Father Ronald Victor Must Be Defrocked. After Being Exorcised.


This is what the devil looks like.


This priest, Father Ronald Victor, can only be either homosexual, or seriously deranged. (Yes, the source is CMTV). 

This homo rant is wrong in every line. A Catholic priest in good standing called a so-called “gay marriage” “sacred and sacramental” is outright sacrilegious. The very concept of “gay holiness” (here referred to sodomites; but no, a pervert could never be holy; hey, he is a pervert…) is completely satanical. Then we have all the assorted rants of him being “a little angry and a little disappointed” at not being able to “bless” his nephew’s union in a Catholic Church. But then again this is a chap who attests the “good character” of a priest found with 685 child porn videos, so one wonders who has a “bad character” for this kind of guy (a good Catholic, methinks). 

It’s unreal. It would be barely believable as an April Fool’s joke.  

I’ll go out on a limb here (perhaps not so much) and state what appears probable to me: 

  1. Father Ronald Victor is homosexual. 
  2. The pedophile priest he has defended is also homosexual. 
  3. Like many of these homos, Father Ronald Victor had to “come out” because the cognitive dissonance between his job and his perversion is too strong. 

This man needs to be defrocked. After he has been exorcised. 



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  1. Do we have a legally “married” homosexual priesthood to look forward to, only exercising their constitutional rights of course, after we have instituted the married heterosexual priesthood?

  2. Mundy, I guess this whole year of mercy mess has even infected you, corrupting your usual good sense.

    You’re willing to defrock the puppy abusing freak only after exorcising him.

    That’s a walk thru a holy door of mercy that this Bergosexual doesn’t deserve but which also wouldn’t do him any good.

    Give him enough time in a proper dungeon with only a Crucifix on the wall and a Rosary for his fidgety fingers and he’ll be cured of just about anything.

    Better to suffer in this life than the next , despite whatever Pope Donuthole may say otherwise.

  3. All Francis’s talk of his holy doors has me confused. Can I walk through one of his holy doors and come out the other side pure as the driven snow, or do I still have to go to confession? If the latter, why doesn’t Francis talk about confession?? He’s making it sound like God’s mercy is so great that we don’t need that old fashioned confession thing, just take a walk through a mercy door.

    • You are wrong in assuming that Francis knows what he is talking about, or that he cares today for what he has said yesterday.
      Also, the man talks something catholic every now and then to persuade the stupid he is a decent Pope.

  4. I have heard this “Holy Year of Mercy” called a “Holy Year of Amnesty”…Well, “Come in, All is forgiven!”
    Is that right?!

  5. Look they even have a parish app!!!

    “Another recent change at St. Isidore Catholic Church is the advent of a new app for iPhone and Android smartphones. The purpose of the app is to allow the church to better inform and communicate with church members, said St. Isidore Catholic Church Director of Technology and Communications Holly Shanefelt.”

    I wonder if the parish app connects with Grindr for quickie “gay hookups” at the nearest bathhouse. Afterwards, they can go through the “gates of mercy,” get the sacrament of fecalmony, and achieve all this sodomite holiness thing.

  6. Fighting with a “boyfriend” or a faithful priest perhaps?


    “Fr. Bondy walked towards (Fr.) Victor loudly stating, ‘The thief is back … Lock everything up, nothing is safe with you around,’ ” the report by Sarzynski stated. “Fr. Bondy continued toward Fr. Victor, telling him he was not welcome at St.Clement again. Fr. Bondy proceeded to grab Fr. Victor around his neck, choke him, push him against a closet door, and slap him twice.”

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