“Braccia Rubate All’Agricultultura”

L'Eglise c'est moi...

Incessantly go on about climate change. Refuse to kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Insult Catholics at every step. Openly renounce to condem Islam. Promote a new age “one world” religion. Ignore the persecution of Christians at the hand of, largely Muslims. Promote illegal immigration. Produce himself in astonishing stupidities like being most scared of mosquitoes, or stating that youth unemployment is the worst problem nowadays.

I could go on.

I know some politicians promoting some of these stupid or sacrilegious or blasphemous ideas. But I do not know any politician who promotes all of them together. Nor I know of any politician who, however stupid or atheists, go on bashing Catholicism with the same energy of Francis. Least of all I know of politicians openly calling for, say, the open desecration of one of the churches most sacred to Christianity with a fully secular, extremely stupid, new world religion.

Pope Francis does all this. His anti-Catholic zeal surpasses the fantasies of the enemy of Catholicism.

This gives you the measure of not only how evil, but how utterly stupid the man is.

I thank God that in allowing Satan to score his bingo at the Vatican, at least He did not allow Him to get a better ally than this old idiot.

Imagine what damage a Pope could do who had just the same forma mentis as Francis, but were smart about it. Thankfully, this one isn't smart in anything.

Still, it is time that the Bishops and Cardinals rid us of this disgrace, and follow the example of the laity in asking the man to convert to Catholicism or resign or be deposed.

Enough already.

To this man a common Italian saying applies: braccia rubate all'agricultura, which can loosely translate into “arms stolen from agricultural work”. It means that the man is, always was, always will be a peasant, and hoeing the ground is what he should have done of his life to make it worthy and productive.



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  1. You are correct in stating Satan could not have picked a worse ally. Francis seems to be highly lacking in grey matter. In reading past pope’s encyclicals, letters, speeches, etc and putting them up against his, they are far more intelligent and coherent. I’m surprised Francis was able to get through the seminary. The man is just not bright.

  2. I don’t think we have an expression like that in English. The closest I can think of is “Somewhere a village is missing its idiot” which is a bit more brutal.

  3. The Remnant Newpaper has compiled a grounded petition to Francis to renounce the Office of Peter.

  4. I don’t think Francis will step down. Recent reports have exposed that he is the puppet of ‘outsiders’ to the Vatican who are setting his agenda and calling the shots. We have a few good Bishops and Cardinals, but I fear not enough to call a council to reprimand this brigand. But does anyone remember the “Roman Catholic Faithful” founded by Stephen Brady out of Illinois? He was able to expose the homo bishop Ryan who was forced to resign. Maybe it’s time for the laity to organize: a two pronged thrust of 1) TLM, the Rosary, and Adoration along with 2) an organized international lay movement in support of the Remnant petition and push for a council of Cardinals to publically address the betrayal of the Petrine office. Is this a crazy thought?

    • I personally refrain from big plans, like “we should create a world organisation to fight against this and that”.
      I believe in doing our little as we can, and hope that many others will do the same. The Internet automatically makes of many individuals an organised force.

  5. “Lo que natura no da, Salamanca no presta”

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