Homo Parodies: You Pick The Winner!

Eddy Murphy has an excellent parody of homos, already published often on these pages.

I always found it very good, and can’t watch the video without laughing out loud.




However, I have now found another parody of homos that I find extremely hilarious. It would, in my eyes, possibly surpass Eddy Murphy’s. However, it is ruined by the blasphemy and stupidity of the joke. The artist impersonating a homo Jesuit (very funny!) obviously does not understand anything of Salvation in general or Catholicism in particular; but this one is clearly not a real religious, so we can let it aside for the moment.   

The first video is more overtly satirical, stand up comedian-style. The second video is more subtle, but its parody effect is, through it, the more devastating. 

Enjoy the parody gold.

Don’t forget to write below who, in your opinion, has the best homo parody. 

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  1. Are you sure the second one is a parody? He looks like the real deal! A homo-jesuit, indiferentist and universalist. 🙂

    I wonder whether the faithful muslim in heaven followed the Koran’s instructions to maim and behead infidels?

    Definitely, I rather prefer Eddie’s profanities over JM’s heresies. Moreover, Eddie works for the money, James martin just separates liberal baby boomers from their cash with his “spiritual” new age stuff.

    JM should resign, stop taking money. What is his role in a world that does not need the Church for salvation? I see him rather taking a job as a scientology “auditor.”

  2. Hilarious Mr. Mundy!

    But I really cannot take any more of these faggot priests. They are making me mistrustful of all priests.

  3. Well, the Eddie Murphy video is funny, but old-school. The second one is more modern, hip, and realistic.

  4. Eddie Murphy used to be the funniest comedian of his time. But this material would never be allowed today by the PC police. I haven’t heard a homo joke in any media for about 15 years now. As to the other fellow, he is inadvertently funny because of how he talks, but his “joke” is pathetic. No doubt, PF would find it hilarious. So I vote for Eddie. The Jesuit is just scary. There’s something about Jesuits.

  5. Ha! Hard not to laugh at Eddie, no matter how crass. ;). Not very ladylike of me, I’m afraid. 😀

    Oh, that second one was a doozie!

  6. Oof. It was probably 25 years ago when I first heard that “joke” from our pastor at Mass.

  7. Priest (?) not funny,

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