On “Absolute Truth”

Followed by Fundamentalists.

First, let us state something banal, but necessary: Truth can only be absolute. If Truth is half, or conditioned, or contingent, or in any way limited, then it cannot be Truth.

Secondly, another banal consideration: no man can make his own truth. When people commonly say “I have the Truth”, it means “I know it, I have received it, and I am persuaded of its truthfulness”. More correctly, however, they should say “I know the Truth”.

We, the Christians, know the Truth, and this Truth is Christ. It is not only that Christ has the Truth. Much more, Christ is the Truth. And this is, as even Francis must recognise, no half truth.

It follows that he who follows, loves and defend Christ follows, loves and defend the Absolute Truth. There is no other way to put it: if you do not believe in Absolute Truth, you cannot call yourself a Christian; then Christ did not ask you for conditional loyalty to Him.

Therefore, to insult a Catholic because he thinks he knows, defends, proclaims, or in any way upholds the Absolute Truth – which, in this case, can only mean the Truth that is Christ – shows in the most blatant way that one has abandoned Christ, and has sold himself to the relativistic ideology so dear to our time.

When one thinks in that way, it comes only natural to him to call a Christian a “fundamentalist”. If you reject the very concept of (Absolute) Truth, anyone who upholds it must seem to you a deranged fanatic. But this is not because he is a fanatic. It is because you are godless.

Francis shows all the signs of the man who, if he ever believed in Christ, has stopped doing it a long time ago. His secular, godless mentality is so ingrained in him that he cannot avoid showing it in a very spontaneous and casual way every time he open his mouth and says three sentences in a row without a pre-approved text in front of him. He cannot even force himself to kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament; but then he tells us that we should kneel in front of the poor.

Francis is wordly through and through. A godless relativist.

It is no surprise he hates talk of Absolute Truth.



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  1. He seems to believe that the religious impulse in us takes on the form of a religion, particular to time and place. To him, Jesus who said: “Only trough me…” was either a liar or an ignoramus. When Bergoglio kneels before those, who deny Jesus, and washes their feet, he completely disregards the fact that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, those, who followed Him. He did not wash the feet of those, who mocked and rejected Him. Bergoglio, one with a unique truth, a truth with a small “t” created for his own pleasure and satisfaction, one which is the result of his limited experience and preference, fitting his foolish and utopian, godless agenda, would like to impose this truth of his (fundamentally masonic) an all faithful Catholics, whom he despises (or wants to destroy) – against their own (inviolable!!! – isn’t it what the synod said?) consciences.
    I could not follow Jesus, if He washed the feet of those, who hated the Absolute Truth. Jesus has never washed the feet of the devil, but always spoke harshly with him, and showed him his place, and it is hell – no opening for a different interpretation here. This Jorge Bergoglio’s interpretation of Jesus is a stinky lie, it is extremely insulting to God, the Absolute Truth. If I did not believe that Jesus is Truth, I would not call myself a Christian. Masons are liars who consider lying the highest virtue.

  2. A reminder for Francis about Absolute Truth:

    Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

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