Pope Francis Asked To Change Course Or Abdicate




The great, great news is here.

On the day in which the very dome of St Peter has been sacrilegiously abused to promote Francis’ one world religion (and i wish I had time to report on all the antics of this man; I would have to retire and do this full time, and it might not be enough) a petition signed by heavyweights of the Catholic Faith very publicly asks the Pope to change his ways or go away.

The text is beautiful, and I invite each and every one of my readers to follow the link and read it there (including, of course, the libellus). I obviously encourage you to follow the suggestion and add your name to the petition. 

As I have said very often in the last weeks, things have come to such a point that it is for us, the Laity, to start to vocally ask the Pope to become a Catholic already or go wherever he pleases, and also to start encouraging the sane part of our hierarchy to ask Francis to cease and desist from his heretical activity. 

At this point, I do not think our bishops and cardinals can simply sit out this papacy and await its natural end. But I also do not think that we can be satisfied with doing nothing merely because our shepherds do not want to lead us.

This day, which begins a long-term “false mercy offensive”, has turned out to be rather historical for all the right reasons. I do not recall of having read of a similar initiative in the recent past. It is, it seems to me, a rather unprecedented step fully justified – nay, made necessary –  by the unbelievable succession of heresies, blasphemies, and assorted attacks to Catholicism and to simple, honest Catholics relentlessly put in place by this evil man.

Please follow the link. Please add your name to the petition. Please do whatever is in your power to stop this evil Pope. 





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  1. I signed it as soon as I saw it earlier today. Jorge Bergoglio will interpret it the way he desires, according to the rule of confirmation bias. He will easily find a way to use this against the faithful remnant.
    Were he not an ideologue, but a child of God humbly open to Truth, the Absolute Truth, and were he an open-minded and open-hearted neighbour willing to hear faithful Catholics, as one who is supposed to be their shepherd, there would be no need for a petition. There is a need, but he is not open to Truth or to neighbour, which he has so consistently demonstrated by pursuing an anti-Catholic, earthly not heavenly agenda, therefore we will have done the right thing according to our faith and love for Truth, and he will have done his part in the evil plot against the Church, according to his unbelief and foolish grandiose designs.

    • Oh, I very much doubt Francis will be able to spin this in his favour and be believed by everyone heterosexual and with a brain.
      How much he hates us is abundantly showed by his minion telling the press that physical violence means criticism of the pope.

  2. Done, Keep on blogging Mundabor. You are one of my daily blogs. You speak the Truwth and do it well. Thanks for all your work.

  3. Funny, I prayed at adoration last night, and all morning for GOD to use the purity and humility of Mary to strike against Jorge’s pride and perversion, and there it was- this wonderful document. God is so good.

  4. Oh YES!!!! I have been trying to formulate my own letter of protest to the Pope. This is perfect. If it does get actually given to him (and I certainly hope that will happen) and he does actually read it I cannot imagine how he will respond. I am sure there will be a great deal of spin attempted or maybe there will be some more of his very spiteful and hate-filled comments about the traditionalists.
    I sure hope many thousands sign up. I most certainly have.

  5. With enough signatures the petition serves a secondary purpose: it sends a clear message to the cardinals reminding them that the next time they go into the Sistine Chapel they should not come out until they have selected a pope who is not a total clown.

  6. I signed it earlier today.

    Has anyone else noticed that after clicking “Submit Signature”, the page refreshes but still ends up having all your information in the boxes as if it never got submitted. I hope it’s working.

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