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Fourteen Hundred Years Of Violence

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(ok, Italians are not a race, either; but I get the gist…)


The Satanical Show And The Loss Of Sacredness

With a sense of disgust, but of course not of surprise, Yours Truly reads all those paid bloggers, and paid journalists, who are now trying to minimise the gravity of what has happened two days ago. They all perfectly well know that their grand-grandmothers, and all their ancestors before them, would have been utterly horrified at such an exercise; but they consider themselves smarter than their grand-grandmothers, and are therefore not bothered (or else they are prostitutes; one of the two). I do not know whether the grand-grandmothers were smarter, though they very probably were; what I know is that their elementary piety puts to shame the faithlessness of our time.

Firstly, the secular element: the probably most beloved and certainly best known sacred building of Catholicism has been gravely abused to push an entirely secular agenda. If one has no sense of scandal and horror at this, clearly he has lost every notion of the sacredness. The fact itself that St Peter was used as a canvas for such a show must horrify you whatever the motive of the show. Now, in this case the motive of the show was rubbish itself. But the scandal would have been there even if the motive would have been smart – say, the fight against excessive taxation – because the issue would have remained: you do not abuse sacred buildings to promote political issues.

Secondly, the (ir)religious element. The show clearly sent a signal of “it’s so awesome there are many religions”, in that he promoted the cultural multiplicity of a world that rejects Christ. A woman in burka cannot be approved in any way, nor is even a neutral stance appropriate to it. A woman in Burka is not normal. It is not even something to be tolerated. It is something to be eradicated. Similarly, the demonic goddess Kali cannot be shown in any way as a casual “acknowledgement” of other cultures. The Grand-grandmother, who was smarter than you think, would have immediately recognised this for what it is: “it’s fine that you are an infidel” rubbish. All this “one world” crap has been pushed by Francis day in and day out, and this is exactly what was wanted with the Satanical Show. Again, you must have lost the very notion of what Christianity stands for to simply renounce to the idea that all the world is called to be Christian, and all the other religions are wrong.

Thirdly, the clericalist element. Francis & Co. are clearly sending the signal: what I say must be Gospel to you. It must become integral part of your religion. Because I, the jefe of your religion, say so.

Last, but not least, the day. One of the most important days known to a Catholic has been chosen for this kind of exercise. I thank the Lord that He, in this way, gives us another way to understand what rubbish the Year of False Mercy, beginning on the same day, is. From the way they threat the Blessed Virgin you will recognise them.

Now back to the general issue. All that I have written above will not cause any scandal in you if you have lost every sense of the sacred; if you think it normal that women wear Burkas; if you think you should encourage a culture in which the demon goddess Kali has any place; if, in a word, to you nothing is sacred, and Christianity is only an option.

I can’t wait for the next ping-pong tournament in St Peter, with the paid bloggers and paid journalists explaining to us that there’s nothing wrong, because ping-pong expresses the joy of Catholicism. Or the next slide-show next to the Tabernacle, with the same paid people explaining to us that near the woman in Burka there was a lamb, clearly showing that the slide show was Catholic.

How sad that there should be people swallowing all this whole. But again, they swallow it whole because they want to and, having lost the fear of the Lord, do not think of the consequences of embracing this, at the same time, sacrilegious and heretical exercise.

Reprobation is all around us. The Evil Clown will lead countless to damnation. But those whom he will lead to damnation will be, with no exception, Reprobates. You see this ocean of Reprobates around us exactly in episodes like this one: a massive desecration, and the cries of the (few) faithful Catholics met with mockery, or with the desperate attempt of paid journalists and bloggers to bend over backwards and explain to us how this desecration and sacrilege was, in some strange way, Catholic.

Sheesh! It reminds one of David Cameron assuring us that do-called “gay marriage” is “conservative” because it “protects the family”!

This disgraceful man has to discover Catholicism or be made to go. And we laymen must drum on this until our very tepid bishops and Cardinals feel they must act.




Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

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