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The Year Of Stupid

You might have missed it, but some days ago a non-magisterial document issued by some retarded Vatican commission for the non evangelisation and the surrender to the world stated that there is no need to evangelise the Jews. I was expecting a formal condemnation of the Apostles for their intolerance and lack of understanding of the Old Covenant, but I think the Vatican commission for the dialogue with the infidels and the pleasing of the retarded stopped short of that.

It seems to me that a vast exercise in plate licking is taking place. Not only Francis is spreading heresy everytime his one and a half lungs breathe some air, but there is a sort of internal competition within the Vatican to curry favour with him, and push his heretical agenda in any way that would be noted by the Evil Clown. Unless, of course, the very same Evil Clown is the one who has planned the launch of this ballon d'essai in order to better promote his “my Rabbi buddy is 100% fine” agenda.

I am now eagerly awaiting for the angry reactions of Bishops and Cardinals to this affront to Christ and His Church, for their strong reaffirmation of the mission of the Church, and for their warning to Francis to either start running the shop like he is the Pope or consider asking the Castros for the concession of a humble abode, where he might spend his last days preaching social envy to the stinking socialists.

I wonder how long I will have to wait.



Once In Royal David’s City



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