached such extreme as to consider saints anyone who dies representing a cause dear to the bleeding-heart establishment, regardless of the state of the soul?

    Sinful and misguided indeed.

    “For, just as no pious person should doubt the mercy of God,
    the merits of Christ, and the virtue and efficacy of the Sacraments,
    so every one, when he considers himself and his own weakness and indisposition, may entertain fear and apprehension as to his own
    grace, since NO ONE can know with the certainty of faith, which cannot be subject to error, that he has obtained the grace of God.” (D 802)

  5. I know it’s doctrine, Mundy…and I will submit to it obediently:+) It just doesn’t make much sense in my small, clueless, lay mind is all. But in the end, what the heck do I know? I am certainly not God nor any of His worthy saints who have written this doctrine down for us:+) I think this might call for spending more time attempting to wrap my clueless brain around it…and if that doesn’t work…to just obey and trust God knows what He’s doing and that in the scheme of things, I’m just a dunderhead:+) God bless~

    • That’s the spirit 🙂
      In my experience, reading more about the subjects we find difficult to understand is a good way to let it “sink in”. There were things i could not understand because my attitude was of challenge rather than obedience. When I started to think that I had to first accept, and then ask for the grace to truly understand this grace was, in time, always given to me.

    • Charmaine, I thought you were another commenter who might have tried to persuade herself of the wrong ideas. My apologies for writing you might be wanting to twist the text. Again, I have not read all of it, because it’s long and I already know what is what.

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